Satanic Ruler of the World

The Purest Poison

I sincerely hope everyone experienced a wonderful Halloween Satanic Ritual; Magnum Opus had a powerful working which produced great results shortly thereafter! The power of Satan is majestic and mind-blowing concurrently. The energy this time of year is almost ineffable so, I will change the subject.

Our world contains an ample supply of energy; physical and metaphysical. While negative energy can be a benefit in small proportions, too much can actually reverse magic operations and the desired effects of spells, curses, benedictions, etc. Nothing will kill the enthusiastic belief of a new Satanist more efficiently than the Poison of Negativity…….in fact, negativity can destroy a person mentally and physically.  It can also destroy family, friends and others with whom the sower comes into contact. The antidote to negative energy is knowledge. With patience, time and hard work, you will find that delicate balance to increasing your magical energy, limiting negativity and mastering the Satanic art of molding reality to fulfill your desires.

More Satanic Fiber

It is quite amusing when I receive email from such self-saboteurs. They often begin with the “fishing expedition” followed by a dose of bullshit flattery intended to figuratively butter my buns and then, the truth rears its ugly head to reveal the fountain of breath-taking repugnant cacology. To add a maraschino cherry to their pile of feces, the idiot then gives a “grand summation”; “Magic does not exist because it does not work for me!!!!”

Your Satanic Vessel

I have been asked to share my thoughts on the use of drugs during the performance of Satanic rituals so………“here you go”. If you have read my blog, you know that I am very liberal and very open-minded when it comes to the beliefs of others. I may not totally agree with their beliefs, just as I do not agree with everything LaVey believed however, that is a personal choice for each person. One thing I do believe: “A person must do what they feel is right and works for them.” So, while I will not use while performing a ritual, I will not condemn someone who feels they must. I also feel strongly concerning responsibility to the responsible. This premise is, after all, one of the Nine Satanic Statements written by LaVey.

For me personally, the effectiveness of rituals performed while under the influence are simply ineffective. I cannot focus my energy unless I can feel the energy. To me, it is like having sex while wearing a condom, which is almost a numbing sensation of nothingness. It is blasphemy and a punishment to enter the sacred womb, absent all the addictive sensuality! With sweet Abyzou, I never worry while putting cream in her coffee……….

Also, remember Satan does not demand worship; Satanists worship Satan because we want to and we receive spiritual fulfillment from doing so. The “bow down, worship me, smooch my ass because I SAID SO………” xtian mythological theology is not followed in Satanism. We are gods granted the powers of magic to do with as we see fit.

Pastor charged in killing of fiance’s daughter

Hot off the press………….

“A central Michigan pastor accused of beating and strangling a neighbor to fulfill a sexual fantasy was engaged to the victim’s mother and had asked church members to pray for the young woman before police found her body, a friend said Friday. Ex-convict John D. White told investigators that after killing 24-year-old Rebekah Gay in her trailer in rural Isabella County early Wednesday, he hid her body in nearby woods then returned to the trailer to dress her 3-year-old son in a Halloween costume, ready for the boy’s father to pick him up.”

Entertainment or Death

From the bowels of Abaddon comes yet another sacred (laugh and be cursed with an itchy anal sphincter) defilement of a……………book. Yes, I know this is an evil, unpardonable offense that should call for the maximum penalty and certainly this hardened eleven (11) year old criminal must be stopped. BRING BACK THE GUILLOTINE!!!!!!!!!!! Brace yourself as you read the harrowing story below. Warning: Viewer Discretion Advised.

Entertainment or Death

“On Monday, Pakistani police arrested the girl, known only by her first name, Ramsha, after accusations that she burned pages of the Koran, Islam’s holy book. In Pakistan, it is a crime to utter derogatory statements or insult the Prophet Muhammad or the Koran in any way. Blasphemy convictions carry an automatic death sentence.

