Will You Allow Yourself To Be Happy in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016……2017?

Happy New Year……..Happy New Life!

I ask this question every year. Will this be the year?

Life is short, time is an enemy and happiness is fleeting. There is one thing you can do in your pursuit of happiness…………be truthful with yourself.

All religions will set boundaries and limitations for you but for the Satanist, we do not “limit” nor do we judge.

If you are seeking happiness, begin this new year with truthfulness, explore the spiritual world around you, and stop carrying guilt, shame and pain.

TRUTH………give it a try.


Satanism, Murder and Sexual Satisfaction

Satanists and Covens

Humans are social animals and as such, we all seek approval and acceptance from our peers and friends. We as animals certainly want to fit into a clique or circle and it is important for us to seek out those who are like us or seem to be similar to us by certain attributes. The Satanic “Coven” is a prime example of like-minded individuals who come together to accomplish certain goals or tasks because they enjoy one another’s company and that which they are doing together. A coven is some what a family unit; you may have that older and perhaps ‘wiser’ Matriarch or Patriarch who keeps the group focused and moving together with solidarity toward the groups goals. You may also have those who are like sisters and brothers. The younger generation is also represented as those who have come of age and are now flexing their magical wings as they set about on their path.Satanic Sanctum

The Satanic coven is a cohesive unit that should be a functional group. Roles and responsibilities are very important within the coven and also the norms of the group (the acceptable behaviors) should be established in order for everyone to feel comfortable. In intimate situations or environments, the coven can be a source of support, joy and true friendship. The coven can also devolve into contention, disarray and the lack of guidance and supervision will cause the coven to reach the point of dismantling.

The Satanic Journey

We are all on a life-long journey of discovery. Even those who have practiced the Satanic Arts for a lifetime, should be constantly searching for better processes, higher enlightenment and the revelation of illusive knowledge. As we live, so shall we learn and master new techniques and methods. We, in turn, pass this information to the generations coming after us in history. We sow, reap and re-sow; making the Satanic landscape fertile for the future.Lovely Vagina

Satanism and Devil Worship are often misunderstood concepts for the public at large. Anton LaVey was a pioneer, bringing the Dark Arts out of the closet however, Anton was clearly an atheist. There is nothing wrong with a person believing (or not believing) in conformance with others yet, the “face of Satanism” is always seen as “LaVeyan”. For the most part, his beliefs leave true Searchers ’empty’; at least that is what the emails I receive seem to indicate. So where does one go when the he / she travels suddenly ends? Continue reading

Adducible Disquietude – The Life of a Satanist

The Life of a Satanist

I thought I would share some profound (…….maybe not really profound but it sounds good) knowledge with Satanists of all ages. Satanism is more than just rituals, sex and magic; although there is plenty. I will attempt to share my thoughts and feelings on various “normal everyday subjects” in the next few posts.

Aleister Nacht Theistic Satanism

Old Satanist Disease

I am old; not prehistoric but certainly not young enough for my body to repeatedly forgive me for abusing it. For instance, I like a glass of wine (or two) in the evening as I watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico from my large windows. In my youth, I could drink all night, chase girls (all night) and shoot smack while maintaining a full class load; finishing my graduate classes summa cum laude. Now, if I have more than two glasses of wine, it feels like I was run down by a truck.

Age Is The Two Edged Sword

I was once involved with a 22-year-old young lady ten years ago. She was excited to be with me at first; perhaps a novelty. As time went by, our age difference began to become a chasm. She wanted to party every night and that was exciting to me at first; perhaps a novelty. 🙂 She would get drunk and crazy which was fun for the first 10 minutes or so but really began to be a rerun of a really bad movie. I ended the arrangement and she went back into the college “party scene”.

Our paths crossed 2 years later, we had dinner and ended up in my bed. She made a comment that was quite refreshing to hear. She said “Older men know how to really pleasure a woman. Younger guys think they do but they really don’t”.

Oh, Nice! 😉

NOTE: I must preface the remainder of this blog post by stating “These are not blanket assertions. I am providing my experience-based opinion and commentary on the subjects below.

