Satanism, Murder and Sexual Satisfaction

Satanists and Covens

Humans are social animals and as such, we all seek approval and acceptance from our peers and friends. We as animals certainly want to fit into a clique or circle and it is important for us to seek out those who are like us or seem to be similar to us by certain attributes. The Satanic “Coven” is a prime example of like-minded individuals who come together to accomplish certain goals or tasks because they enjoy one another’s company and that which they are doing together. A coven is some what a family unit; you may have that older and perhaps ‘wiser’ Matriarch or Patriarch who keeps the group focused and moving together with solidarity toward the groups goals. You may also have those who are like sisters and brothers. The younger generation is also represented as those who have come of age and are now flexing their magical wings as they set about on their path.Satanic Sanctum

The Satanic coven is a cohesive unit that should be a functional group. Roles and responsibilities are very important within the coven and also the norms of the group (the acceptable behaviors) should be established in order for everyone to feel comfortable. In intimate situations or environments, the coven can be a source of support, joy and true friendship. The coven can also devolve into contention, disarray and the lack of guidance and supervision will cause the coven to reach the point of dismantling.

The Satanic Journey

We are all on a life-long journey of discovery. Even those who have practiced the Satanic Arts for a lifetime, should be constantly searching for better processes, higher enlightenment and the revelation of illusive knowledge. As we live, so shall we learn and master new techniques and methods. We, in turn, pass this information to the generations coming after us in history. We sow, reap and re-sow; making the Satanic landscape fertile for the future.Lovely Vagina

Satanism and Devil Worship are often misunderstood concepts for the public at large. Anton LaVey was a pioneer, bringing the Dark Arts out of the closet however, Anton was clearly an atheist. There is nothing wrong with a person believing (or not believing) in conformance with others yet, the “face of Satanism” is always seen as “LaVeyan”. For the most part, his beliefs leave true Searchers ’empty’; at least that is what the emails I receive seem to indicate. So where does one go when the he / she travels suddenly ends? Continue reading

HollyJane (Stewart) Belle’s Story of Child Rape and Incest

So many people fall victim to the various “religions” around the world. When will society wake up, hold these rapists and torturers accountable? I don’t care who (or what) anyone calls ‘god’ however, no one should have any religion or ‘god’ forced upon them.

Religion is the tool used by murderers, pedophiles, rapists, sadists and sociopaths to justify their insanity! Aleister Nacht


My name is HollyJane (Stewart) Belle. I am tired of being silent, so here is my story..

Holly —  Daddy’s Little “Bawl Baby”.

My Dad is the Wood County Surveyor in West Virginia. His name is Scott Franklin Stewart. He is very well known in his community as being a very upright man of God, who is very active in his Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. When I was growing up, he was the leader of the junior church, my Sunday School teacher, and always walked with his head held high above everyone elses. Yes, he is a very prideful man. Above all else, he strived to be better, and have a better family than everyone else. He gave Mom and us 3 girls such strict rules to live by every day, that even the preacher’s kids seemed ‘worldly’ by comparison. He was the greatest man of God at church and…

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If you rape someone, it doesn’t matter that you’re only 16.

If you rape someone, it doesn’t matter that you cry like a child in court.

If you rape someone, it doesn’t matter that you had a promising future.

if you rape someone, it doesn’t matter that your life is destroyed.

If you rape someone, it should haunt you for the rest of your life. 

You raped someone. 

You deserve every ounce of justice we can place upon you in court of law. 



Oh, the poor rapists! 
Having to live with the consequences to their actions? What tragedy!


Maybe they shouldn’t have raped anyone? Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful idea?

This is disgusting

Fvck CNN! They always have an agenda…….. Another example of the media telling people what to think and believe!

CNN’s Steubenville Coverage Horribly Slanted in Favor of Convicted Rapists


The best description I can think of for CNN’s coverage of the verdict in the Steubenville rape trial: freakishly distorted and reprehensible.

The thing is, I don’t believe these reporters actually are sympathizing with the rapists over their victim; I think it’s more cynical and base than that. Dramatic displays of emotion are what CNN is after, because they’re good for CNN’s bottom line. In their marketing calculations, emotional outbursts draw viewers and sell advertisements. They seek out these kinds of scenes — and in this case, since the victim’s identity is kept secret, the only emotional outbursts they could show were the rapists’. So they exploited those moments to the best of their ability.

And in the process, caused great harm to their reputation. CNN continued with this bullshit even after a storm erupted on social media, condemning their coverage. The sheer contempt they showed for their audience, and for the victim of this terrible crime, was breathtaking.

And one more point: the sentences these two kids got were absurdly, offensively light in view of their crime.

h/t: Little Green Footballs

“And one more point: the sentences these two kids got were absurdly, offensively light in view of their crime.”

CNN’s Steubenville Coverage Horribly Slanted in Favor of Convicted Rapists

No Justice, No Peace: CNN grieves that guilty verdict ruined ‘promising’ lives of Steubenville rapists


By David Edwards

Sunday, March 17, 2013 13:41 EDT


CNN broke the news on Sunday of a guilty verdict in a rape case in Steubenville, Ohio by lamenting that the “promising” lives of the rapists had been ruined, but spent very little time focusing on how the 16-year-old victim would…

No Justice, No Peace: CNN grieves that guilty verdict ruined ‘promising’ lives of Steubenville rapists