Amicus Curiae / My Succubus / The Satanic Coven

“You must make, always. You must act, if you believe something. Talking about acting is like boasting about pictures you’re going to paint.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Collector by John Fowles

All I have to offer are my thoughts……..they are cerise and anxious; sometimes they are pure terror. Some claim they are evil however, I have known none so vile; so absolute merciless with an insatiable appetite for immorality. I have no compunction and I am absent remorse. I do not seek absolution, penitence nor will I ever revert into the shame of the past. It is a sin worthy of death to hold back from the full submission. The fires of hell quench my hunger but for a while. I have been summoned to the Holy Court of Belial to bear witness of theological deeds. I must now bear my trodden soul before the ultimate Magistrate and bow on bended knee to His honor. He is the Alpha without Omega; for He will never draw into that conclusion.

I have worked diligent to please the Father of Wisdom and I continue to seek my seat among the highest of the Demons in the Cloister. Forever and a time will we rule over the worlds seen and concealed. Those groveling fools at our feet are infinitesimal parasites and sycophants. To the Holy sanctuary do I proclaim the Mark of Satan and forever His family cherish as I fortify the position of the Truth. The sky opens to scatter lies and baptize the innocent with abuse desecrating the witness stone while raping the virgins and stealing their enlightenment to replace with ignorance. The specter calls for the first witness.

His teeth are white as ivory; His eyes see through nothingness; He sits patiently while one finger taps on the Plaintiff’s table. The clock unwinds and we are at the edge of a demonic chasm. Into the darkness I am charged with testimony to account for the one across the room. Do I know this man? What shall I say that can provide light into the blackness of man’s soul? “I will provide evidence through my affirmation.”

All rise for the Arbiter as He, in flowing robe, takes the rightful seat. The chains rattle, the docket called and the Well and Gallery hush. I am asked to state my name and I reply “Nefarious”.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Aleister Nacht

She and the GoatAmicus Curiae

I enjoy poking fun and mocking the religious establishment. I also love to read their conspiracies and wild theories of how this age will end and transition into the next age. Oh yes, for those atheists in Satanic clothing, the age will end and a new reality will be usher in a new kingdom, hierarchy and paradigm. This is simply the path of least resistance and the intoxicating power that comes with conquest will once again stir the world into a cataclysmic chronology of events that have never been known.

I am not attempting to frighten anyone; it is inevitable that humans will “fvck up” anything they touch and the future is no different. The events will not unfold per the xtian bible; the future is as convoluted as my essay above. You can interpret anything in any manner desired in order to fulfill the motives of the storyteller. I believe the course of civilization is only one Leonard Logsdail suit away from living with pigs. Humans will sell their worthless souls for a few hours of attention and instant gratification. I have no doubts that society is slowly circling the toilette bowl awaiting the endgame.

There is a point to the rambling essay that I shared with you. It is a reoccurring dream that I have had for over twenty years. I dream quite often and when it happens, I reach for the pen and paper I keep next to the bed. I scribble a few lines; just enough that I can decipher it the next morning. I have given serious thought to publishing a book of my dreams in the future. I believe readers can closely relate to my conjuring scenarios.

Dreams are the gateway into the psyche often illustrating deep feeling that have been suppressed. Dreams can warn of the future; Satan has warned me of things that would actually happen the next day. The dream state is so tightly interwoven into the fabric of the human mind, reality and fantasy merge during Satanic Meditation and thus, dream turns to reality through the use of magical operation. When you awake from a dream, you retain part of the cognitive imprint in your conscious and you also leave part of your reality in the heightened awareness.

My Succubus – Adela

I have a Succubus who comes to me frequently while in the twilight transitional area of consciousness. She is not my intermediary nor is she my guardian. Adela is my tall “concubine of devilish delights”. I have practiced meditation techniques that allow me to call her at will and she comes to ensure my needs are satisfied. She also shares her “pillow talk” with me which sometimes, divulges things to come in the near future. I have also heard women speak of having an Incubus (Incubo in Latin) that visits them regularly as well.

Adela often reveals an enigma while peaking my interest. Days and sometimes weeks later, the riddle is solved. She leads me to the solution to a problem; she shines brightly yet bears the darkness. She has raven black hair, brown eyes and olive skin. She tells me interesting stories of historical events she witnessed in past-life iterations; for instance, she was witness to the death of Emperor Yongle who murdered (death by a thousand cuts) over 2,800 women in 1420. 

Vaginal CrucifixAdela owes nothing to me yet she beacons as a willing participant in my deepest, darkest Satanic motives. She has on occasion attended my personal, intimate rituals that reveal my darkest thoughts that I will only share with her or The Master Himself. I was five years into my path of Satanism when she first materialized within a heliotrope mist as I finished a Healing Ritual. That was a long time ago and yet, she is just as beautiful as she was the first time this (much, much younger) Devil Worshipper first gazed into her eyes.

Satanism has brought sweet fruits to me over the years of working, studying and perfecting my magical practice. My very first  ménage à trois was after a Satanic ritual in California which I attended. Sex and Satanism really complement one another; especially increasing the potency of the magical operation being performed. 

The Satanic Coven

Magnun Opus is currently preparing for the Fall Equinox / Midnight Host planned for the 21st of this month. I am very excited that our coven is growing however, when it comes to the Satanic coven, quality always outweighs quantity. The number of people is not as important as having motivated, competent and intelligent members. The selection / acceptance processing of those wishing to join the group is an important, yet often hurried, process. If a “bad seed” makes it through the acceptance process, it can often have terrible consequences. More than one coven has learned this valuable lesson the hard way. In many cases, the coven never fully recovers the treasonous acts of a rogue member; as the saying goes “You cannot un-ring a bell”.

New Initiates are the life blood of a Satanic coven and without new members, the coven will become stagnate over time. This “stagnation” allows unhealthy paradigms to form, the magic to be hurried and unskilled, some coven members may be exploited and even criminal activities may begin. These groups usually end abruptly with the name of “Satanism” tarnished and devalued. These are the groups that injure or even kill innocent people because they WANT TO while hiding behind the excuse of “The Devil made me do it”.Sodom and Gee More!!

The Satanic Coven should have a guardian demon and all rites, rituals and workings performed by the group should always include an invitation to the demon to participate. The demon of the coven will be able to act as quasi Sergeant at Arms, protecting the Satanic Quorum during workings; allowing the members to focus on the work itself.

I also recommend naming the coven through member consensus. Words contain power and while formulating a coven name, keep that in mind. The coven should choose a name they are comfortable with and will pass casual cover from listeners, should the need arise – just a thought to consider.

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

3 thoughts on “Amicus Curiae / My Succubus / The Satanic Coven

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  2. Aleister, I am now half way through your new book and as a convert to Satanism, I find it most instructive and helpful. I shall take your advice and to’… act, if you believe something’. If you are will I would be obliged if you could advise me on Satanic texts to aid my learing, and draw me closer to FATHER SATAN, to who I have committted myself. Will Hail satan

    Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 20:04:30 +0000 To:


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