Satanic Rituals and Holidays

Men Peak Sexually In Their Teenage Years………..Bullshit!

I know what the surveys and studies reveal about men and their sexual peak. That may be true for the majority however, at 46, I cannot get enough! I spend a lot of my leisure time with beautiful and intelligent women……..intelligent being the operative word. Intelligence has always attracted me to a woman much faster than silicone breast implants. As one of my dear friends says “You want to be able to have a woman on your arm at social events without people thinking ‘Where did he pick her up, on the corner?”

From a Satanic man’s point of view, there are some things that will crash a relationship (new or established) faster than you can say “blow job”. Here are a few………….in my humble opinion.

1. Possession is 9/10 of the Law – Just because a woman is great in bed and has charm does not mean I want to marry or have her “own me”. Some women view a wealthy older man as a “real catch”. Financial security and the things that decades of hard work bring will not be shared with a “gold-digger”. Most successful men at my age are not, and will never be, desperate for female accompaniment or sex. Those misguided ladies who decide to “move into” my life after a couple of enjoyable evenings are rudely awakened when I cease to call.

2. Cervix For Sale – After a pleasant rendezvous or two, a proposition to make the dream of fatherhood come true. As I have stated before, I want to be a father one day. I have reached the point in life where I am no longer scratching and clawing to the top and have time to spend with my legacy however, I immediately abort the relationship! This is not the way I envision this important, life-changing decision being made.

3. Nature, Nurture and Emotional Blackmail – The world is a tough place and life can be hard………….I know. Nothing has come easily to me and it is like that for the vast majority of people on this dirt ball. Some insecure men may be looking for “someone to take care of” however, the majority of us are not. Guilt is a powerful and effective tool that SHOULD HAVE NO EFFECT ON A SATANIST! Once recognized by the Satanist, the cause of such guilt should be quickly removed, including the roots. Satanists should never be victims of the sad story, the “woe is me” communications or “Weep Fest“!

Descent Into Madness CD

4. Dropping By To Invade My Privacy – I have a gate at the end of my driveway. I have a gate for a very good reason. It is not to “keep me in”; it is to “keep the unwanted out“. I do not appreciate the “drop in” without notification. When a drop-by buzzes at the gate, Izobella kindly rejects them. If they begin a long-winded justification, she turn the intercom off. Once she tells me about the incident, end of relationship. BTW, I will write a blog post dedicated to Izobella in the future. She has worked with me for many years and her life story is very inspiring!!

5. Fatal Attraction = Relationship Fatality – This point works correlates well with Point #1. Emotional instability usually manifests through comments, outbursts, sarcastic remarks, etc. The root causes of this antisocial behavior stem from insecurity, resentment, jealousy, desire to own / control the person and desperation. I do not find any of these attributes to be attractive or desirable, thus……………

I hope you find this information to be of use. 

Until Next Time,

Aleister Nacht

Satanism Books by Aleister Nacht

Theistic Satanism

light in the dark 2


Satanic Blessings!!

“Blessed are the destroyers of false hope, for they are the true Messiahs – Cursed are the god-adorers, for they shall be shorn sheep!” ― Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible


An Obscure Footnote in the Pages of History

The Detour – Descent Into Madness

I wrote the first blog post on this site (Satanism and How to Summon Demons) on October 1, 2011. I wrote other posts in mid 2011 but after reading them with ‘fresh eyes’, I utilized something many authors grow to “love and hate”; the DELETE key. My reason for writing a blog was quite simple………

“It has been my desire in this blog about Satanism to transmit knowledge that will afford followers of the LHP the opportunity to deepen their magical skills and understanding.”vagina

Love Letters Without Love

In my opinion, I am an ‘Idealist Realist‘. I recognize certain ideals, positivity and creative forces in our physical spacial realm. I also openly admit some people are totally lost, represent zero (0) hope to the human race and lack any soft skills required for endeavors other than a faux pas, inauspicious unfulfilled promises or words and actions of mindless, pointless hate.

