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Adducible Disquietude – The Life of a Satanist

The Life of a Satanist

I thought I would share some profound (…….maybe not really profound but it sounds good) knowledge with Satanists of all ages. Satanism is more than just rituals, sex and magic; although there is plenty. I will attempt to share my thoughts and feelings on various “normal everyday subjects” in the next few posts.

Aleister Nacht Theistic Satanism

Old Satanist Disease

I am old; not prehistoric but certainly not young enough for my body to repeatedly forgive me for abusing it. For instance, I like a glass of wine (or two) in the evening as I watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico from my large windows. In my youth, I could drink all night, chase girls (all night) and shoot smack while maintaining a full class load; finishing my graduate classes summa cum laude. Now, if I have more than two glasses of wine, it feels like I was run down by a truck.

Age Is The Two Edged Sword

I was once involved with a 22-year-old young lady ten years ago. She was excited to be with me at first; perhaps a novelty. As time went by, our age difference began to become a chasm. She wanted to party every night and that was exciting to me at first; perhaps a novelty. 🙂 She would get drunk and crazy which was fun for the first 10 minutes or so but really began to be a rerun of a really bad movie. I ended the arrangement and she went back into the college “party scene”.

Our paths crossed 2 years later, we had dinner and ended up in my bed. She made a comment that was quite refreshing to hear. She said “Older men know how to really pleasure a woman. Younger guys think they do but they really don’t”.

Oh, Nice! 😉

NOTE: I must preface the remainder of this blog post by stating “These are not blanket assertions. I am providing my experience-based opinion and commentary on the subjects below.

Satanic Rituals and Holidays

Men Peak Sexually In Their Teenage Years………..Bullshit!

I know what the surveys and studies reveal about men and their sexual peak. That may be true for the majority however, at 46, I cannot get enough! I spend a lot of my leisure time with beautiful and intelligent women……..intelligent being the operative word. Intelligence has always attracted me to a woman much faster than silicone breast implants. As one of my dear friends says “You want to be able to have a woman on your arm at social events without people thinking ‘Where did he pick her up, on the corner?”

From a Satanic man’s point of view, there are some things that will crash a relationship (new or established) faster than you can say “blow job”. Here are a few………….in my humble opinion.

1. Possession is 9/10 of the Law – Just because a woman is great in bed and has charm does not mean I want to marry or have her “own me”. Some women view a wealthy older man as a “real catch”. Financial security and the things that decades of hard work bring will not be shared with a “gold-digger”. Most successful men at my age are not, and will never be, desperate for female accompaniment or sex. Those misguided ladies who decide to “move into” my life after a couple of enjoyable evenings are rudely awakened when I cease to call.

2. Cervix For Sale – After a pleasant rendezvous or two, a proposition to make the dream of fatherhood come true. As I have stated before, I want to be a father one day. I have reached the point in life where I am no longer scratching and clawing to the top and have time to spend with my legacy however, I immediately abort the relationship! This is not the way I envision this important, life-changing decision being made.

3. Nature, Nurture and Emotional Blackmail – The world is a tough place and life can be hard………….I know. Nothing has come easily to me and it is like that for the vast majority of people on this dirt ball. Some insecure men may be looking for “someone to take care of” however, the majority of us are not. Guilt is a powerful and effective tool that SHOULD HAVE NO EFFECT ON A SATANIST! Once recognized by the Satanist, the cause of such guilt should be quickly removed, including the roots. Satanists should never be victims of the sad story, the “woe is me” communications or “Weep Fest“!

Descent Into Madness CD

4. Dropping By To Invade My Privacy – I have a gate at the end of my driveway. I have a gate for a very good reason. It is not to “keep me in”; it is to “keep the unwanted out“. I do not appreciate the “drop in” without notification. When a drop-by buzzes at the gate, Izobella kindly rejects them. If they begin a long-winded justification, she turn the intercom off. Once she tells me about the incident, end of relationship. BTW, I will write a blog post dedicated to Izobella in the future. She has worked with me for many years and her life story is very inspiring!!

5. Fatal Attraction = Relationship Fatality – This point works correlates well with Point #1. Emotional instability usually manifests through comments, outbursts, sarcastic remarks, etc. The root causes of this antisocial behavior stem from insecurity, resentment, jealousy, desire to own / control the person and desperation. I do not find any of these attributes to be attractive or desirable, thus……………

I hope you find this information to be of use. 

