Adducible Disquietude – The Life of a Satanist

The Life of a Satanist

I thought I would share some profound (…….maybe not really profound but it sounds good) knowledge with Satanists of all ages. Satanism is more than just rituals, sex and magic; although there is plenty. I will attempt to share my thoughts and feelings on various “normal everyday subjects” in the next few posts.

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Old Satanist Disease

I am old; not prehistoric but certainly not young enough for my body to repeatedly forgive me for abusing it. For instance, I like a glass of wine (or two) in the evening as I watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico from my large windows. In my youth, I could drink all night, chase girls (all night) and shoot smack while maintaining a full class load; finishing my graduate classes summa cum laude. Now, if I have more than two glasses of wine, it feels like I was run down by a truck.

Age Is The Two Edged Sword

I was once involved with a 22-year-old young lady ten years ago. She was excited to be with me at first; perhaps a novelty. As time went by, our age difference began to become a chasm. She wanted to party every night and that was exciting to¬†me at first; perhaps a novelty. ūüôā She would get drunk and crazy which was fun for the first 10 minutes or so but really began to be a rerun of a really bad movie. I ended the arrangement and she went back into the college “party scene”.

Our paths crossed 2 years later, we had dinner and ended up in my bed. She made a comment that was quite refreshing to hear. She said “Older men know how to really pleasure a woman. Younger guys think they do but they really don’t”.

Oh, Nice! ūüėČ

NOTE: I must preface the remainder of this blog post by stating “These are not blanket assertions. I am providing my experience-based opinion and commentary on the subjects below.

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Men Peak Sexually In Their Teenage Years………..Bullshit!

I know what the surveys and studies reveal about men and their sexual peak. That may be true for the majority however, at 46, I cannot get enough! I spend a lot of my leisure time with beautiful and intelligent women……..intelligent being the operative word. Intelligence has always attracted me to a woman much faster than¬†silicone breast implants. As one of my dear friends says “You want to be able to have a woman on your arm at social events without people thinking ‘Where did he pick her up, on the corner?”

From a Satanic man’s point of view, there are some things that will crash a relationship (new or established) faster than you can say “blow job”. Here are a few………….in my humble opinion.

1. Possession is 9/10 of the Law – Just because a woman is great in bed and has charm does not mean I want to marry or have her “own me”. Some women view a wealthy older man as a “real catch”. Financial security and the things that decades of hard work bring will not be shared with a “gold-digger”. Most successful men at my age are not, and will never be, desperate for female accompaniment or sex. Those misguided ladies who decide to “move into” my life after a couple of enjoyable evenings are rudely awakened when I cease to call.

2. Cervix For Sale – After a pleasant rendezvous or two, a proposition to make the dream of fatherhood come true. As I have stated before, I want to be a father one day. I have reached the point in life where I am no longer scratching and clawing to the top and have time to spend with my legacy however, I immediately abort the relationship! This is not the way I envision this important, life-changing decision being made.

3. Nature, Nurture and Emotional Blackmail – The world is a tough place and life can be hard………….I know. Nothing has come easily to me and it is like that for the vast majority of people on this dirt ball. Some insecure men may be looking for “someone to take care of” however, the majority of us are not. Guilt is a powerful and effective tool that SHOULD HAVE NO EFFECT ON A SATANIST! Once recognized by the Satanist, the cause of such guilt should be quickly removed, including the roots. Satanists should never be victims of the sad story, the “woe is me” communications or “Weep Fest“!

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4. Dropping By To Invade My Privacy – I have a gate at the end of my driveway. I have a gate for a very good reason. It is not to “keep me in”; it is to “keep the unwanted out“. I do not appreciate the “drop in” without notification. When a drop-by buzzes at the gate,¬†Izobella kindly rejects them. If they begin a long-winded justification, she turn the intercom off. Once she tells me about the incident, end of relationship. BTW, I will write a blog post dedicated to¬†Izobella¬†in the future. She has worked with me for many years and her life story is very inspiring!!

5. Fatal Attraction = Relationship Fatality – This point works correlates well with Point #1. Emotional instability usually manifests through comments, outbursts, sarcastic remarks, etc. The root causes of this antisocial behavior stem from insecurity, resentment, jealousy, desire to own / control the person and desperation. I do not find any of these attributes to be attractive or desirable, thus……………

I hope you find this information to be of use. 

Until Next Time,

Aleister Nacht

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Naturalia Non Sunt Turpia

“Some people view the human body, especially nudity, as vulgar. Some religions have made it a sin to appreciate the human body. The hypocritical and childish red faces of some “religious” groups astonishes me. The idea of sex and the guilty pleasures makes sweat form on their brow. Fools, hypocrites…..” Magus Richter Teller

Satanism has evolved over the years. I found my “home” in the Satanic coven many, many years ago and I admit, things are different nowadays than they were when I first entered the left hand path. I remember, as a young practitioner, going on my first “field trip”. I had recently been initiated into the coven and as a new convert, I soaked up every word, letter, syllable and sign that concerned Satanism. Satanic CunnilingusThe learning curve was straight up as with any new subject matter and I immersed myself into every aspect of Satanic Magic. Like a child with a new toy, I never grew tired of talking with coven members and listening to their reflections of their past experiences. Minutes turned to hours with relative easy……time was always the limiting factor for my new-found craft.

SatanicIt was June and we drove in a convoy to the west coast for the Summer Solstice Ritual. Our Magus had been in the music business in California for a few years and he always stayed in contact with his former coven. He arranged for the accommodations and we were on our way. I can still remember the excitement of my new-found family and the open road ahead of us. Somehow, I felt it would be a memory that would stay with me always and of course, it has.

The ritual was held in the¬†Ojai Valley, which is a beautiful and almost spiritual area. My first impression was of how beautiful the women in the area were; almost angelic and perfect in every dimension (Brian Wilson was right). Warm days and cool evenings made for a really great experience. We camped near the ritual site and in the typical “hippie” fashion, we intermingled with those who had traveled from other parts of the country. Sitting around a campfire and listening to the stories and escapades of the generations before me was wonderful and educational. I learned so much just taking in the conversations and there was a family “feeling” the entire time.¬†The ritual was amazing as it was the first time I had attended in such a large group. The energy was almost electrifying and taking it all in was overwhelming for the senses. It was jovial, brutal, mesmerizing, awakening and wonderful concurrently. The smell of the incense burning in the¬†thurible and the candles mixed with the smells of darkness.

I continue to travel to ritual events with members of my coven even today. While I do not “drive” to California anymore, I do make at least an annual trip to the west coast. It is always great to see friends from another time and place. These are relationships forged over time and of which I deeply cherish. We share the same beliefs and the same outlook on life: “Fuck the world!” What could be better?¬†OK, I know I sound like some old-timer that is reminiscing while stroking my cock so I will move on with the post.

¬†Many who email me ask how they can learn Satanism, magic, ritual, etc. My response is simple; “Be a student of Satanism.” Learning takes time and energy but the effort exerted will pay off great dividends for those who take the dark arts seriously and strive for perfection. Soak in as much information as possible while remaining cognizant that “Everything that glimmers is not gold”. There is an ample supply of disinformation in the cyber world so you must disseminate to separate the chaff from the grain.

Satanism is a journey and subduing your fear in order to take the first step is the hardest part. If you take that step (and I hope you will) you stand to inherit a kingdom of Divitiae Divitie and forming lifelong relationships.

Raise Hell and take that first step………we are waiting for you just beyond your comfort zone!!!

Until next time,