The accusations, made by the girl’s neighbors in a mixed Christian-Muslim neighborhood, sent area Muslims into a fury, with some police reports suggesting an angry mob of hundreds of men descended on her home demanding authorities arrest her and charge her with blasphemy.”

via 11-year-old Christian girl could face death penalty in Pakistan for Qur’an burning | NIGERIA ENTERTAINMENT | Top Nigeria Entertainment Site.

Yes, I know it is frightening and perhaps you may need to sleep with the light on for a while. What is the world coming to? Is there not anything sacred anymore??????????

What about this?

“Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who promised to burn the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11 in 2010, has backed the anti-Muhammad film that sparked riots and led to the killing of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens.”

via `Quran-buring` pastor Terry Jones supports the anti-Islamic movie.

Satanic Ruler of the World

The Satanic Rituals are happening more frequently in Poland and the Catholic Church is ramping up to bring in more exorcists to help combat the forces of darkness!!!! This could get really ugly because these hardcore Polish Satan-istas are now resorting to carving pumpkin lanterns………….. The xtians may be right; “We are living in the last days before Armageddon!!”

Polish Pumpkin Carving Satanists

Polish Pumpkin Carving Satanists

“AFP: Halloween ‘satanic rituals’ alarm Poland Catholic church”

Over the 23 years since the collapse of communism, carved pumpkin lanterns and youngsters disguised as ghouls and goblins have become common on Halloween in Poland. A church alert comes amid a boom in exorcism in the country of 38.2 million people.

The number of Catholic priests qualified as exorcists has jumped from four to more than 120 over 15 years, according to the Polish church’s chief demonologist, Father Aleksander Posacki.

via AFP: Halloween ‘satanic rituals’ alarm Poland Catholic church.

Hey, maybe some of the bible-thumpers will team up with the Muslims to invade Poland and sort this out before the “highly addictive” Satanism gets a death grip on not only Poland, but the entirety of Europe. The Catholics can work the “exorcism plan” with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers; if that plan does not work, the Muslims can continue the evangelism explosion by sharing the Judas Cradle, which looks fairly benign until reading the following……………

“The Judas Cradle was perhaps a little less sadistic than impalement but still gruesome. The victim’s anus or vagina would be placed over the point of the pyramid-shaped cradle, then lowered on it by ropes. The intended effect was to stretch the orifice over a long period of time, or to slowly impale. The victim was usually naked, adding to the overall humiliation of the torture and sometimes weights were added to the legs to increase the pain and hasten death. This torture could last anywhere from a few hours to complete days. The device was rarely washed, so the victim could also be plagued with a painful infection.”

The Judas Cradle Torture Equipment

The Judas Cradle Torture Equipment

Well, I believe an hour of that would encourage most people to reconsider their position. Once the Polish Renegade Pumpkin Carvers are weeded out, I wonder if the Catholics and Muslims would fight; eliminating even more fanatics. Then, we Satanists and Illuminati members can move right in and capture all of Europe to our new sub rosa order; “The Honest Cadavers”.


Until next time,

Aleister Nacht


Most Frequently Asked Questions – Most Frequently Given Answers Part 2

Before I begin to pontificate wildly, I invite you to read the Satanic Devotional Prayer post. It has connected with over 70 individuals who have emailed. The author requested to remain anonymous and I will respect that wish. I will say “thank you for allowing me to share it with the world!”Satanic Coven

I would like to use this blog post to answer a few frequently asked questions as in Most Frequently Asked Questions – Most Frequently Given Answers Part 1, posed by guests who have visited and emailed me seeking answers. As I have stated many times before, I am happy to respond to questions to assist someone with their research. I do not claim to have all of the answers however, after 25+ years as a practicing Satanist there are very few things that surprise me anymore.

Question #1: “I have recently read your Book of Satanic Magic and want to experience more in Satanism. My husband is not open-minded and I am afraid to talk to him about this. If you were in my situation Magus Nacht, what would you do?”

Book of Satanic MagicAnswer #1: In my opinion, people change and evolution is very healthy for a high quality of life. I understand your apprehension however, you must be honest with yourself. On one hand, if you tell him your desires and he truly loves you, I believe he will respect your wish and support you in your journey. Conversely, if he does not love you enough to support your decision he will probably try to “control” you; at first with dialogue and later with more aggressive methods. Either way, I recommend being honest with yourself and exploring Satanism.