Until Next Time,

Aleister Nacht

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Theistic Satanism

light in the dark 2

Theistic Satanism

The Need for Labels

In our world today, it seems as if people need labels to clearly identify, categorize and segregate people and ideas. Without a label, every person must attempt to understand the particular person or topic; a label makes it so much easier for those who do not wish to invest time nor thought to form an opinion. After all, such analysis will only lead to …………..”a label”.upside down cross

Labels almost always remove doubts and objectivity, replacing a bias that is difficult to “get past” for the majority of people. The media (speaking of bias) sells their agenda with labels, resulting in the populous  viewing a person or topic a certain way…….the way the media wants the subject matter to be viewed. I am not a conspiracy theorist; just an attentive realist.

My Label / Our Label

Since the release of my new book Sanctum of Shadows, I have received many emails asking if my Satanic theology is based upon Theistic Satanism. Well, I suppose if I must be painted into a corner and “labelled”, Theistic Satanism is a label that “feels pretty damn good“. Magnum Opus confesses the existence of Satan and demons as real and our worship is centered around the communication techniques used to facilitate our collective Will through Satanic Rituals. That sounds straight forward, right? I believe this is very similar to the Theistic philosophy so I do not deny the ‘label’.

Theistic Satanic Rituals

We embrace rituals and ritualistic  communications, magic and most importantly, the acquisition of Satanic knowledge. A Satanist must grow, learn and always seek enlightenment because there is not a PhD level of Satanism; there are just individuals who have studied longer and have been exposed to more life experiences than others. To belong to our family, you must never rest as you will never reach the pinnacle of the Satanic Spire. This was an element that attracted me to our ‘brand’ of Satanism. I continue to practice rituals and record results in a Satanic grimoire, as any student should. My magical power is perhaps more developed simply because I relentlessly and tirelessly pursue and experiment with the things I have learned over the years. If you are not devoted to the craft, you will never become proficient; and without proficiency, there will never be new discoveries or uncharted territories explored. The basics must be learned before discovery can be truly experienced.

Bedtime Story?

I always enjoy drifting off to sleep while thinking about the successes of the day and pondering the challenges of tomorrow so let’s ponder this; if you do not do anything to further your Satanic knowledge (theistic or other) before tomorrow night, you will have lost 24 more hours of your existence on this dirt ball and will have nothing to show for it. So if you want to spend another day of your life without a plan or firm call to action, that is obviously your prerogative however, you only have a certain number of days to learn or waste………

Aleister, You Are A Bastard

Yes, I will agree with that statement. I am a realist and I will not smear honey on a turd……… lipstick on a pig is still a pig. I often receive these long emails explaining everything but the root cause of a person’s problem. As the person dramatically dances around the 900 pound gorilla in the room, please be aware that MY LIFE IS TRICKLING AWAY SO PLEASE GET TO THE POINT!! Self examination can be cruel or shrouded in roses; this is really up to the spinner of the web. Objectivity can be painful however, those who are brave and well-adjusted enough to accept fact over fiction will be able to take evasive actions in a timely manner to change the course of his / her life. The individual wanted me to coddle, hold their hand and tell them it “is not your fault” should ensure it “is not his / her fault” before asking for my “honest opinion”.

Aleister, You Are A Compassionate Soul

If you believe (or perceive) this post is a “rant”, you have truly missed the point. Yes, I can be a major pain in the ass and as compassionate as a scorpion with a cricket however, if I seem to strike a nerve that makes a person get off their ass and begin living, well, that is worth the price of admission. I offer over 3 years of “free information” on my blogs and have covered many topics that searchers will experience in their lifetime; just because I have experienced those very same problems. I do have compassion of those who are searching for answers and are willing to do the research to get them where they are needing to go but there must be the willingness and resolve for any Satanist to succeed in their chosen endeavor. The bow of the boat must remain pointed toward the destination or old, salting sailors would call that “being lost”. Set your objective and diligently pursue the knowledge that will open the gate to the next level of learning.

Fireworks, Thunder and Discombobulation

I invited a sweet young lady last night to share a bottle of Remy Martin XO Exellence and a view of the fireworks from my living room balcony. As we sipped and watched the nightime sky light up, she asked “What is your unfulfilled dream, do you have one”? Without thinking, I innocently revealed my wish by replying “To have children”. She smiled and said “I can help you with that”. No, she can not help me with that. I have often thought about the future “mother of my children”. I may never meet her but if I do, I will know immediately. She will have certain attributes that make her standout from anyone. I will know.

The Satanist will experience that same feeling when experiencing the enlightenment he / she has searched for so long to find. The simple revelation of somethings can be worth the wait and knowledge that has been pursued for what seems like ‘forever’ is immediately recognized although never heard of before. Keep searching and never surrender to time or lack thereof. 

Until next time,