An Obscure Footnote in the Pages of History

The Detour – Descent Into Madness

I wrote the first blog post on this site (Satanism and How to Summon Demons) on October 1, 2011. I wrote other posts in mid 2011 but after reading them with ‘fresh eyes’, I utilized something many authors grow to “love and hate”; the DELETE key. My reason for writing a blog was quite simple………

“It has been my desire in this blog about Satanism to transmit knowledge that will afford followers of the LHP the opportunity to deepen their magical skills and understanding.”vagina

Love Letters Without Love

In my opinion, I am an ‘Idealist Realist‘. I recognize certain ideals, positivity and creative forces in our physical spacial realm. I also openly admit some people are totally lost, represent zero (0) hope to the human race and lack any soft skills required for endeavors other than a faux pas, inauspicious unfulfilled promises or words and actions of mindless, pointless hate.

In the past, I have received email correspondence from individuals that fit squarely into this demographic. These exchanges are usually disguised as “Can you answer my question(s) on Satanism” however, some are similar to a “Bouncing Betty”; planted strategically on the path to enlightenment to “fuck someone up”. I answer their question, they respond immediately with a follow-up question and I answer it as well. This is usually the point when a “theological debate” or “religious argument” is attempted by the person. This maneuver lands their email (and their email address) in the trash however, I have wasted time on someone not worthy of my time.

I have also encountered the person who “desperately needs my advice” to undo what they have done or vice versa. I have been a real “sucker” for these. I need advice from time to time and reach out to objective and knowledgeable individuals for guidance. I, in turn, have chosen to give back by helping others. This usually ends up as a life-draining attempt for them to “change my mind” and suggest whatever he / she thinks the solution should be. This is a segue to either 1) ask for me to perform some ritual that produces what they desire (i.e. gimme what I want) or 2) ask me to “spoon feed” Satanic Magic to them so they can get learn everything about magic in 20 minutes (i.e. gimme what I want).

bath tubWhile I do appreciate them thinking of me as a fucking doormat, I always attempt to explain the “work = results” theory during more foolish questions, theatrical coercion, a nude photo (or two) and when reality sets in that they will not get what they want, the inevitable attack of my Satanic capabilities (last step).

Note: I would prefer to place the last step ‘first’ so they would not contact me at all. “If I do not possess magical abilities, why the fuck did you contact me seeking a magical solution to YOUR PROBLEM?”

“Mr. Nacht, Your Coven, Holding on Line One”

I love and appreciate my coven members; they are my family. I can (and often do) discuss very personal matters with them because I know they reciprocate my feelings. Respect is a crucial requirement of Satanism and without respect, the coven will soon become a bastardized “cult” entity lead by a person who will ultimately destroy any resemblance of true Satanism. Those who remain in the group will more than likely be the next Tex Watson,  Linda Kasabian, Patricia Krenwinkel or Susan Atkins.Nothing Compares To You

Members of my coven persuaded and encouraged me to begin writing books. The idea was simple; “Share what has worked with the world”. So, the first book Magnum Opus – Secrets of the Inner Sanctum (released in October 2011) was about our coven. I feel that from that day forward, I have put my work, blogs and social media first and my beloved coven second. 

Does This Story Have A Point?

Yes. I am glad you asked. I intend to rectify this situation going forward and thus the “point” of this blog post.

I am taking a sabbatical from blogging and social media. This week represented the “straw that broke the horse’s back” and it marks a watershed moment of clarity in a never-ending nightmare to make deadlines, return correspondence, weed out / answer sincere questions, attend speaking engagements – all while leading our coven. I am so busy telling people how great Satanism is, that I miss out on the rewards that I cherish and hold very dear.

My first obligation is to Satan, my second obligation is to our Coven and everything else falls in line after these two. In my hast to do more as an ambassador of Satanism, I have neglected the first two priorities while wasting time engaged with those lacking the capacity to grasp Magic, Satan or Demonic beings. These lazy, over-confident posers want a free ride and money. she is beautifulThey truly believe Satan will give it to they simply because they “decided to sell their worthless souls”!

