Satanism, Murder and Sexual Satisfaction

Satanists and Covens

Humans are social animals and as such, we all seek approval and acceptance from our peers and friends. We as animals certainly want to fit into a clique or circle and it is important for us to seek out those who are like us or seem to be similar to us by certain attributes. The Satanic “Coven” is a prime example of like-minded individuals who come together to accomplish certain goals or tasks because they enjoy one another’s company and that which they are doing together. A coven is some what a family unit; you may have that older and perhaps ‘wiser’ Matriarch or Patriarch who keeps the group focused and moving together with solidarity toward the groups goals. You may also have those who are like sisters and brothers. The younger generation is also represented as those who have come of age and are now flexing their magical wings as they set about on their path.Satanic Sanctum

The Satanic coven is a cohesive unit that should be a functional group. Roles and responsibilities are very important within the coven and also the norms of the group (the acceptable behaviors) should be established in order for everyone to feel comfortable. In intimate situations or environments, the coven can be a source of support, joy and true friendship. The coven can also devolve into contention, disarray and the lack of guidance and supervision will cause the coven to reach the point of dismantling.

The Satanic Journey

We are all on a life-long journey of discovery. Even those who have practiced the Satanic Arts for a lifetime, should be constantly searching for better processes, higher enlightenment and the revelation of illusive knowledge. As we live, so shall we learn and master new techniques and methods. We, in turn, pass this information to the generations coming after us in history. We sow, reap and re-sow; making the Satanic landscape fertile for the future.Lovely Vagina

Satanism and Devil Worship are often misunderstood concepts for the public at large. Anton LaVey was a pioneer, bringing the Dark Arts out of the closet however, Anton was clearly an atheist. There is nothing wrong with a person believing (or not believing) in conformance with others yet, the “face of Satanism” is always seen as “LaVeyan”. For the most part, his beliefs leave true Searchers ’empty’; at least that is what the emails I receive seem to indicate. So where does one go when the he / she travels suddenly ends? Continue reading

Will You Allow Yourself To Be Happy in 2012? Tell The Truth……. Updated 2013 / 2014

An inverted pentacle, symbol of Satanism. Oppo...

Life is short, time is an enemy and happiness is fleeting for those lucky enough to have found it. There is one thing you can do to in your pursuit of happiness…………be truthful with yourself.

Any religion will set boundaries and limitations on you but for the Satanist, we do not “limit” nor do we judge. Δ

If you are seeking happiness, ring in the new year with truthfulness, explore the spiritual world around you and stop carrying guilt, shame and pain.

TRUTH………give it as try.

Aleister Nacht


Judeo-Christian Ritual Abuse (JCRA)

This is a true story of betrayal, abuse and torture. Reader discretion advised.

Joey is just like any other youth growing up in America. He loves to draw, play games, surf the internet and hang out with friends. He goes to school, makes good grades and wants to become a Counselor when he finishes college. You would never know Joey is a survivor; you would never see the pain of the past in his eyes nor see a glimpse of the horrors he faced a few years ago……….before he was rescued by a loving family that will never subject Joey to the unspeakable horrors he experienced at the hands of his biological parents and the holy church. Joey is one of the few who survived the trauma of Judeo-Christian Ritual Abuse (JCRA).

Joey’s story begins long before he can actually remember. At the very tender age of one, he was subjected to a brutal and savage ritual in which part of his penis was actually cut off; leaving his small penis bloody and robbed of the protective skin that will eventually cause Joey to get less enjoyment from sex in adulthood. The sensitive skin was ripped from his penis in such a way that he is considered lucky for being too young to remember the experience. The ritual was conducted by a “holy man” who read from a 2000 year old book; brutalized Joey as his mother and father, the very people who should have protected him, shouted praises to their god and held little Joey down while the pedophile “holy father” mutilated Joey’s wounded penis in a perverted sex / blood ritual. Members of the “family” stood in a circle around little Joey and smiled, laughed and even took pictures of the bloody perverted ritual. Afterward, they all asked for blessings from their “god” for performing such a gruesome act.

Joey grew quickly and was subjected to repeated threats that a man would fly down from the sky and kidnap him if he misbehaved. He was threatened with this psychological warfare  on a daily basis. Joey was also told that a man with a beard and long hair (who had risen from the dead) was always around and everything Joey did was subject to the man’s bitter judgment. This man, Joey was told, died after being beaten half to death and nailed to a tree where he hung for the better part of a day, until being stabbed in the stomach with a spear. He was dead for a couple of days before walking out of his burial tomb and after being seen around by others, flew up into the sky. Joey was told to “love and trust” this man of the walking dead because he would show Joey the way to salvation and how to live forever in a place far away. He was also told that the man would come back to the earth one day to torture, starve, brutalize, disfigure and ultimately kill a multitude of people he had previously loved, but were not found to be “religious and spiritual” enough to go to the sacred place he called heaven.

