The New Book: Satanism and Devil Worship Magnae Sapientiae Sathanas

Satanism is a pathway to cognitive illumination through the application of magical concepts and operations for higher self-awareness, personal knowledge acquisition, spiritual freedom, and individual evolution. Satanic rites and rituals are the methods used by practitioners to ‘bridge the gap’ between the physical world, which is limited to three dimensions, and the spiritual world which is limitless. Satanism and Devil Worship Magnae Sapientiae Sathanas by Aleister Nacht contains the information necessary for successful physical and metaphysical Satanic Magic.

Satanism and Devil Worship Magnae Sapientiae Sathanas by Aleister Nacht



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Satanic Gemstones, Crystals, and Colors

In this episode, I explain the gemstones, crystals, and colors used in Satanism and Magnum Opus Satanic Magic rituals and rites. I also expand these elements to the associated chakras.

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Satanic gemstones, crystals, and colors




Satanic Gnosis and Scrying

I examine the Gnosis from a shared experience from a member. I also introduce Scrying and provide an easy, effective, and inexpensive method for constructing a Scrying mirror which we will use in the future.

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Satanic Symbols of Magnum Opus

In this episode, we explore the Satanic Symbols used by Magnum Opus. These powerful symbols are used during rituals, rites, and ceremonial Satanic Magic.

The Ouroboros Satanic Symbol

Not so casual sex

I recommend femmediabolique’s blog post about sex. She has a unique perspective which I find interesting. Let’s support this up-and-coming Satanic blogger!

Femme Diabolique

This post doesn’t really have that much to do with me being a Satanist. It is more about my views as a fairly young woman living a life in 2019, a life which includes sex. Being a Satanist does have a part to play in my lifestyle choices and I admit I am what some people call a “libertine,” however, in reality I don’t think my sex life is very different from most of the other people I know in my age range (most of whom are not Satanists). I am once again greatful to my Facebook friend Fabienne who got me thinking about this subject as a possible blog post.

To start off with you might want to watch this (Terri Conley We need to rethink casual sex). I pretty much agree with all the findings included in this Ted Talk. The reason I wanted to write more…

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Satanism: The Coven

So far on my Patreon we have covered some of the basic concepts and I have transferred Satanic knowledge needed for successful Satanic magic operations. Let’s do a quick review of this subject matter covered so far. We performed the Banishing Ritual to prepare your temple for magic and Satanic manifestations along with performing the Self Initiation Ritual. I explained invocation, evocation, and Satanic self-actualization.

I have introduced you to the Duty of Mastema. We discussed the Bath of Purification, performed the Renunciation and Proclamation Ritual and I explained the objectives of Satanic magic. I have introduced and explained movement and manipulation of Satanic energy and astral projection. I explained the Meditative States and the transitive nature of Satanic magic and energy. I also discussed commitment and Satanic willpower.

I have defined the primary Satanic Magic Implements and the Higher Satanic Processes along with the Power of the Inverted Pentagram. I have discussed the Satanic magician’s oath and advancement of magical abilities. I defined and explained the seven (7) Physical Chakras the five (5) Metaphysical Chakras, Kundalini, and the attributes of each Physical Chakra including the transformative colors, oils, incenses, foods, and gemstones of each. I also discussed the role Synchronicity plays in the manipulation of energy.

We have invoked your Guardian Demon and prepared your Satanic Convocation. We performed the Candle Magic Exercise and manipulated the energy with the Third Eye (Brow Chakra). I also explain the “ENDS” acronym for the practitioner. I explained and led you through the Drawing of the Pentagram, Esoteric and Sinister Chant, and discussed the Black Flame and the Invocation of the Cardinal Compass. I have discussed the Infernal Middle Pillar Ritual, Satanic Holidays and Celebrations, and Blood Rituals. I have also led you through the Invocation of Satanic Angels and we discussed the Satanic Bride of the Beast.

Be sure to review the subject matter areas as deemed necessary for your self-actualization and competency. If you’re not a member of my Patreon, I sincerely offer this opportunity for you to join with us. It is the Best Quality Satanic Education and Training that you will find anywhere. If you are tired of the trolls and the web sites where you are constantly attacked for asking questions to further your advancement, join us at The Coven.

Until next time, this has been Aleister Nacht. Hail Satan!

Otiosum, Piger Hominem

For the Satanist (Devil Worshiper), there is always a longing to seek out that familiar Satanic space called the Sanctum. It is the place where the mind and body are cleansed and rejuvenated, order is created from chaos, and Satanic energy is released onto the astral plane. It is the center of all things “Satanic”; bringing healing and curses inline with each other as total polar opposites in time-honored tradition. Each entry opens the mind to knowledge which can only be learned through experience and practical application of the higher Satanic processes. Each working transcends our physical and dimensional boundaries, facilitating impossibility to become our manifested desired reality.

Each practitioner approaches the practice of Satanic Magic from different pathways however, all practitioners enter the gate for the same quintessential reason: The love of the craft! This is a difficult concept for those wishing to dabble in Satanism; neophytes perhaps wanting to say a few words, wave an athame, and suddenly become a wealthy and talented “Übermensch” able to take the fabled magical shortcut to personal bliss. This is an insult to Satan, Satanism, and all practitioners world-wide who diligently practice the Black Arts. Needless to say, the neophyte brings ruin upon herself / himself. Otiosum Piger Hominem

The lack of ritualistic work ethic is an ongoing issue in the contemporary world. This self-aggrandizing laziness combined with the expectation that all desires should be instantly fulfilled is the product of ignorance, apathy, and desensitization of a culture having a limited attention span and even more limited motivation. The “Dumbing-Down” of everything from music to science is a sobering reminder that the members of society only exist to serve the politicians and the corporate masters. Everything can supposedly be accomplished by anyone who is entitled to “respect” by simply being born and achievements are expected without investment, work, dedication, accountability, or any other resemblance of commitment. It is an insult to those of us who have dedicated our lives to our craft. I have no respect for these misguided fools who believe google is the symbolic “key to the universe”.

The superciliousness of such individuals is disheartening when I receive yet another email wanting to sell their soul in exchange for their desires or they want to become a Magus with my blessing, having no idea of the responsibilities or huge investment of time, money, and energy required. It is the recognition they seek, not the work which is required. It is the title they want and in our drive-through society, they feel entitled to have it along with the recognition………..just not the work. Their justification is very simple: “It is my right to have everything I desire!”

“There is no such thing as drive-through Satanic magic. In our consumer society, we often believe there is an easy way to do anything however, in the case of the Satanic magical operations, this is simply not true. Those who are successful in the magical arts and ritual practice are those who have invested heavily in their own cognitive improvement and have indeed mastered the desires of the heart.” Tips for Satanic Rituals

The takeaway from this blog post : Respect is earned, accomplishment is earned, title is earned, recognition is earned, and the fruition of desires……EARNED. This principle has never, and will never change just because there is an app for everything else. The entire Satanic community (myself included) is insulted by the very existence of such human cattle who make their stupidity blatantly obvious through their actions.

For those individuals: “Come and feed at the trough while the abattoir is prepared for your arrival. Guten Appetit!”


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