My First Demon Manifestation

Very few things compare to the first time a demon manifests itself to the practitioner. It is absolutely a treat however, it is a terror as well. For me, it was a mix of emotions. I had practiced the Satanic arts for a few years; I don’t really remember how many years now, but I know I had been a steady practitioner for some time. I was not expecting the manifestation to take place at all so I was caught off guard as the room filled with an unsettled feeling of cold. It was almost like something out of a science fiction movie and I found myself actually quite scared. It felt like jumping into a deep swimming pool the first time as a small child. Once you leave the safety and security of the poolside, there is no going back.Satanism and Satanic Magic

I felt that after all the time invested and all the knowledge I had tried so desperately to attain, everything came together in one brief moment. I guess there are two questions to be answered for the practitioner; “When will I experience the thing that others tell me about?” and the second question is “How do I turn it off when it finally happens?”……. It was a very similar experience.

There is no safety rope, tether to sanity or division between reality and fantasy at the appointed time. Those things are over, for the new practitioner has left the comfort of the ‘known’; the safety of the poolside and you’re now committed with no turning back. Quite honestly, I do not remember the first few moments because it was almost like time stood still. There was no one around me; I was performing a ritual alone. There was no movement, no place for my beliefs and no need for my opinion. It had been so easy to lightly dismiss the vain babbling of those who claimed to have seen Satan and demons. I had laughed at them so many times while diligently searching, practicing and learning; like a virgin, I was ready…….I wanted it so badly!!

It was finally happening and I was terrified by what I felt. Imagine being outside a fenced yard with a large Rottweiler dog inside. As long as you are outside the fence, you may feel brave…….even feel boastful. You may even tease the mad killer but when the fence ceases to exist and you are facing that animal alone with no defense, it is a totally different story. I was frozen with fear and the funny part is, it was only an occultation; I was only seeing the glow of the demon becoming aligned for Syzygy¹. Moments later, He actually manifested as a being………….it still gives me shivers and as I write this, I actually have goosebumps. It is something so difficult to communicate with words! It is a feeling like someone has walked across your grave. That ominous chill goes up the spine, every hair stands up and you feel so alive; like you have never felt before. My ex-lover Heroin had never compared to the ecstasy I experienced that night!

I was frozen….virtually petrified with fear. When the glow finally faded and He became true to form, I was speechless. I had brought forth a demon and I had no fvcking idea what to say or do! I neither communicated with the demon that night nor did the demon communicate with me. I stood staring at this being from the other side of the Parallax Dimension veil. The encounter lasted, at most, 10 minutes; I don’t really know….I had lost all concept of time. It seemed an eternity as the demon faded into a vapor and slowly disappeared. I stood where the light had shown so brightly, quickly became dim and then……; my altar candles extinguished as the demon departed.

Nude Women Satanic RitualThe room was solid black as I stumbled around, found my lighter and lit the candles. I could do nothing but sit and stare blankly into the upper corner of the room while my mind raced. I had no explanation; my only thought was “I can’t tell anyone; what would I say; how am I ever going to explain this to anyone? They will think I am a fool and a liar!!!!”

Days went by before I mustered the courage to mention the encounter. The first person was my very dear friend who had taught me the secrets of Hoodoo. She was African-American, in her late sixties at the time and I loved this woman with every ounce of my existence. She had shown me a world of sobriety, had never called me ‘worthless trash’ (as the woman from whose crotch I was ripped two decades before had called me so many times), forced me to respect myself and others while opening the doorway; introducing me to the ways of magic. As we sipped coffee at Café Du Monde near the French Quarter in New Orleans, I told her my story. I labored with every word; it felt like the eyes of the world were upon me. Those words sounded so foreign and I braced for her reaction.

She smiled as a gentle expression came over her face. When I had finished telling her about my encounter, she chuckled and said “Now you know what I been tellin’ you so long. There is more on the other side; now you have seen it and you have had a visitor from there! Honey, everything is open wide just like your first encounter with a girl. Baby, you never gonna forget it!!” I smiled and said “You’re absolutely right. I will never forget it!”