From time to time, I have seen people drop out of the public / social Friends always know how to contact me and that remains unchanged. I dream of virtual satanic rituals and plan to pursue in the future.

For the egomaniacs, trolls, apathetic, indolent, arrogant, impertinent,…………….I will stop there and waste neither time, word nor thought ever again.

Until next time…………or maybe not,beautiful woman

Satanic Blessings and Good Luck…….

Aleister Nacht

Dedicated to Noraa

My Liebster Award Questions and Answers

11 Random facts about me……….Aleister Nacht - Liebster Award

1)  I have never viewed myself as a “leader”; more of a student.

2) I have practiced Satanism for over 25 years.

3) I view meditation as a way to open the mind while relaxing the physical body. Transcendental Meditation opens the corners of my mind, allowing thoughts characterized as crazy or foolish to be thoroughly explored, investigated and rationalized.

4) I personally look to the future with optimism, excitement and anticipation. I enjoy learning and I often do………from the least likely of people.

5) Back in the ’80s, I traveled to California and attended my first Satanic rituals involving other Satanic covens, which was great!

6) I am attracted to intelligent women. A woman who knows what she wants and is skilled in Satanic Magic really turns me on.

7) My passion for Satanism was the deciding factor when our High Priest of Magnum Opus at the time, had to relocate to Chicago. Our Elders called the coven together in a private meeting, discussed the future of our coven and who would keep the coven moving forward. I was offered and accepted the honor of Magus.

8) Years ago, I was very fortunate to have studied Hoodoo with some of the great practitioners in southern Louisiana. These African-American women were patient teachers who exposed me to conjure, witchcraft, spells, graveyard dirt, magic charms, goofer dust, mojo, anvil dust and root work. It was during this time I became highly knowledgable of a protective talisman of Hoodoo; the King James Bible.

All of them have now passed into history however, I still love and miss those ladies so much. They took me in, as if one of their own; this skinny white boy who was lost, lonely, scared and living on the tough streets of New Orleans. They accepted me, fed me, taught me, cared for me and unselfishly shared so much. If the world could experience what I did, racism would never again exist!!

9) One of my favorite recording artists is Mac Rebennack (Dr. John). Because of a very bad young woman many years ago, I get sexually excited when I hear the song “I Walk on Guilded Splinters”. As Forest Gump would say “That’s all I have to say ’bout that”!!

10) I am Pro-Choice and believe women have the right to do as they wish with their bodies…….period. I do not think it is wise to allow anyone the power and authority to prohibit / mandate any actions concerning a person’s body and their right to do as they please with their body. Abortion is not a Satanic ritual.

11) Satanism is an open and HONEST path that leads each follower to their own version of satisfaction, self-fulfillment and happiness. I never experienced such peace and stability in my life and emotions while part of the Xian congregation.

Liebster Award - Aleister Nacht

11 Questions for nominees to answer……

1) Why did you start writing a blog?

Writers write. I am always jotting down an idea or random thoughts and with the creation of the iPhone and iPad, writing has become so easy and fast. I would carry notebooks around and write down an idea; one idea while lugging the notebook around all day. It was crazy but writing is a natural need that I have been blessed (or cursed) with since childhood. Someone suggested I try blogging to get the ideas out of me and sharing them with other people. That is how my blog started.

2) What is your favourite work of fiction?

Secret Window, Secret Garden by Stephen King

3) How would you describe your personal philosophy/spiritual path?

Everyday is an opportunity to challenge yourself, learn and absorb as much as possible. I am in a great place in life however, it can always get better.

4) What has impressed you lately?

Technology and the tremendous advancements made in a few, relatively short years.

5) What has depressed you lately?

The recent school shooting tragedy.

6) What advice would you give your younger self if you could go back in time ten years?

Sincerity is evidenced through actions, not words.

7) What are your vices?

M & Ms with peanuts!!!

8) What would you like to achieve in 2013?