In the past, I have received email correspondence from individuals that fit squarely into this demographic. These exchanges are usually disguised as “Can you answer my question(s) on Satanism” however, some are similar to a “Bouncing Betty”; planted strategically on the path to enlightenment to “fuck someone up”. I answer their question, they respond immediately with a follow-up question and I answer it as well. This is usually the point when a “theological debate” or “religious argument” is attempted by the person. This maneuver lands their email (and their email address) in the trash however, I have wasted time on someone not worthy of my time.

I have also encountered the person who “desperately needs my advice” to undo what they have done or vice versa. I have been a real “sucker” for these. I need advice from time to time and reach out to objective and knowledgeable individuals for guidance. I, in turn, have chosen to give back by helping others. This usually ends up as a life-draining attempt for them to “change my mind” and suggest whatever he / she thinks the solution should be. This is a segue to either 1) ask for me to perform some ritual that produces what they desire (i.e. gimme what I want) or 2) ask me to “spoon feed” Satanic Magic to them so they can get learn everything about magic in 20 minutes (i.e. gimme what I want).

bath tubWhile I do appreciate them thinking of me as a fucking doormat, I always attempt to explain the “work = results” theory during more foolish questions, theatrical coercion, a nude photo (or two) and when reality sets in that they will not get what they want, the inevitable attack of my Satanic capabilities (last step).

Note: I would prefer to place the last step ‘first’ so they would not contact me at all. “If I do not possess magical abilities, why the fuck did you contact me seeking a magical solution to YOUR PROBLEM?”

“Mr. Nacht, Your Coven, Holding on Line One”

I love and appreciate my coven members; they are my family. I can (and often do) discuss very personal matters with them because I know they reciprocate my feelings. Respect is a crucial requirement of Satanism and without respect, the coven will soon become a bastardized “cult” entity lead by a person who will ultimately destroy any resemblance of true Satanism. Those who remain in the group will more than likely be the next Tex Watson,  Linda Kasabian, Patricia Krenwinkel or Susan Atkins.Nothing Compares To You

Members of my coven persuaded and encouraged me to begin writing books. The idea was simple; “Share what has worked with the world”. So, the first book Magnum Opus – Secrets of the Inner Sanctum (released in October 2011) was about our coven. I feel that from that day forward, I have put my work, blogs and social media first and my beloved coven second. 

Does This Story Have A Point?

Yes. I am glad you asked. I intend to rectify this situation going forward and thus the “point” of this blog post.

I am taking a sabbatical from blogging and social media. This week represented the “straw that broke the horse’s back” and it marks a watershed moment of clarity in a never-ending nightmare to make deadlines, return correspondence, weed out / answer sincere questions, attend speaking engagements – all while leading our coven. I am so busy telling people how great Satanism is, that I miss out on the rewards that I cherish and hold very dear.

My first obligation is to Satan, my second obligation is to our Coven and everything else falls in line after these two. In my hast to do more as an ambassador of Satanism, I have neglected the first two priorities while wasting time engaged with those lacking the capacity to grasp Magic, Satan or Demonic beings. These lazy, over-confident posers want a free ride and money. she is beautifulThey truly believe Satan will give it to they simply because they “decided to sell their worthless souls”!

From time to time, I have seen people drop out of the public / social Friends always know how to contact me and that remains unchanged. I dream of virtual satanic rituals and plan to pursue in the future.

For the egomaniacs, trolls, apathetic, indolent, arrogant, impertinent,…………….I will stop there and waste neither time, word nor thought ever again.

Until next time…………or maybe not,beautiful woman

Satanic Blessings and Good Luck…….