As Joey grew older, a ritual would be performed on him that was of symbolic death. In this ritual, he would be killed; his old body discarded and a new body would allow him to rise from the dead to walk among the living. His friends were subjected to the ritual as well. Joey did not want to die and be brought back to the land of the living during the ceremonial ritual and begged his parents to let him avoid the event or perhaps postpone the event until he was older. His pleading fell of deaf ears and Joey was forced to participate in “coming back from the dead”. Joey was forced to go to the temple three times every week and knee in an uncomfortable position for long periods of time. When he voiced his physical pain to his parents, he is told that “Jesus” suffered much more pain and he should be ashamed for even mentioning this. He was then forbidden to “complain about his trivial discomfort” ever again. Swift punishment would be dispensed if he did.

The pastor of Joey’s church took a special interest in helping Joey develop into the young man “god would be proud of” and he set out to involve Joey in as many church events as possible. Joey’s parents were proud and demanded that Joey give 100% to the extracurricular activities the pastor had enrolled him in. On one occasion, the pastor asked Joey to stay late after choir practice so he could give Joey some “christian guidance about becoming a young man”. After everyone had left the building, the pastor took Joey to his office on the second floor and asked him to pick up some of the choir books in the corner of his office and move them to the bookshelves behind the pastor’s large mahogany desk. As Joey arranged the books on the sleeves, the pastor put his arm around Joey and said “The time has come for you to discover the secret to overcome the deadly sin of pride”. The pastor picked up a large telephone book and hit Joey in the back of the head………..all went black. Joey regained conscientiousness several times that afternoon but the pain of being brutally sodomized by the pastor was far too much to withstand and Joey would pass out for a few more minutes.

Joey woke a final time to cold water peppering his nude body on the shower room floor. The pastor turned the water off and threw the towel at Joey and told him to get dressed. After getting dressed and limping to the front door of the church building, the pastor told Joey “If you mention this to anyone, you will suffer much more than you have ever dreamed. This was god’s will and nothing stands in the way of god’s will! During the next two years, the pastor would share many more biblical lessons designed to teach Joey the “Will of God”.

Punishment was harsh at Joey’s house and at any given moment, his father would issue ultimatums to not only Joey, but Joey’s mother as well. Joey had seen the whelps and bruises on his mother’s arms from time to time. Joey knew all too well that his father’s backhand was swift and accurate; having been the object of his wrath for challenging his father’s claim that the bible was the actual “word of god”. For challenging his father’s statement, Joey suffered a cut on his bottom lip and a black eye resulting from his father’s backhand.

When Joey was twelve years old, he became good friends with Sophia (Sofi for short) who lived on the same street as Joey. Sofi was a pretty little girl who enjoyed soccer, softball and riding her bicycle. Sofi and Joey would ride all over town on their bycycles, racing each other on the straightaways and occasionally stopping for ice-cream at the local Scoop Shop. The two became close and as nature dictated, Sofi stirred up unfamiliar “feelings” that Joey have never experienced. Confused, he attempted to ask his parents about the feelings he was having but as he began to explain his feelings, his mother and father began telling Joey about sex, sexually transmitted deceases, how sex was a sin and god would punish he and Sophia by throwing them into a “lake of unquentionable fire” to burn for all eternity. Joey was then forbidden to be alone with Sophia again; a parent or guardian would supervise all future visits between the two. To add insult to injury, his parents called Sofi’s parents and explained what they had just learned. Sofi’s mother and father did not see the urgency nor see the harm in Joey and Sofi spending time together; after all, they were friends. After listening to Joey’s parents quote bible passages about fire, brimstone, the jawbone of a donkey and a man named Lot who impregnated his own daughters in the book they called “The Answers to Life”, Sofi’s parents no longer wanted Sofi associating with Joey. Joey’s friend was taken away.

When Joey reached the age of sixteen, he and his parent had a huge disagreement that escalated until Joey left home. He was able to find a caring group of people who happened to be Satanists. They quickly took Joey in, comforted him and made financial arrangements so he could survive while finishing his last year of high school. Joey’s parents told him that he was “dead” to them and that because of his behavior, Joey was going to a place of severe punishment forever called “Hell”. They told Joey that he had let everyone down and he had “no home and no parents anymore”. His heart was broken and it took some time before he finally came to terms with what had happened.

Joey’s story is all too common in modern society. Heartbreak, shame, mental anguish, torture and other unspeakable events are happening to youth across the globe. While an entire generation of children are being tortured and tormented, churches and parents who should support these young boys and girls are turning their backs and condemning them to unattainable human perfection that only leads to failure, disappointment and broken families.

In a modern society where information on any subject is only a mouse click away, humans are losing the battle to be…………human. Joey survived the “blessings” of the church and his parents. The only thing Joey is truly thankful for is the fact that he survived Judeo-Christian Ritual Abuse (JCRA).

This post is dedicated to the countless victims subjected to the darkness of established religions and Judeo-Christian Ritual Abuse (JCRA). The “brainwashed followers” who choose to abuse, and in some cases kill, their very own flesh and blood in order to receive the “Keys to Heaven” have turned their backs proving they are hypocrites.

If you are a runaway and need help, contact Covenant House of California or the National Runaway Switchboard.

Religion is an insult to human dignity.


With all due respect, if your morals stem solely from your belief in a bearded sky-dude, then you’re probably the one going to Hell, bro. You shouldn’t need to get on your knees and recite creepy chants every Sunday and deny yourself the gorgeous, fucked up pleasures of human life just to feel…

Religion is an insult to human dignity.