Otiosum, Piger Hominem

For the Satanist (Devil Worshiper), there is always a longing to seek out that familiar Satanic space called the Sanctum. It is the place where the mind and body are cleansed and rejuvenated, order is created from chaos, and Satanic energy is released onto the astral plane. It is the center of all things “Satanic”; bringing healing and curses inline with each other as total polar opposites in time-honored tradition. Each entry opens the mind to knowledge which can only be learned through experience and practical application of the higher Satanic processes. Each working transcends our physical and dimensional boundaries, facilitating impossibility to become our manifested desired reality.

Each practitioner approaches the practice of Satanic Magic from different pathways however, all practitioners enter the gate for the same quintessential reason: The love of the craft! This is a difficult concept for those wishing to dabble in Satanism; neophytes perhaps wanting to say a few words, wave an athame, and suddenly become a wealthy and talented “Übermensch” able to take the fabled magical shortcut to personal bliss. This is an insult to Satan, Satanism, and all practitioners world-wide who diligently practice the Black Arts. Needless to say, the neophyte brings ruin upon herself / himself. Otiosum Piger Hominem

The lack of ritualistic work ethic is an ongoing issue in the contemporary world. This self-aggrandizing laziness combined with the expectation that all desires should be instantly fulfilled is the product of ignorance, apathy, and desensitization of a culture having a limited attention span and even more limited motivation. The “Dumbing-Down” of everything from music to science is a sobering reminder that the members of society only exist to serve the politicians and the corporate masters. Everything can supposedly be accomplished by anyone who is entitled to “respect” by simply being born and achievements are expected without investment, work, dedication, accountability, or any other resemblance of commitment. It is an insult to those of us who have dedicated our lives to our craft. I have no respect for these misguided fools who believe google is the symbolic “key to the universe”.

The superciliousness of such individuals is disheartening when I receive yet another email wanting to sell their soul in exchange for their desires or they want to become a Magus with my blessing, having no idea of the responsibilities or huge investment of time, money, and energy required. It is the recognition they seek, not the work which is required. It is the title they want and in our drive-through society, they feel entitled to have it along with the recognition………..just not the work. Their justification is very simple: “It is my right to have everything I desire!”

“There is no such thing as drive-through Satanic magic. In our consumer society, we often believe there is an easy way to do anything however, in the case of the Satanic magical operations, this is simply not true. Those who are successful in the magical arts and ritual practice are those who have invested heavily in their own cognitive improvement and have indeed mastered the desires of the heart.” Tips for Satanic Rituals

The takeaway from this blog post : Respect is earned, accomplishment is earned, title is earned, recognition is earned, and the fruition of desires……EARNED. This principle has never, and will never change just because there is an app for everything else. The entire Satanic community (myself included) is insulted by the very existence of such human cattle who make their stupidity blatantly obvious through their actions.

For those individuals: “Come and feed at the trough while the abattoir is prepared for your arrival. Guten Appetit!”


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The Speed of Satanic Knowledge

I received a question via email this week which I want to answer in this blog post (thank you Asmeria). The question: “What is the quickest way to become an enlightened and proficient Satanic magician?” Over the years, I have written plenty of blog posts and articles about “drive-through knowledge” so , today I want to focus on one thing a practitioner can do to further his / her Satanic knowledge. aleister nacht satanism

Before I address the question, I would like to provide an excerpt from my book Sanctum of Shadows Volume II Corpus Satanas.

“If you do not feel you are learning as much as you want, there is a reason. The fact is, you may be reading this very sentence for the fifth or sixth time; trying to understand the meaning of this passage. Until you have a total grasp and have mastered what He wants you to master, you will not proceed any further in your studies and learning. Satan sets the tempo; He himself sets the tone of your learning event and overall acquisition of knowledge. He truly knows your abilities and while you may think you can handle more than He provides, as Jack Nicholson said, “You can’t handle the truth!!”  It is important for you to come to terms with reality, as it is not a derogatory statement when Satan communicates “you are not ready for the next chapter, the next event or next experience”. He will meticulously break down the knowledge into smaller elements of which you will be able to understand. He will not set you up for failure!”

Some of the tools and tactics I use today are the products of trial and error; success and failure. I would try to find someone I thought would be knowledgable about the occult arts and talk to them or ask them to help. This was back in the 1980s and there were not many people who would openly discuss magic with a stranger: it was almost unheard of during that time. I went down countless metaphorical “dead-ends” during those years and wasted a lot of time in the process. Finally, after finding Hoodoo (and surrogate occult family) in New Orleans, I was able to make good progress on my LHP journey. As I have said many times before, I would have died in a back alley with a dirty needle in my neck had it not been for them.

Once I had experienced the true power of energy manipulation (magic), I wanted to learn everything I could about the topic. There were very few books which I could get access to and most of them were based upon Anton LaVey’s beliefs which contributed nothing to my “practice” of magic. Today we have the internet and answers to any question are a few clicks away however, if you wanted to read about some subject (or someone), you had the library or a few mom-and-pop bookstores. There were a few magazines about magic although most “respectable” bookstores would not carry anything about witchcraft, unless it was material geared toward identifying witchcraft practitioners to be used by xtians and the church. It would be littered with statements like “Anyone who denies jesus is god’s son is a witch”. By this idiotic statement, all atheists are “witches” which makes even less sense than a politician’s speech.

aleister nacht satanOne of the first books which I acquired was The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley and I would read every time I got out of bed – not just read it but absorb every word and hunger for more. I would read cover to cover and begin again. I made notes in the margins and correlated every sentence which was similar in content looking for a better understanding; a more complete ability to apply the knowledge. Today, people skim through a book and claim to either know the material or quickly dismiss the content while struggling to understand the most basic of any subject matter. They hurry to become the masters of their chosen domains for recognition, respect, admiration, etc. as authorities in an authoritative world.

