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Satanism and Devil Worship: Magnae Sapientiae Sathanas

Satanism and Devil Worship Magnae Sapientiae SathanasSatanism is a pathway to cognitive illumination through the application of magical concepts and operations for higher self-awareness, personal knowledge acquisition, spiritual freedom, and individual evolution. Satanic rites and rituals are the methods used by practitioners to ‘bridge the gap’ between the physical world, which is limited to three dimensions, and the spiritual world which is limitless.

Satanism and Devil Worship: Magnae Sapientiae Sathanas contains the information necessary for successful physical and metaphysical Satanic Magic.





 “Sanctum of Shadows Volume II: Corpus Satanas” 

Sanctum of Shadows II

Sanctum of Shadows Volume II: Corpus Satanas by Aleister Nacht


Satanic and Demonic manifestation is a shocking and baffling experience. Satanists often call upon Satanic forces which require knowledge, dedication, practice, study and investment on a daily basis in order to master.

“Volume II: Corpus Satanas”, the second book in the “Sanctum of Shadows” series, explains the interrelationships between Satan and Satanic Demons who exist just beyond, yet regularly transverse, our dimension. Satanic Magus Aleister Nacht provides names and characteristics of the Demons he calls upon most frequently for effective results.

This volume also includes special excerpts from the Satanic Grimoire “Silentium In Persona Diaboli”, interpreted and explained by Magus Nacht.

“Sanctum of Shadows Volume II” builds upon the foundation of the first volume; assisting the Satanist to better understand Satan, Demons, Energy and the practice of Satanic Magic.


Aleister Nacht Amazon Author Page

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Book of Satanic Magic by Aleister Nacht - Kindle Top 100 Best Selling Books on Satanism


Book of Satanic Magic on iTunes - Aleister Nacht


The Book of Satanic Magic contains powerful Rites, Satanic Rituals, Conjurations, Spells and Invocations used by those who worship Satan. This book also contains the Theology of Darkness of the Left Hand Path and Demonic Invocations. Some of the Topics Covered: Satanic Sex Magic, Black Mass, Demonology, Demonic Invocations, Satanic Energy, Rites and Rituals, Spells and the Satanic Ritual Chamber.
Bestselling author Aleister Nacht Releases new book, Sanctum of Shadows
Learning how to become a Satanist is as much about learning ‘who you are’ as it is learning the magical operations, rituals and practices. You must know yourself and your personal limitations. Sanctum of Shadows Volume I: The Satanist is the first volume of the “Sanctum of Shadows” series. These volumes represent an intellectual guide to Satanic development in preparation for learning the Higher Magic processes. This volume opens the Satanic Gate and the Satanist’s mind; forming the foundation to build upon. This volume also includes very special excerpts from the Satanic Grimoire “Silentium In Persona Diaboli”, interpreted and explained in great detail by Magus Nacht. “Sanctum of Shadows Volume I” is an in-depth analysis of required elements enabling the Satanist to understand, develop, implement and succeed in the study and practice of Satanic Higher Magic.
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Book of Satanic Ritual by Aleister Nacht


Book of Satanic Magic - Aleister Nacht


As the “companion” to the Book of Satanic Magic, the Book of Satanic Ritual goes in-depth to explain ritual and theory behind magical workings. Written for the serious practitioner of the Satanic Arts, this book reveals the secrets to successful ceremonies and Satanic Rituals in an “easy to understand” format. Celebrated as a follow-up book on the subject, Magus Aleister Nacht guides the reader to logical understanding while allowing them freedom to retain their Satanic individuality during rituals, spells, curses, rites and other practices used by a single practitioner or a Satanic Coven.

The Book of Satanic Ritual is a must for any serious practitioner of the Sinister Magical Arts. 

Art of Cognitive Warfare

Since the beginning of time, humans have fought with one another in the quest to endure and emerge victorious. Whether with sword, mace, staff, knife or gun the human has tried to annihilate their own species in order to claim the spoils. Modern times are no different. We are still symbolically cutting off each others head except we do so with a pen, paper or with our words and voice. The attacks are just as real and the effects, just as devastating.
The Art of Cognitive Warfare will help you to navigate the traitorous and backstabbing terrain of the cognitive battlefield and ultimately win the war. 
Wasted Faith by Aleister Nacht


Wasted Faith: A Satanic View of Established Religions examines modern religion for a better understanding of the effects religion has on our world. Churches are selling the “Prosperity Gospel” to worshipers who give their mortgage payments to a religious club, which only serves greedy wants and desires. This book takes an unflinching look at established religions from a Satanic point of view.

A Satanic Grimoire by Aleister Nacht
Satanism Books - Aleister Nacht
A Satanic Grimoire is a guide to using and interpreting the black arts for seduction, manipulation and one of the few books that deals openly with spirits of darkness. This book covers that forbidden area where sex, black magic and the Devil meet in an unholy and lascivious fusion. Included are essays, poetry and a stunning revisiting of magical workings performed by the Magus himself.
Magnum Opus by Aleister Nacht

Aleister Nacht

Magnum Opus – Secrets of the Inner Sanctum was Aleister Nacht’s first book which explains the new emergence of Satanism in today’s modern culture. Some of the Topics Covered: Overview of Satanism, Satanic Sex Rituals, Black Mass, Satanic Magic

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  5. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!


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  7. I got your book Satanic Magic and loved it! Well done. well written. I look forward to getting Your Book of Satanic Rituals as well. While reading Satanic Magic I was up late reading the book and was visualizing the rituals in the book as I read. I began to drift off a bit when the light behind me turned off. It then turned back on and off once more. then my whole street power went out and back on again. Freaked me the fuck out. But then was wide awake and finished the book.

    I love your podcast audio blog. I subscribe and have listened to them all I don’t know how many times. I found you by looking for podcasts of Aleister Crowley and am v-happy to have found your site. So keep on doing what your doing, people like me really enjoy your work.

    one more thing/ question who does the music intro for the audio blog? They Rock!
    Alright thanks again. I am a grounds keeper and love having some good stuff to listen to while tearing up the grass.



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