Et tu, Moriuntur?

Death is always with us. Everyday we see death and the remnants in its wake. We mourn those we have known and even feel compassion for the families of those we did not. It is a fact of life which we will face alone sometime in the future. Our coven lost a member last week; a very close friend, brother, and Satanic Spirit. We will miss him tremendously as we of the twelve left behind grieve our loss; turn the page and continue to write the script of our lives – minus One…..Brother Ron. End of story, right? As Ron would have said; “Bullsh*t”!!!!!

If you are of the LaVeyan Satanism belief (or lack thereof), that is precisely the answer – the only answer, there can be. After all, there is no Satan, demons, etc. so how can there be an afterlife? For atheists, belief in the afterlife is as “believable” as Santa Clause……or Satan for that matter. When death finally arrives, the atheist believes……..nothing. Flesh and bone fall down and rot…..The End. For the true Satanist and Devil Worshipper, nothing could be further from the truth.hell

Energy is the force of all life. Creating energy, transferring energy, depleting energy, and replenishing energy are the cornerstones of magic…..ALL magic. When the physical body ceases to be ‘powered’ by the life-force, it is vacated; the energy exits but the energy does not cease to exist. As practitioners of magic, dealing with energy on a daily basis, we know energy does not (can not) evaporate. Energy does not disappear. Energy finds a path allowing it to travel from here to there; from past to future; from high-to-low; and from positive to negative. This simply means it is mobile and totally free to be influenced by like-charges, different charges, and / or the fluidity of electrical currents or resistance and capacity. The overall amount of energy passing through the body begins to vacate during and after death however, that energy does not vanish just as the air remains electrically (magnetically) charged after a lightning strike from a thunderstorm.

Here’s an idea; let’s run energy through some magnets and see what it does to the human body. If you have had an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) that is exactly what happened to you. The interaction of the magnets and energy, along with pulsing radio waves allows scanning and imaging of the body. Obviously you can not see this happening without the right equipment. The same is true for magic and while some call magical manipulation archaic in operation, it is just as powerful as the MRI machine in reality. The application of the higher Satanic processes is about honing and focusing the energy from magical operations while applying energy to the specific channel (pathway) by the practitioner to facilitate the desired outcome (result).

As with most batteries, a drain of energy is needed to keep the capacity to hold a charge. In other words, leaving your iPhone, laptop, etc. plugged in and charging all the time will cause the battery to no longer hold a charge. This means when you unplug the device, the battery will go dead within a few minutes (or quicker)………..then it is time for a new battery. You could throw the device in the garbage but why? It just needs a new sustainable source of energy, right?

When the physical body energy is depleted, the residual energy travels through the dimensional veil and occupies another form. We can’t see this happening because we are limited in perception to three dimensions as humans. As magical practitioners, you may have experienced an interaction with an energy form you once called mother, father, friend, familiar, principal, etc. Who the energy once occupied in our spatial world is superfluous.satanic witch master-bating

One day, I will cease to be Aleister Nacht as a person however, I will always be the energy force of the past and the present. I will never see my Satanic Brother Ron again however, his energy exists just beyond the barrier in the universe I have never (nor will I ever) visit physically as a human being. I know the next time our coven calls upon those just beyond, we will all feel Ron; a very familiar source of Satanic energy.

Please Note: This blog post is dedicated to Ron because he has touched every one of my readers on this blog and of my books. The reason: Ron is the one who, many years ago, suggested I start this blog and write my first book, Magnum Opus – Secrets of the Inner Sanctum.

If you are reading this, Ron has touched your life.

Until Next Time,


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Satanic Ritual of the Summer Solstice (Wednesday, June 20, 2012)

Each year, many Satanic coven celebrate the Summer Solstice (Sommersonnenwende). Rituals, celebrations and other happenings are often observed by Pagans, Wiccans and other beliefs. Satanists enjoy this celebration as well. The rituals used by the different practitioners vary greatly from group to group however, an excerpt of the ritual our coven uses is below.

Photograph by Haarvey Aardvark

Photograph by Haarvey Aardvark

The themes of the Summer Solstice Ritual are Sex and Blood. Both are represented in the ritual we perform. Part of the ritual is acquired from the Throne of Moloch ritual. This ritual amplifies the “sacrifice” element which symbolizes the sacrifice of an infant or small child, intermixed with cannibalism of the body and drinking of its blood. The ritual is believed to have been created by the Pagans and adapted by other belief groups, including Satanism, however, Moloch is actually in the Law of Moses.

