Druwydion Pendragon discusses the Brotherhood of Satan, Generational Satanism, and Satanic Unity

The Brotherhood of Satan is an ancient organization of Theistic Satanists who believe in Satan as a real sentient Spirit. Druwydion Pendragon is a Generational Satanist as part of the Old Blood Families called the Brotherhood of Shadows and Darkness, the Brotherhood of the Serpent, or more simply…..”The Brotherhood”. Watch Now

Orlee Stewart discusses Satan, Summoning Demons, Paintings, and being an Oracle

Orlee Stewart is an occult artist, witch, and priestess in New Orleans. Her occult paintings have been exhibited at galleries and events across the world as all her works are enchanted through the powers of magick, carrying gnosis like an event horizon of creativity from the spirit realms.

Thomas LeRoy discusses the Left Hand Path, Rational Occultism, and The Sect of the Horned God

Thomas LeRoy is founder of The Sect of the Horned God, whose mission is to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the rational, plant the seed of doubt in many, fuel the “Black Flame” in some and bring about the “Higher Man/Woman” in those willing to work at it. The Sect of the Horned God, (the Horned God symbolizing the natural world and the human as beast) is an occult educational foundation that encompasses a “Left-Hand Path” philosophy.

Exalted Episode 6: Death and the Afterlife

Finding your faith and finding fulfillment in your life is something that you deserve. No matter what your walk and no matter what situation you have come through, it is imperative that you love yourself enough to search for something which gives you satisfaction, happiness, and confidence. If you find what I have found in my life, you will be able to face every day knowing when the time comes for you to go through the veil, you will be ready to let go and enter the next chapter in the afterlife.

Exalted Episode 6: Death and the Afterlife

Night Sessions Episode 2: A True Relationship with Satan

Malthorpe Drako, Cygnus Atratus, and Aleister Nacht delve into the personal experiences one has had with Sathanas or other entities that serve as evidence to reinforce one’s theism. They also discuss manifesting a true relationship with Satan and the oaths or pacts that go with that.

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/night-sessions-podcast-conversations-from-studio-3b/id1601055386

Night Sessions Podcast