Satanic Amuse-Bouche

I enjoy writing in phrases using small tasty bits and morsels; I believe the reader should exercise the ‘ole noggin to put some things together for their enlightenment. While riddles are too “vague” for me, I do prefer a hint of obscurity. Only those poor impatient souls who believe they are late for their “destiny” are so quick to want the ending of the story prematurely revealed. My Book of Satanic Magic is probably the most forth-coming book I have written.

I am often contacted by readers that feel time is of the essence and they proceed to take a hurried approach and seem to want me to regurgitate the answers to their questions without one thought, hesitation or without vetting them as a legitimate soul seeking real assistance or a vile imp seeking to attempt to trip me with my own words. Yes, there are those antipodes wishing to make themselves seem intelligent by public humiliation of the true and knowledgeable. I am not immune to these bigoted deceivers, theological malingering and games so to help those truly needing help, all must go through a vetting process.

I prefer the Socratic method of teaching; it leads the dialectical student to the answer as a normal progression and it teaches the student to “learn to learn“. If this sounds confusing, consider the fact that many people prefer to be told what to believe much more that discovering the truth on their own. My case in point: the Christian Church. I will not flog that dying horse during this post so……..back to the subject.

Some disagreements are positive “brainstorming” methods and as long as the communication channels remain open and both parties continue their dialectical volley, the answer will become more clear with each discussion. To find a solution that results in a “win-win” situation should be the ultimate objective.

I have visited some “Satanic” websites and forums that are total bullshit concerning Satanism. No intelligent ideas are exchanged; people are afraid to submit ideas because the administrators not only take an immediate antithesis but they belittle and humiliate the person to the point that other so-called members join the bandwagon with crude comments and personal attacks. Their forum is nothing more that misguided pontificating and a group of moronic simpletons waving the El Diablo (Mano Cornuto) while chanting “Hail Satan“. The very idea that Satan would allow these dim-witted imbeciles into HIS court is neither laughable nor trivial. What these obtuse, misguided fools do not understand is “they are harming themselves and a byproduct of their stupidity”. Satan will not be mocked. HE will let these individuals take as much rope as they need to put around their pathetic necks. I, once again, digress.

I also experience the young ladies who want to symbolically (or realistically) fuck their way to satanic understanding…….a type of “teacher’s pet” approach. As most people know, I do have a weakness for women; always have and always will. I do enjoy the touch, taste, smell and other attributes of the fairer sex. There are wonderful and beautiful women out there; I receive nude pics of them on a weekly basis and I love to lust for each one. All women have a certain quality that sets them apart from the others and makes them “tantalizing”. I love the attention. It is as close as I will ever be to a Rock Star.

While the offering is great and flattering, a woman should understand that she must take the Satanic Arts seriously and that does not mean she needs to prostitute herself in order to gain knowledge. Other religions limit the tasks or stations a woman can hold within the organization however, Satanism does not limit the woman in any way. Everyone is encouraged to broaden their horizons and learn as much as possible. Religions that limit the “sacred knowledge” to a few should raise a RED FLAG immediately for someone considering joining their fold. Satanism does not seek to stifle learning……………….if the leader tries, you should LEAVE THE GROUP IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

I derive a great deal of satisfaction from assisting those truly attempting to learn the satanic arts. In some instances, I actually force myself to see things through their eyes and understand not only where they are coming from but where they are going. I have even developed relationships that brought the person into our affiliated coven. For me, this is a wonderful reward.

I encourage you, the reader, to challenge yourself to gain a deeper understanding of the Dark Arts. Small pieces of information, as succulent as an amuse-bouche, is awaiting you. Unlock the secrets and seek to educate yourself by formulating your own beliefs as a result of diligent and intelligent research.

Bon App├ętit………………