I am a visual learner and I like to know how all the pieces of a subject fit together before learning the endless caveats which surround any subject. Obviously some topics require a thorough understanding of the subject matter before performing the associated tasks. For instance, if the aspiring surgeon was handed a surgical book and scalpel and told to experiment with a few surgical procedures during the first year of medical school, things could become quite interesting and perhaps dangerous as well. There are prerequisites in any subject and those should be respected. There is a time to apply what has been learned and the same logic applies to the practice of magic.

In my early days of magic, I became frustrated for that precise reason. As a self practitioner, I had failure after failure and my recovery plan was always the same: “I’ll try harder”; whatever the fvck that could possibly mean. It wasn’t that I was not trying hard enough, the root cause was the fact that I did not have a sufficient grasp of the information so I was ending up in the same situation over and over. The very first successful magical operation I performed showed me that I could hurry through everything and fail or I could allow myself time to absorb and succeed. The answer was simple and over the years as I broadened my magical horizons, as I would feel the sense of urgency begin creeping in, I would step back and remember the first time and the valuable lesson resulting from that experience: “Stop, stop, stop, goddamnit, stop!” and with a deep breath, that is what I have done over 35 years as a Satanic magic practitioner.

Take a few moments in your journey to collect your thoughts and be honest with yourself. If you are not experiencing success in your practice of magic, evaluate your methods and find the root cause of the problem. Once you eliminate the true root cause of the problem, the problem will occur less frequently or not at all. Approach magic with a “steady and sure” methodology and you will begin to experience more successes than failures.

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The Coven by Aleister Nacht

The Coven by Aleister Nacht

Satanic Amuse-Bouche

I enjoy writing in phrases using small tasty bits and morsels; I believe the reader should exercise the ‘ole noggin to put some things together for their enlightenment. While riddles are too “vague” for me, I do prefer a hint of obscurity. Only those poor impatient souls who believe they are late for their “destiny” are so quick to want the ending of the story prematurely revealed. My Book of Satanic Magic is probably the most forth-coming book I have written.

I am often contacted by readers that feel time is of the essence and they proceed to take a hurried approach and seem to want me to regurgitate the answers to their questions without one thought, hesitation or without vetting them as a legitimate soul seeking real assistance or a vile imp seeking to attempt to trip me with my own words. Yes, there are those antipodes wishing to make themselves seem intelligent by public humiliation of the true and knowledgeable. I am not immune to these bigoted deceivers, theological malingering and games so to help those truly needing help, all must go through a vetting process.

I prefer the Socratic method of teaching; it leads the dialectical student to the answer as a normal progression and it teaches the student to “learn to learn“. If this sounds confusing, consider the fact that many people prefer to be told what to believe much more that discovering the truth on their own. My case in point: the Christian Church. I will not flog that dying horse during this post so……..back to the subject.

Some disagreements are positive “brainstorming” methods and as long as the communication channels remain open and both parties continue their dialectical volley, the answer will become more clear with each discussion. To find a solution that results in a “win-win” situation should be the ultimate objective.

I have visited some “Satanic” websites and forums that are total bullshit concerning Satanism. No intelligent ideas are exchanged; people are afraid to submit ideas because the administrators not only take an immediate antithesis but they belittle and humiliate the person to the point that other so-called members join the bandwagon with crude comments and personal attacks. Their forum is nothing more that misguided pontificating and a group of moronic simpletons waving the El Diablo (Mano Cornuto) while chanting “Hail Satan“. The very idea that Satan would allow these dim-witted imbeciles into HIS court is neither laughable nor trivial. What these obtuse, misguided fools do not understand is “they are harming themselves and a byproduct of their stupidity”. Satan will not be mocked. HE will let these individuals take as much rope as they need to put around their pathetic necks. I, once again, digress.

I also experience the young ladies who want to symbolically (or realistically) fuck their way to satanic understanding…….a type of “teacher’s pet” approach. As most people know, I do have a weakness for women; always have and always will. I do enjoy the touch, taste, smell and other attributes of the fairer sex. There are wonderful and beautiful women out there; I receive nude pics of them on a weekly basis and I love to lust for each one. All women have a certain quality that sets them apart from the others and makes them “tantalizing”. I love the attention. It is as close as I will ever be to a Rock Star.

While the offering is great and flattering, a woman should understand that she must take the Satanic Arts seriously and that does not mean she needs to prostitute herself in order to gain knowledge. Other religions limit the tasks or stations a woman can hold within the organization however, Satanism does not limit the woman in any way. Everyone is encouraged to broaden their horizons and learn as much as possible. Religions that limit the “sacred knowledge” to a few should raise a RED FLAG immediately for someone considering joining their fold. Satanism does not seek to stifle learning……………….if the leader tries, you should LEAVE THE GROUP IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

I derive a great deal of satisfaction from assisting those truly attempting to learn the satanic arts. In some instances, I actually force myself to see things through their eyes and understand not only where they are coming from but where they are going. I have even developed relationships that brought the person into our affiliated coven. For me, this is a wonderful reward.

I encourage you, the reader, to challenge yourself to gain a deeper understanding of the Dark Arts. Small pieces of information, as succulent as an amuse-bouche, is awaiting you. Unlock the secrets and seek to educate yourself by formulating your own beliefs as a result of diligent and intelligent research.

Bon Appétit………………