The beginning of the ritual is focused on the acquisition of blood and the conjure of Satanic energy. The remainder of the ritual fulfills the carnal, sexual desires (as below) during which the energy is increase to the point of orgasm and then released through orgasm. The ritual is not an orgy per se, however it becomes very much sexually driven to the point of climax when the energy is dissipated into the sanctum. The opening of the ritual mirrors the beginning of any other ritual. Once the coven has gathered in the Inner Sanctum and the opening completed, the Summer Solstice Ritual is performed as below.

Satanic Ritual of the Summer Solstice (excerpt)

High Priest

To you Satan, Prince of Darkness and King of this World.


We dedicate ourselves to your service and glory!

High Priest

To the Demons of the Abyss, wondrous with Satanic spender.


Carry these words into the World as we worship of our King.

High Priest

Deliver to those in need of Satanic Blessings, these words in our Master’s name.

We call upon the four Crown Princes of Hell; Satan, Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan!


Satan, may our magic be blessed with your flame. May your wrath pour upon the earth!

Lucifer, bless our words with your enlightenment. Carry our voices upon the wind.

Belial, bless our ritual from the dark earth. Unleash your wrath upon those who would desire to bind us.

Leviathan, bless us from the watery depths. Allow us to drink deeply from your chalice at the gates of Hell.

High Priest

Blessed are those who hear these words, for the unfit shall flee from the sound of His Truth.

Blessed are the believers and practitioners of Satanism, for they command the darkness to fulfill their every desire.

Blessed are the Satanic Brothers and Sisters working diligently to nurture and ennoble evil for Moloch.

For the blood of Baal’s athame shall bring forth our Master; on the altar of Moloch, we shall deliver so that we may descry the Highest.

I will spit upon the kindred of the weak as they call to an empty sky; they have sealed their fate and are unworthy of the Devil’s knowledge.

The coven members circle the Altar as the High Priest begins to stimulate the Altar’s vagina area with his fingers. As each person touches the Altar’s nude body, the Coven chants the phrase below until her first orgasm.

Sanctus Satanas, Domine Inferi

The Sub Deacon raises the chalice, blesses it and drinks. He gives the chalice to the congregation and each person drinks and passes to the next person.

Until next time,


Satan and Satanic Topics

A Few Random Satanic Topics

Satanic LoveI have always felt comfortable in darkness and the cool touch of fresh air outdoors late at night. I know the attraction for our ancestors to open their souls and dance while praising the gods of the other worlds. I imagine the witches around a fire concocting a position for health (or other more sinister motives), asking for blessings and success while believing in their hearts and minds that their desires would be delivered. Magic has been the instrument of “hope” throughout the ages and continues to be even in our modern existence.

Satanic ViewMagic will always fascinate the generations and there will always be those drawn to the secrets of the spirits. In my case, magic is in my life daily; whether writing about the subject, participating in rituals, reading and studying or meditating while increasing my energy. I find magic to be an endless source of questions and exploration of which I eagerly volunteer. My untiring pursuit of all things magic often leads me back to a common ground just as the circle around a pentagram encircles without end. It is a vast landscape that always holds a discovery just beyond the next hill. Magic and the operations of Satanism are also never-ending sources of amazement and discovery. I greatly enjoy witnessing others awaken the magician within and I share great pride in knowing I have taken part in their journey. Satanism is satisfying and fulfilling in an awe-inspiring fashion.

Satan reveals His magical secrets which you should swiftly documented in the grimoire for later reflection and contemplation. One of the most important elements of magical practice is the “building block” regiment that magical operations follow. The grimoire allows the practitioner to record the nuances that may (or may not) be a part of future successful rituals. After a ritual, I always take a few moments to write down what went right, what did not work, how the ritual progressed and the revelations that Satan offered. Continuous practice of magic allows the practitioner to receive Satanic blessings as a residual energy cast during the working. I enjoy the hours following a ritual because I (and those with me) are renewed, regenerated and excited to discuss what just occurred.

I find the Satanic sanctum to be a wonderful place to meditate. Sacrosanct energy remains within the sanctum for as long as days after a ritual has taken place. This untapped reservoir of forces can be channeled during meditation and this allows for higher mental awareness and transcendence of astral planes only dreamed of by the practitioner. Taking the energy and converting it into the usable potent stimulus that opens the mind and spirit. Once you have used this immense power, you will be truly addicted and nothing else will fill the void or satisfy your magical longing.