That was over 20 years ago and I vividly remember that first time I had a visitor from the ‘other side’. Now, it has become second nature, but the excitement is almost the same when Satan or a demon comes ripping into our dimension. It is a joyous time of excitement that is absolutely mind boggling……….even today!

So for those who doubt and perhaps dismiss my words, for you I simply say “Wait your turn. When it happens to you, we shall be able to communicate on the same cognitive level of understanding. Until then, happy hunting!!!”

Until next time, I wish you Satanic Blessings and the best of luck in pursuit of your ‘first encounter’!!

Ave Satanas!

¹A visual refraction / reflection event common during Samhain; Occultation alignment while nearing an abnormally thin Parallax veil.

Demonic Possession – Part 3

All Demons are not evils just as all Angels are not good.

Shakespeare said it best 400 years ago:There’s nothing to fear but fear itself andHell is empty; all the devils are here.

There have been countless reported demonic possessions throughout history. Some are legitimate and substantiated however most are not. In most cases there can be found a clinical or other explanation for what is called “possession”. As our civilization becomes more educated and open-minded concerning possession, the more cases are dismissed as what they truly are: physical / mental illnesses, drug abuse or other rationality. There are however, those events that do not fit neatly into one or more of these diagnosis and are categorized as Demonic / Satanic Possession.

The unraveling of the human psyche is a frightening happening when mixed with demons. Possession however, is not always a theatrical affair nor is it as portrayed in the movie The Exorcist.

Cover of "The Exorcist (The Version You'v...

Believe it or not, demons prefer to be invited guests and usually wait for the host to extend an invitation through ritual or other magical device. Demons can possess the unwilling host but it is usually preempted by the host performing some act that may be misconstrued as an invitation. This can happen through Familiars as discussed during Part 2 of those series.

Opening one’s self to the Satanic or Demonic forces is a serious matter and should be treated as such. In popular culture, the Ouija board

Ouija board

has played a big part in the opening of the host in preparation for possession. When a person opens themselves and subjects their mind and body to the being, the process is set into motion. Whether intentionally or not, once the chain of events are set into motion, the script must be played out on the stage that is everyday life. Occult “dabblers” are many times the guinea pigs for the strong demonic forces.

A big mistake  “dabblers” make is underestimation of demonic power and energy that can be easily wielded by a being. I equate this force to a riptide. No matter how hard you flight to swim against the riptide, you will only exhaust all your energy before being carried out to sea or drowned. Once in the grip of the force, not even a brisance will break the force. Abject consequences will surely await the dabblers. Evil can be a fierce power and the wage for calling it forth can be too high to pay for the ignorant or unprepared.

The case of Anneliese Michel is usually referenced by those trying to prove or disprove possession. The case has been labelled by some as mental illness, negligence, abuse, and religious hysteria. She suffered from epilepsy and was treated at several clinics in Germany during the late sixties and early seventies. A devout Catholic, Michel began to attribute her condition to demonic possession. Michel became intolerant of sacred places and objects, such as the crucifix, which she attributed to her own demonic possession.

Once convinced of her possession, Anneliese, her parents, and the exorcist stopped seeking medical treatment, and put her fate solely into the hands of the exorcism rites. Sixty-seven exorcism sessions, one or two each week, lasting up to four hours, were performed over about ten months in 1975 and 1976. On 1 July 1976, Anneliese died in her sleep.

Such events have been sensationalized in the media as possessions however, most have a logical explanation that does not include demons or Satan. Possession is much more subdued that most people believe and while a person vomiting Pea Soup is more entertaining, the fact is most of the wrestling of good and evil takes place within the brain of the possessed. This is more dangerous that physical manifestations because it is hard to diagnose that which cannot be seen. It is no doubt that some people committing unspeakable acts upon humanity are in fact demonically possessed; not all but some.

A skilled magician can invite demons to inhabit them while performing rituals and spells. Preparation is important and knowledge of the Demonic and Satanic is required to achieve success.

Until Next Time,