January 2021 Satanic Conclave of Satanic Priests

The first Satanic Priest Conclave of 2021 will be held virtually on January 30th. This is the first of 6 conclaves Aleister Nacht will host this year. Attendance is by invitation which is extended to those who are currently in the Satanic Priesthood Course or have completed the course in the past.

Aleister Nacht explains… “I have wanted to do this since I first created the Satanic Priesthood Course. I am very excited to help the Satanic Priests establish their covens, media presence, and share the future direction of our Satanic Priesthood. It is our time to shine as leaders of Theistic Satanism in the our world. Together we will make a difference. Sathanas has certainly played a part in this event and I believe He will bless our unholy convocation.”

Aleister continues… “I have awaited patiently for these opportunities before us as a Satanic body. We shall be ready and able to do our part when the challenges appear. It is our time to shine as leaders of Theistic Satanism in the our world. Far too long have we been stifled by the oppression imposed by established religions and the atheistic “satanists”. As we open this chapter of true awakening, I call upon each of you to bring His light to those searching for truth. We are creating history with every breath we take and action we perform in His name. I am so thankful to be among the great company and assemblage of Satanic Priests.”

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Aleister Nacht’s New Satanic Aeon

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Aleister Nacht Free Live Event with Marie RavenSoul and Kindra Ravenmoon

Free Live Event

December 6th 7:00 PM EST

Register Here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/ravenmoon-ravensoul-live/register


Special Guests

Marie RavenSoul author of “At Satan’s Altar

Kindra Ravenmoon author of “Lucifer A Devotional

About At Satan’s Altar by Marie RavenSoul

Marie RavenSoul, a disciple of the Devil for more than 30 years, presents the reader with a fascinating collection of her personal and heartfelt devotionals to the Lord of Darkness. Those who have been searching for a serious and practical guide to religious rites in honour of Satan will find what they seek in this volume. Written with the explicit religious worship of the Devil in mind, At Satan’s Altar provides a wealth of liturgical material to aid both the novice practitioner and the seasoned Satanist alike. Whether your path is a solitary one or you are looking for something to add to your Coven’s rituals, this book will not disappoint.

About Lucifer A Devotional by Kindra Ravenmoon

You are attracted to this devotional either because you are already a practitioner of The Left Way, working with Lord Lucifer and whom might be seeking other avenues of enlightenment with your connection with that which is He. Or you be a seeker, new upon the path and Lucifer has been calling to you. Either way, this devotional will serve as your guide, bringing you closer to His light. This book was created for Lucifer as an offering in completion of a pact made by the author seven years ago. Herein you’ll find: various prayers and rituals throughout and learn how to set up a sanctum/sacred space and altar in His honor, celebrate Lucifer’s High Days and conduct 3 levels of devotional initiation which includes making of a pact.Know that this work is meant for those who have received His calling, the serious devotee and one who is searching for inspiration so to find a deeper connection with the Lord Of Darkness & Light.


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