New book release early in the year. Bring the solitary Satanists together on my forum for exchange of ideas.

9) Describe your personal style.

Workaholic, anal retentive, meticulous and a great sense of humor.

10)  What is your favourite city?

Clearwater, Florida year around. Lake Geneva, Switzerland in the summer and Sedona, AZ in the winter.

11) Name something that always makes you smile.

When someone tells me they enjoyed one of my books.

The Power of Evil / Selling Your Soul to the Devil

Evil – Point of Reference

I really wonder what future civilizations will say about our time…………..our generations. At times, it is fairly easy to look back at people who are no longer here and mock / reticule them for their backward ways and primitive belief systems. The idea that our ancestors actually thought thunder was the gods speaking to them is like a modern-day sighting of Elvis at Taco Bell.

Humans have always tried to explain the world around them; especially the areas they know nothing about. Some attempt to use the information to control the populous and others use it to instigate fear and pandemonium, producing instability in the human relational scheme; usually to serve their own wants and needs. There are also those who have witnessed unexplainable events and have tried to describe the occurrence while lacking an understanding of what actually happened. Many are dismissed as deranged fools however, not all can be dismissed as such.Breastfeeding In Public

Evil is one of those experiences that is like wine: Each experience is interpreted differently and while some are wonderful, others are disgusting to the individual. What is palatable to one person is repulsive to another which makes evil a slippery subject to corner into one category.

Anyone spending time with me on this blog can attest that I love women and I find every part of a woman an intriguing curiosity that I love to explore and savor. Some may say that I love pornography and that categorizes me as “maladaptive” to acceptable norms. I argue however, “one man’s trash is another’s treasure” and the fact that I love women’s bodies – no matter the medium or forum – makes me………….well, more of an Aficionado.

Evil can be described the same way. If I classify something as evil, that is my opinion and certainly there is someone who would disagree with me. It really comes down to individual “taste” when defining evil…….one size does not fit all. The definition is up to the end-user; not the observer. If you do not like the taste of the wine, choose another, then another, until you find the one that pleases you. Satanism is much the same; find what is right for you and your coven. Do not heed the banter of the Internet-Satanic-Evangelists selling potions, spells and bullshit. If it works for you, make it your own.

Some Need the Power

This brings me to a question that I often receive via email. “How can I sell my soul to the devil?” What is the hype concerning “selling one’s soul” to Satan?

First, a little lesson on the Satanic / Demonic world. Satan nor Demons are willing to serve your needs without serving theirs. You will never win the lottery or be a successful Magus without the understanding of quid pro quo. Success comes from win-win situations and your ability to align yourself with the wants of others. The physical world works the same way………….“Hey, make me a millionaire cause I think you should……Your friend, Aleister!” Do you feel that I am worthy of such a gift for simply asking? Satan and the Hosts of Hell are generous and will assist with your desires however, “What is in it for them?” Some say they wish to sell their soul……….this means nothing to Satan except the person has no other collateral or talents to offer in return.

"Ezekiel 23:19-20" courtesy of Haarvey Aardvark

“Ezekiel 23:19-20”
courtesy of Haarvey Aardvark

You win when they win; they help you win because they will win………if you win.

“How many women have opened their vagina to me so I would teach them Satanic Magic to fill their worldly desires? Is this all they offer me – is that all they have as an asset for their negotiation?” 
What do you offer Satan, in return for your “worldly” requests? Your so-called “spell casters” are con men who say anything to get your money: they are cons, not magicians. Why would you turn to them instead of the King of the World? They too are trying to figure out the “secret handshake” I have just shared with you.
If you are serious about Satanism, you will be blessed however, if you simply want something for nothing…………Satan and the Demons do not care. Take heed and caution. Satan knows how to inflict the most pain because He knows us better than anyone else.
When asked by Satan “What say you; what do you offer me?” what will your answer be? I have just given you the “free information” and ask for nothing in return. Consider it my gift.
Satanic Blessings!!!

 Aleister Nacht