Esteban Maroto

“From the moonlit sky descends my beautiful Nymph. I ache to be inside her, my lips wet with passion and the smell of her breath on my check. She is evil; she is brutal; she is merciless and she is mine!!!!!!!!!!”

Aleister Nacht

The concept of initiation originates in a non-Satanic religious source where initiation is held to be a symbolic transition from one stage to another. The differences occur in the use of symbolism and of deities. Thus in some examples of a Satanic initiation the neophyte may undergo a ritual coupling with a Temple Priest or Priestess. This coupling is a symbolic union of Satan and his bride Baphomet. Thus if the neophyte is female, then a Priest, representing Satan will couple with her, or if the neophyte is male a Priestess, representing Baphomet, will couple with him. The individual to be initiated may also undergo tests – both during and previous to the initiation ritual – and may be subjected to both humiliation and pain. Humiliation may take the form of being stripped naked and bound before the Temple into which the neophyte is seeking initiation. The symbol is of a stripping of personality, wherein the individual is no longer protected by his or her personality as symbolized by his or her clothing and is instead bared to all devoid of any societal position or power that he or she may have. Adding to this feeling of nakedness, the neophyte may, in some Satanic Covens, also be subjected to a ritual scourging representative of the neophytes worthlessness, uncleanliness and weakness.