Head StonesSatanic Altars come in all sizes, shapes and compositions. Solitary practitioners will often have a small rectangular-shaped table filled with implements (a bell, Athame, a skull, etc.) and trinkets they desire and hold sacred. The Sigil of Baphomet is usually displayed as a backdrop for the altar. Candles are used not only for setting “the right magical mood” but also for lighting the room since no artificial lighting is desired during certain rituals. A chalice is used to drink at certain times during rituals. I have been asked what drink is used by most Satanists and the answer is; “Whatever you want”. The chalice does not have to contain alcohol; intact I usually fill mine with tea. The substance is not important. Some altars are large and extravagant and during coven rituals, a woman lies on the ritual table and is referred to as the “Altar”.

Hate destroys a person from the inside out. When you hate a person for a long period of time, it actually damages you more than the object of the hate. To mitigate this risk, the Satanist practices a Destruction Ritual as soon as possible to neutralize the energy that begins to build in the person’s mind and the immediate vicinity of the Satanist. We do not practice “turn the other cheek” unless it fills our needs or serves our desires. Satanists are not cowards nor do we retaliate blindly through stupidity or lack of judgment. Once the matter has been given due diligence and the proper course of action selected by the Satanist, retribution will be swift and decisive to be sure. The Destruction Ritual assists in resolving the issue by dispatching Satanic justice swiftly and effectively. In doing so, the matter is settled and the Satanic energy is neutralized as a byproduct. Praise Satan!!!

The Greeks gave the world some wonderful and wondrous mythological creatures. MaenadLittle known to the world are the Maenads, members of the orgiastic cult of Dionysus. They would often lose all self-control, begin shouting excitedly, engage in uncontrolled sexual behavior, and hunt down and tear to pieces animals — and, at least in myth, sometimes men and children — devouring their raw flesh. No point here – I just find them to be quite interesting!!!

Until Next Time,


Silentium Est Aureum – Satanic Panacea

Sic Luceat Lux…………..


Everyone wants to know something no one else knows. Knowledge is power. To know the ending of a story, the punchline of a joke or the winner of a contest before the end is powerful and awe-inspiring. Good and evil have much in common and yet they are separated by excuses and banter. Both have secrets and both have locks of which only the keys of knowledge will open. From the womb to the grave, the quest for the powerful and double-edged sword of silence is found and forgotten. Blood is shed and lives snuffed out in the parcel of time dedicated to that one penchant event.

Hate finds love and death awakes in the grave.

When will the last exhaled breath be surrendered and the other side embraced and accepted? Death is waiting for all of us and the truncation of hours to seconds will not abate the inevitable. Silence is golden however it can also be the death of an organization. Without the flow of energy the order becomes stagnate and novelty wears thin.

Satanism is a prime example.

Youth and vitality are attributes that are coveted throughout the world. Young men are viewed as able to pass the seed of life on in the never-ending cycle. Young women are viewed as “fresh”; their luscious breasts promising ample nutrition for newborns and her wet cleft dripping with desire. She can create and foster the future. She can calm the rage. Through her numerous pulsating orgasms she invites the semen of the warrior into her private space of which she only shares with the one whom she chooses her heart to share. Entering her is so exciting.

The members chant and the air grows thick with energy.

Verses are read and the answers of many call out in repeat. The candles are the only although there is plenty illumination for our tasks at hand this night. Demons roaming the earth have solace and a home with us as the moon cuts through the curtain of night. Come in and join us.

We are going about the Father’s work.

The smell of incense fills the air. Our temple, our worshipful unholy void in the vastness of emptiness and we fill it with cries of pain and joy. We create a frenzy of lusts and invite evil to lay on our altar. Fate is the absence of direction; a truly causeless journey for cowards. We know what we do; what we say………..we are proud that we can offer the most precious of the young skin, so white and pale – barely a blemish on the canvas we are about to paint with our fallen fluids.

Bound at the four corners to secure the inevitable. The secret she came seeking and tonight she shall know us all.

Into our club we welcome her and into our family we abide and present to our quorum. I lick my lips and the bell sounds of the 9th. Open the chest with the air of shouting and claim the darkness for it belongs to us; HIS children. We fall into satanic ecstasy and the smell of her floats on the heated air of the candles. I love you Athame………….I will hold you tightly tonight. With precision you shall allow us to partake of great energy for WE ARE GODS! Across the neck of shame do I place my blade; you do not intimidate our child and we will stand tall and ring the satanic bell.