Aleister Nacht

Dedicated to Noraa

“Satanists do not believe in the supernatural, in neither God nor the Devil. Such practices are looked upon as being Christian heresies; believing in the dualistic Christian world view of “God vs. the Devil” and choosing to side with the Prince of Darkness.“ Magus Peter Gilmore

I adamantly disagree with this statement. This leads many searchers into confusion from the beginning of their journey to enlightenment. “The “High Priest” in the Church of Satan, including all other Satanists, do not believe in the existence of Satan?” WTF? I believe Mr. Gilmore would be more accurate stating “The Church of Satan does not recognize Satan as an anthropomorphic being, specter nor corporeal extant”. Aleister Nacht

Nouvos ordo Seclorum – New World Order

Nouvos ordo Seclorum; a latin phrase of many beliefs surrounded with hints of scandal and conspiracy. The words themselves are innocuous however, the differing interpretations share a common denominator;  world domination and control. Whether the true definition is even know by some of the users remains to be seen. It is associated with the end of days, the bible book Revelation, the Mayan calendar and the Illuminati. In inevitable “New World Order” interpretation is also propagated throughout many religions believing this new form of governance at the global level will usher in the worst suffering mankind has ever experienced. Your belief system is sure to have some bearing on how you view Nouvos ordo Seclorum and what you believe (if anything). It is not surprising that the mere mention of the NWO sends many followings of different religions into an almost “panic state” combined with a sense of urgently; at a break-neck pace.

Have Thine Own Way Lord

Most religions use the NWO and Satan Himself to frighten the congregation into submission and conformance. All psycho whack-jobs throughout history began their ascent through the ranks of power by creating a looming situation on the near horizon; and that situation was created by someone or something desiring to kill, steal, destroy, rape, etc. a certain group of the population; usually members of some Holier Than Thou religious extremist group. Look at the work done by the infamous Reverend James Warren “Jim” Jonesthe founder and leader of the Peoples Temple.  He is best remembered for the mass suicide of 909 Temple members in Jonestown, Guyana, along with the killings of five other people at a nearby airstrip (the only Congressman assassinated in the line of duty as a Congressman in the history of the United States) and over 200 children of whom were forcibly made to ingest cyanide by the elite Temple members. Their suicide according to Jones would spare them from the coming trials and tribulations but in reality, he knew authorities were coming to arrest or kill him, as the situation dictated. This was a man who banned sex in his “church” yet he filled his increasing appetite for the taboo by having sexual relations with both male and female Temple members. Jones however, claimed that he detested engaging in homosexual activity and did so only for the male temple adherents’ own good, purportedly to connect them symbolically with him.

Swaggart's confession

“I have fucked up badddddddddddd!! Please don’t take your money away!!!”

History is full of these cons that can sell ice to an Eskimo so it is not hard to see how liars like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Robert Tilton, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart, etc. can seduce the population and tell them what to believe, what to do, eat, where to live, etc. What is interesting to note is none of these men forced anyone to join their cult; no one was in fear for their lives before joining these dysfunctional, delusional and in some cases, deadly groups.

Could it be that the xtians will usher in their NWO and force everyone else to comply and conform?

While society loves to call serial killers, child molesters, gangsters and other criminals Satanists, there is no substantiating evidence identifying a Satanic coven or group that went crazy and killed everyone or committed mass suicides. Even the Matamoros Murders, which were initially identified as a Satanic coven, was more of a voodoo / witchcraft / hoodoo hodgepodge used by superstitious drug smugglers and not real Satanists.

So why are the Satanists always accused of these wild, unbelievable conspiracies? It is more dangerous to walk through a parking lot full of religious nuts outside an abortion clinic. Satanists have never tried to make it legal to hang a pentagram on the wall of a courthouse or other government building. Think about it……..

Until Next Time,

Aleister Nacht

Satanism for “Those Seeking Truth”

I am amazed and flabbergasted at times with the childishness of so-called adults. Our society is so perverted while in the darkened rooms however, these same hypocrites balk at the sight of a nipple in public. These Neanderthals shy away from the very breast that gives nourishment and life-sustaining comfort translated from a mother to a child. Absolute idiotic behavior.
Those “closet philanderer” are the same ones who engage in prostitution and deviant behaviors when they finally give into their  natural desires. Why does society act this way?

