Walpurgisnacht and Satanic Rituals

As I have stated before, the time a ritual is performed is not as important as preparing, planning and executing the ritual for maximum benefit and result. There is however, a night of the year that lends itself nicely to the performance of magical operations. That night is Walpurgisnacht or better known in English as Walpurgis Night.



For generations Walpurgisnacht, which spans from April 30th to May 1st each year, has been celebrated by Witches, Pagans,Satanists and other occult followers. Walpurgisnacht is exactly six months from All Hallow’s Eve and marks the beginning of the warmer months leading into Spring and Summer. The celebration of “making it through another bitter winter” is implied during the festivities.
This holiday holds a special place in my heart due to my genealogy. As you may know, Nacht is German and my bloodline is from Germanic decent. My family still celebrates Walpurgisnacht by making a trip to Brocken Mountain each year to partake in the festivities.
Blocksberg Walpurgisnacht

Blocksberg Walpurgisnacht

Brocken is the highest of the Harz Mountains of north central Germany. It is noted for the phenomenon of the Brocken Spectre and for witches’ revels which reputedly took place there on Walpurgisnacht. The Brocken Spectre is a magnified shadow of an observer, typically surrounded by rainbow-like bands, thrown onto a bank of cloud in high mountain areas when the sun is low. The phenomenon was first reported on the Brocken.

When I return to Germany to visit family, I always love to hear the stories that originated on the Brocken during Walpurgisnacht. While not as known or popular in the US, there are those from central and eastern European decent that attempt to keep Walpurgisnacht alive by passing the stories and celebration gatherings going through the generations. Our coven associations always plan some events that draw questions from different people; enabling us to explain the Walpurgisnacht meaning and history.
While planning rituals, I like to add some of the emphasis from Walpurgisnacht to the ritual and always sending a demon to watch over the family back in the “old country“. This demon will bring great energy to the celebration rituals the family performs in their town. Magic is powerful and exchanging magical blessings with family and other practitioners of the Dark Arts is an important part of my Satanic practice.
I have learned much about magic through family and friends in Europe. I incorporate as much as possible into our rites and rituals to enhance the energy produced and to focus the channeled energy for a greater magical result. If you are not learning, you are surely missing out on tips, techniques and knowledge that could easily be used in your practice. Keep an open mind and always seek to improve your workings.

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