In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas, Luciferi Excelsi…………..

My eyes are as open doors for the concupiscence of her………I can barely hold my impious motivations. My robe warms with craving. My sword is as forged steel and my hands are impatient for the entropy of ritual and benedictions. The silk glides smoothly over my scepter. A thin line of  “dew of lecherous fissure” remains on the cloth. The wafer must be trampled before……………

We are erected with the gates before us. We greet HIM with great exaltation.  HE is with us again. My head is spinning, my hands damp from excitement. Cesar never knew such adoration and dedication. For if indeed we taste death tonight, we will have seen what others simply dream of and crave. SATAN is with us and to HIM we give the thanks and glory.

“Gloria in Excelsis Diaboli!!”

The chalice will soon be filled with the elixir of vigor and intense vitality. Drink with HIM and let all witness HIS awesome power and intensity. She is HIS and we the assembled black congregation. A wafer, a dash, a scream!!!! All pray………..“Amen………Evil From Us Deliver…….” !!! We are in unison.

She screams!!!! Fate is for cowards. This night will open her door widely and she will know us all. I bless the chalice and hold it to the  inviting lips of the High Priestess. She gives thanks and kisses my lips deeply. Her hair is long flowing black. I have called her heart and soul with gentle refrain. She kneel and touches me……………she knows exactly how a touch can bring a crescendo of ecstasy to a wondrous, frenetic pageant of artistry.

She takes me fully and I begin to accelerate in a steady ascent to the pinnacle perch of the sanctum. Chanting, chanting; “Bread Daily Our Day………” My head is spinning with sensitive, building passion amplifying with every smooth motion. I will soon reward her with the victuals of her labor. “Heaven In Art Who…..” She is taking me to that sublime sphere where all is seen in slowness and in a unity we allow the deepest to emerge. Father is unaffected by the young gasp and screams as a wounded animal being devoured in pieces. Hail Satan!!!

I explode as she points me toward a Paten of wafers in her left hand. I discharge the full load onto the contents of the plate. Father yells as loud as thunder and withdraws. The wafers then absorb the claret of her inner thighs… young and tender, she shakes. Our Father, as emerald lightning, departs and to us………HIS blessing lingers. The Paten is thrown to the floor and trampled………….my legs are weak but I deliver the benediction. Our princess is assisted by our priestess to a sitting position. It is complete! She is now “Family” and she will always have someone looking out for her and the interests of our “Silent Order”.

“Silentium est Aureum…………………

Satanic Rituals in Modern Satanism

Satanic energy is needed for working of magical spells, curses, rituals, rites, etc. Learning to harness this energy is a challenge for the beginner new to the Left Hand Path. There is one thing more challenging to the beginner; finding the satanic energy.

“Where does it come from and what can you do with it?” You begin the journey…………

Satan has made many of the mysteries of the past known and there are many good books and lessons on the subject. There is almost a “sensory overload” of satanic information out in the cyber world. How do you know you are doing it the right way? How can you protect yourself from harm when working with the energy? Is there a source to absorb and learn the many different aspects of magic? Who has the right formula for making the magic work?

So many questions and so few answers for the beginner. This is frustrating and often leads to the beginner simply giving up on the truth in exchange for fabricated lies of some “cult guru”. After wasting time, money and energy on a path leading to a dead end, the beginner goes on the the next thing he / she heard or read about…………….never truly knowing if Satanism was their answer and their life path. It is an overwhelming waste of epic proportion.

I have noticed some people searching………… week they are into “Hail Satan” and the following week they are speaking of the Cone of Power. Experimentation is fine but it should never define who the person is and wants to be. A person “searching and experimenting” should not loose sight of who they truly are.

The point is no one should loose themselves to the point of imitation when it comes to one’s beliefs. We see this happen in style and fashion everyday; white kids imitating a gangsta rapper. Flattery is the truest form of complement but Satan does not want imitations……………He wants the REAL THING. Those who will learn, experiment and always strive to become more powerful through the acquisition of knowledge. He does not want a fraud……….leave that for the Christians. He wants a pure heart and motivation with which He can mold and make a true Satanic Warrior.

Simply put: “He wants those willing to be the trend setter instead of the trend follower”.

Set your course and keep your mind open. Satan wants you to succeed and He will show you the way.

Dedicated to the Master of the World……Lord Satan.