A beautiful body is meant to be appreciated; almost demanded in the animal kingdom. Who can deny the well-formed and flawless physic of a beautiful woman; or perhaps the well-chiseled and toned body of a man who works his body until it is hard as steel and full of raw power? Be honest; these wonderful specimens are designed to catch the eye….it is the essence of biological impulse. He wants her and she hungers for him to be deep inside her; another desires to taste his large, pulsing phallus while yet another man wants the touch of a man to engage his deep embedded desires……it is not my place to judge what is right for another!Crucifix Woman

These scenarios are as natural as breathing itself. So, why do people shun from their desires without the honesty and openness that these subjects deserve?
Has the quest to be “all-perfect” in the eyes of some cloud encapsulated dreamland guarded by “Saint Whoever” caused the world to deny reality in exchange for a prefabricated lie? Is being “human” a sin in the eyes of Allah or do the numbers just not add up? I sincerely believe so.

We are all unnecessarily censored to the point of stupidity while the world dances around the obvious. Whether nudity, language, opinions or other stifling of the freedoms we are given, the hypocrites of the religious establishments fight tooth and nail to control what you hear, see, say and know…..a dysfunctional group of power-hungry religious control freaks who only want you exposed to the message they want you to hear so they can extort money from you to build larger, more extravagant temples to their dead god of folklore.
In America, we have more churches than schools. The xtian philosophy says “love your neighbor and help the poor” yet homelessness and hunger run rampant throughout the world while the money the church receives goes to build palaces with gold toilets!

Society continues to argue over whose god is real; whose god is the strongest and mightiest, and what denomination/sect  is the “chosen people of god” meanwhile beating a drum to destroy one another. These misguided fools only agree on one thing…..they hate Satanists with all their hearts.

Time has a way of changing paradigms and modern history is no different. We as Satanists are not only fortunate to live in a time far and apart from many segments of our bloody history however we are given a charge to use this liberation to advance the ideals and anti-theology of our King Lucifer. We are I trusted to spread the message for there is a bountiful harvest to be had….simply look into the eyes of the youth for they hold the future. As a Satanist I know the fertile soil of their hearts is without limitation allowing us as the elders to impart the real truth…..their eager eyes wanting more; their subtle lips needing the words as hanging on every breathing word. Praise Satan!Leave Something Witchy

Evil is our domain and the path of our workings. Are demons of “white” as the White Magician would have you believe? Verily I say “NO”. My brother and sister, you are being deceived. My demons are evil and they love the pleasure of pain; a plethora of delights for their amusement.

Such uneducated lost pilgrims contact me daily begging for my help, time, care, tutorship but most of all…..satanic love. I gladly embrace these lost souls for I will tell them the truth; if they will listen, hear and accept it. For some, they are looking for something and someone to quench their thirst and fill them with truth while some are dabbling in ignorance. They are seeking the exact words they have envisioned but not the TRUTH.

From the depths of hell the matter has been decided long, long ago and no amount of pretentious posturing will change that immutable fact. Some will attempt to test me and my immaculate collection of hellish  concierge. Have you heard my words tawpie? You are out of your depths.

Some mistake acts of Satanic nature as perversion. The true reasoning of the obtuse mind can provide insight but it cannot analyze itself. Reflexion is the best indicator of status and without the mirror of the heart, one will wonder aimlessly from fad to trend; subject to topic and inevitably “religion” will infiltrate otherwise lucid thinking….a fact of life. Satanists decide what they want and they achieve it through hard work and the blessings of our Father who is not in heaven. Be responsible for yourself because no one else will be and if you are a failure in life, you are to blame; that is Satanic theology.

The Nine Satanic Statements (Anton LaVey)
6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires!Mother Mary Full of Disgrace

“There are many different practices of Satanism in the world today and we recognize that all may not agree with our belief system as we may not believe in their beliefs. We do however, respect their beliefs and we do not judge; as Satan does not judge.The right to pursue that which makes you happy is at the core of our Satanic theology. We are not atheists nor are we radical anarchists; we are intelligent, educated and responsible members of society and we do not encourage nor condone bringing harm to anyone who does not deserve or wish to be harmed. We recognize humans will disagree over matters of the spiritual realm, magical practices, rituals, etc. and for this reason, we freely exchange ideas for consideration to other Satanic groups and covens. We ask for the same common respect as ideas are discussed and evaluated. Below are some questions and answers about our Satanic beliefs.” Answers
Until next time,

Aleister Nacht