Otiosum, Piger Hominem

For the Satanist (Devil Worshiper), there is always a longing to seek out that familiar Satanic space called the Sanctum. It is the place where the mind and body are cleansed and rejuvenated, order is created from chaos, and Satanic energy is released onto the astral plane. It is the center of all things “Satanic”; bringing healing and curses inline with each other as total polar opposites in time-honored tradition. Each entry opens the mind to knowledge which can only be learned through experience and practical application of the higher Satanic processes. Each working transcends our physical and dimensional boundaries, facilitating impossibility to become our manifested desired reality.

Each practitioner approaches the practice of Satanic Magic from different pathways however, all practitioners enter the gate for the same quintessential reason: The love of the craft! This is a difficult concept for those wishing to dabble in Satanism; neophytes perhaps wanting to say a few words, wave an athame, and suddenly become a wealthy and talented “Übermensch” able to take the fabled magical shortcut to personal bliss. This is an insult to Satan, Satanism, and all practitioners world-wide who diligently practice the Black Arts. Needless to say, the neophyte brings ruin upon herself / himself. Otiosum Piger Hominem

The lack of ritualistic work ethic is an ongoing issue in the contemporary world. This self-aggrandizing laziness combined with the expectation that all desires should be instantly fulfilled is the product of ignorance, apathy, and desensitization of a culture having a limited attention span and even more limited motivation. The “Dumbing-Down” of everything from music to science is a sobering reminder that the members of society only exist to serve the politicians and the corporate masters. Everything can supposedly be accomplished by anyone who is entitled to “respect” by simply being born and achievements are expected without investment, work, dedication, accountability, or any other resemblance of commitment. It is an insult to those of us who have dedicated our lives to our craft. I have no respect for these misguided fools who believe google is the symbolic “key to the universe”.

The superciliousness of such individuals is disheartening when I receive yet another email wanting to sell their soul in exchange for their desires or they want to become a Magus with my blessing, having no idea of the responsibilities or huge investment of time, money, and energy required. It is the recognition they seek, not the work which is required. It is the title they want and in our drive-through society, they feel entitled to have it along with the recognition………..just not the work. Their justification is very simple: “It is my right to have everything I desire!”

“There is no such thing as drive-through Satanic magic. In our consumer society, we often believe there is an easy way to do anything however, in the case of the Satanic magical operations, this is simply not true. Those who are successful in the magical arts and ritual practice are those who have invested heavily in their own cognitive improvement and have indeed mastered the desires of the heart.” Tips for Satanic Rituals

The takeaway from this blog post : Respect is earned, accomplishment is earned, title is earned, recognition is earned, and the fruition of desires……EARNED. This principle has never, and will never change just because there is an app for everything else. The entire Satanic community (myself included) is insulted by the very existence of such human cattle who make their stupidity blatantly obvious through their actions.

For those individuals: “Come and feed at the trough while the abattoir is prepared for your arrival. Guten Appetit!”


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The concept of initiation originates in a non-Satanic religious source where initiation is held to be a symbolic transition from one stage to another. The differences occur in the use of symbolism and of deities. Thus in some examples of a Satanic initiation the neophyte may undergo a ritual coupling with a Temple Priest or Priestess. This coupling is a symbolic union of Satan and his bride Baphomet. Thus if the neophyte is female, then a Priest, representing Satan will couple with her, or if the neophyte is male a Priestess, representing Baphomet, will couple with him. The individual to be initiated may also undergo tests – both during and previous to the initiation ritual – and may be subjected to both humiliation and pain. Humiliation may take the form of being stripped naked and bound before the Temple into which the neophyte is seeking initiation. The symbol is of a stripping of personality, wherein the individual is no longer protected by his or her personality as symbolized by his or her clothing and is instead bared to all devoid of any societal position or power that he or she may have. Adding to this feeling of nakedness, the neophyte may, in some Satanic Covens, also be subjected to a ritual scourging representative of the neophytes worthlessness, uncleanliness and weakness.