Question #2: “Have just been reading your book Book of Satanic Ritual which had arrived a week ago. Have ordered your other two books but still in the post. You mentioned you can use either silver or gold candlestick on your altar. As far as I have read, seen etc it seems that only silver should be used and never gold as gold is associated with xtian/Christian beliefs.”

Answer #2: The idea that gold is of xtian association is a very common misnomer. I seriously believe it is because of the abundance of gold used in cathedrals, churches, etc. The implements of xtian ceremonies seem to always be gold or gold imitation however, there is neither a requirement nor a prohibition against the use of gold for Satanic purposes. I am personally quite fond of gold although, the extreme price of gold almost makes its acquisition as a ritual implement impossible. I recommend you use whatever you desire. Satanism does not require dogma nor does it dictate compliance to anyone’s ideology except that of our Master Satan.

Question #3: “You mention crystals can be used on altars. What’s the significance of using them?”

Answer #3: Crystals are a wonderful addition to your altar since they tend to be not only pleasing on the eyes, but crystals can be helpful during energy rituals. Crystals can actually store small amounts of energy and some followers of Satanism and Witchcraft will carry a small crystal with them every day. Crystals are also used during healing rituals.

Question #4: “I have read differing opinions of the demon Belial concerning motives, powers and abilities. What is your belief of Belial?”

Answer #4: Belial is one of the Four Crown Princes of Hell, representing the North and the Earth Element; most people agree with that statement however, the beliefs diverge exponentially from that point onward. He is a very, very skillful demon who leverages the primal desires of humans and encourages the liberation of Satanists from any self-imposed guilt or conscience. He is one of the original group who assisted our Master Satan in establishing the truth of the world. He should not be provoked to anger as he will destroy as he pleases. “Belial, bless our ritual from the dark earth. Unleash your wrath upon those who would desire to bind us.” 

Question #5: “Are there meditations one uses that are specific to Satanism?”

Answer #5: Meditation is very beneficial for Satanists. Whether preparing for an upcoming ritual such as the Grand Climax (next week!!) or simply rejuvenating the mind and spirit, Satanic Meditation allows the practitioner to exercise the cognitive magical abilities. Magic (especially ritual magic) requires sustained focus that Satanists must  practice and build up to in order to perform successful operations. Meditation allows the practitioner to exercise the mental faculties in order to achieve and maintain high levels of energy. I meditate in bed, getting comfortable and allowing my mind to “drift in a controlled manner” until reaching a state of feeling separated from my physical location. Read More Here

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

“Questioning everything is the essence of Satanism and it is this self-preserving reflex that protects the Satanist from becoming a vicim. The rationality of “belief without substance”becomes absurd and unbelievable.”

Aleister Nacht: “Vengeance Is Always Mine”

“The harmony of soul and body – how much that is! We in our madness have separated the two, and have invented a realism that is vulgar, an ideality that is void.” 

Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1908 (1890) (pp. 19–20)


Satanic Ritual Sacrifice

Just as the tides of the oceans, magic ebbs and flows. There are certain times that magic contains more energy and taking advantage of the surges is beneficial for the Satanic practitioner. The desires of the practitioner are carried directly to the source and their wishes are granted by Satan and the Hosts of Hell. Those are wondrous experiences and they open the door for  more advanced magical operations.

Human SacrificeTorture Cut In HalfThe lunar cycles do not control Satanists when planning rituals and magical workings. As I have said in previous blogs, there is more magical energy during a full moon and a new moon than there is at other time and this does benefit by increasing the energy force available however, Satan nor Demons are bound to “full moon arrivals” and are free to manifest as they desire. When you call a demon, it does not matter what phase the moon is in at that time. If you are sincere in your intention and approach, you will get results; I have witnessed it countless times.

