The Energy of Magick



Aleister Nacht discusses the use of energy in magick operations. What are your thoughts?


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Our Satanism

Devil's Advocates

It could be that our period in lockdown as a family of three Satanic Witches is coming to an end. Here in Switzerland many restrictions are being lifted or eased. There is some possibility that I might be able to get back to my proper job and start travelling again to some limited degree at least. Léonie might be able to visit her girlfriend in Germany soon before heading back to her own home in Vienna. So while we are actually still together we thought it would be good to write a short summary of what our Satanism actually is and what we believe. We have each grown into Satanism in different ways and in the last few weeks in lockdown we have come to appreciate some of the subtle differences in our beliefs and perspectives. What follows is a list of the things that are important to us and…

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Aleister Nacht and Kindra Ravenmoon

Devil's Advocates

I have been aquatinted with Aleister Nacht for quite a long time now. He has always been very supportive to me and everything I have done with regards to Satanism. Like most Satanists, we don’t agree on all things but we do agree on quite a lot. The book reviewed below was one of the first things I read and used as a Satanist. It is very to the point and gives the beginner everything they need to start practicing Satanic Magic and ritual. It also includes some background and historical information which is interesting and useful but which doesn’t get in the way of the main point of the text which is to provide a base on which Theistic Satanists can build and grow their rituals and magic. I highly recommend it for beginners or anybody who wants to review, renew or rebuild their Satanic lives. Since The Book…

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