The  calling of the blessed guest from Hell should always be the first order of business when conducting a working. You need to establish the connection early so you can communicate your will and desires to your “guests”. As the energy is heightened, the being will connect with you and the ritual performed. When the events unfold, some new practitioners will become frightened; it is natural, after all what they are witnessing for the first time is in direct conflict with their physical world. Even the new initiates who are excited about experiencing these manifestations will be taken aback when the event actually takes place. No amount of mental preparation will be adequate.

Anton Lavey wrote and spoke many times about Satanic Ritual Sacrifice by proxy. Satanists will perform these rituals from time to time since people will inevitably wrong one another. Ancient Satanic cultures practiced actual sacrifice of animals and even humans. In modern times, everyone like to “smooth over” the sacrifice subject and always use the “voodoo doll” analogy. In the past, sacrifice was not by proxy, teddy bear nor Barbie doll; it was a real sacrifice. This was no different from the virgin being thrown into a volcano to appease a tribal god. The Satanists believed the blood (especially from a newborn child) held magical properties that would enable the energy to be heightened during rituals. Some coven believed that the infliction of sustained pain by the victim would greatly increase this energy.Kill Them

For instance, increasing the pain of an animal such as a goat would release adrenaline into the bloodstream so when the animal’s throat was finally cut and the blood drained into the ceremonial chalice, increased power could be extracted by drinking the blood mixed with certain drugs. Aleister Crowley experimented extensively at the Abbey of Thelema in Sicily. One approach was to have sexual intercourse with and cut the animal’s throat at the time of the human’s orgasm. The blood was ingested and a higher spiritual plane was reportedly reached.

The workings of the ancients have taught us a lot in the form of “what works and what does not”. As Satanists explore the realms of magic in the future, I am confident other workings will be devised and new ways to harness Satanic energy will be found. Until then, we must always reach for the outer limits of magical operation and strive to discover new territory for the next generations to come.

Until next time,


Naturalia Non Sunt Turpia

“Some people view the human body, especially nudity, as vulgar. Some religions have made it a sin to appreciate the human body. The hypocritical and childish red faces of some “religious” groups astonishes me. The idea of sex and the guilty pleasures makes sweat form on their brow. Fools, hypocrites…..” Magus Richter Teller

Satanism has evolved over the years. I found my “home” in the Satanic coven many, many years ago and I admit, things are different nowadays than they were when I first entered the left hand path. I remember, as a young practitioner, going on my first “field trip”. I had recently been initiated into the coven and as a new convert, I soaked up every word, letter, syllable and sign that concerned Satanism. Satanic CunnilingusThe learning curve was straight up as with any new subject matter and I immersed myself into every aspect of Satanic Magic. Like a child with a new toy, I never grew tired of talking with coven members and listening to their reflections of their past experiences. Minutes turned to hours with relative easy……time was always the limiting factor for my new-found craft.

SatanicIt was June and we drove in a convoy to the west coast for the Summer Solstice Ritual. Our Magus had been in the music business in California for a few years and he always stayed in contact with his former coven. He arranged for the accommodations and we were on our way. I can still remember the excitement of my new-found family and the open road ahead of us. Somehow, I felt it would be a memory that would stay with me always and of course, it has.

The ritual was held in the Ojai Valley, which is a beautiful and almost spiritual area. My first impression was of how beautiful the women in the area were; almost angelic and perfect in every dimension (Brian Wilson was right). Warm days and cool evenings made for a really great experience. We camped near the ritual site and in the typical “hippie” fashion, we intermingled with those who had traveled from other parts of the country. Sitting around a campfire and listening to the stories and escapades of the generations before me was wonderful and educational. I learned so much just taking in the conversations and there was a family “feeling” the entire time. The ritual was amazing as it was the first time I had attended in such a large group. The energy was almost electrifying and taking it all in was overwhelming for the senses. It was jovial, brutal, mesmerizing, awakening and wonderful concurrently. The smell of the incense burning in the thurible and the candles mixed with the smells of darkness.

I continue to travel to ritual events with members of my coven even today. While I do not “drive” to California anymore, I do make at least an annual trip to the west coast. It is always great to see friends from another time and place. These are relationships forged over time and of which I deeply cherish. We share the same beliefs and the same outlook on life: “Fuck the world!” What could be better? OK, I know I sound like some old-timer that is reminiscing while stroking my cock so I will move on with the post.

 Many who email me ask how they can learn Satanism, magic, ritual, etc. My response is simple; “Be a student of Satanism.” Learning takes time and energy but the effort exerted will pay off great dividends for those who take the dark arts seriously and strive for perfection. Soak in as much information as possible while remaining cognizant that “Everything that glimmers is not gold”. There is an ample supply of disinformation in the cyber world so you must disseminate to separate the chaff from the grain.

Satanism is a journey and subduing your fear in order to take the first step is the hardest part. If you take that step (and I hope you will) you stand to inherit a kingdom of Divitiae Divitie and forming lifelong relationships.

Raise Hell and take that first step………we are waiting for you just beyond your comfort zone!!!

Until next time,


Most Frequently Asked Questions – Most Frequently Given Answers Part 1

Over the course of a week, I find that I have answered some of the same questions (worded differently) a few times. I seriously considered creating a FAQs page on my website however, I think that some of the answers need to be expounded upon and there is no simple way to package them into a nice, neat and tidy webpage that would not look like an encyclopedia page. Love Me TenderIn the interest of keeping my website “user-friendly” and providing useful information without going into long-winded dissertations, I will simply archive questions I receive and the answer I supply. Then, from time to time, I will post them for my readers.

This will be my first installment so “Here we go…..!”

Satanist and Satan

Question #1: What type of Satanism do you practice?

Answer #1: At the risk of painting myself into a corner, I must say I am closest to Theistic Satanism than any other form however, I do not claim to be a Theistic Satanist. I acknowledge Satan and Demons are real and our lives as followers are measured according to the service we provide to the Master of the World. Every follower has to decide what is right for them.

Question #2: How long have you studied Satanism?

Answer #2: I have followed the Left Hand Path for over 25 years and I am happy with my progression as a Magus and Spiritual Teacher. I enjoy what I do and derive a great deal of satisfaction by helping others discover a world where neither guilt nor hypocrisy are used as tools to sell lies the others. Satanism is an open and HONEST path that leads each follower to their own version of satisfaction, self-fulfillment and happiness. I never experienced such peace and stability in my life and emotions while part of the Xian congregation.

Question #3: Do you sacrifice animals and drink their blood?

Answer #3: I suppose this question will always be asked since the Xian church would have everyone believe it to recruit them into their congregation. No, we do not torture, kill or drink the blood of any animals. We do practice sacrifice rituals but they are performed by “proxy“…..we use an inanimate object as the focus of the ritual so only the person intended will be harmed (who should be harmed). This is a basic magical operation.

Question #4: Do you provide guidance to those who ask?

Answer #4: Yes, I am happy to provide answers to questions and assist those searching for the truth. I ask for one thing before you ask a question; “Do your research and be ready to discuss the matter intelligently before you contact me”. The basic information about Satanism is readily available from many sources including my books. I do not have the time to explain “Satanism” to someone who is either too lazy to research or too cheap to buy a book. Satan helps those who are willing to invest in their knowledge and spiritual growth. I will not write a 5 page email explaining Satanism. My books provide those answers and much more.

Tarot CardsQuestion #5: Do I have to join a coven to practice Satanism?

Answer #5: No, there is no requirement to attend any type of meeting or ritual to practice Satanism. Some followers have never been in a coven nor performed rituals with anyone else. Some people prefer the seclusion of being totally alone during magical workings. Satanism is individual and it is up to the person to decide what is right for them. Many followers have their sanctum or altars in their homes and never join a group.

I hope these answers help those who are considering Satanism. Feel free to contact me with any questions (after you have done your research) and I will provide as much direction as possible.

Until next time,


Sex In The Satanic Coven

Sex within the coven can be a magical endeavor and very satisfying for everyone involved. This week, a introspective from Magus Aleister Nacht.

Sex In The Satanic Coven