LeVayan Satanism From the daughter of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey

“My father was very confused, and as a result, so are the inheritors of the church. He’s been accused of being a con man—which is accurate—but he wasn’t a very efficient one. He was lazy and never planned for the future or looked after his family because that is the nature of LaVeyan Satanism: Get what you can, live only in the here and now, care only about yourself, and get other people to care for you. It’s like you’re one big infant.

I had to defend myself because my parents wouldn’t get out of bed to defend me. They had other people caring for me since they were too wrapped up in their own problems and fought constantly. This mentality—along with our dysfunctional relationships and my father’s violence, fear, and paranoia—were the forces behind his teachings.”

Zeena Schreck

Zeena Schreck is the daughter of Church of Satan (CoS) founders Anton LaVey and Diane Hegarty.

My Second Liebster Award Nomination

My Second Liebster Award Nomination

Aleister Nacht - Second Liebster Award

Aleister Nacht                    Second Liebster Award

I have received a second Liebster Award nomination for blogging. I would like to thank Heidi who writes the Witchcraft and Me blog. If you have not subscribed to her blog, check it out. It will leave you wanting more and she also offers Tarot and Rune Reading Services that you may want to take advantage of while subscribing to the blog.

I must say, I am green with envy (in a good way) and impressed with the talent and gifts true Tarot and Rune Readers possess. We are all given talents however, I guess it is human nature to wish you had other talents. Ok, so the last time I droned on and on like this, I received some emails (to paraphrase) “We love your blog posts but you can certainly turn a 30 second idea into an hour-long dissertation”. I guess my gift is “gab”!! 🙂 I even had one person who asked if I was gay, because I sometimes write about what they described as “touchy, feeling, artsy-fartsy stuff!!

If I were gay, which I find perfectly acceptable for anyone, I would certainly admit it because my life is an open book however, with the numerous naked females everywhere on my blog and my frequent “mouth-watering” commentary recapping sexual escapades with the fairer sex……….ARE YOU SERIOUS; REALLY?” I have been called everything from the ‘Devil Incarnate’ to a ‘drunk old uncle at a family reunion’ (you know who you are), but never gay. Hmmm, I digress.

On With The Show – 11 Random Facts About Me

To keep it interesting, I will not reuse my last facts; which are HERE.

1. Many years ago, I struggled with chemical addiction. I would like to write a book about that period of my life and how Satanism “saved my life”.

2. Two of my closest friends went on a fantastic, spontaneous, week-long “getaway vacation” from Boston to Los Angeles. They boarded American Airlines, Flight #11, September 11th, 2001.

      I still miss them deeply………………..

3. No one ever believes my name is Aleister Nacht.

4. I have a raging “sweet tooth”!!

5. I love old horror movies.

6. One of my idols and heroes is Anton LaVey.

7. My five favorite movies are: 1) Moonstruck, 2) Tombstone, 3) My Cousin Vinny, 4) Sideways and 5) The Ninth Gate.

8. I lived in Chicago for three years.

9. In the past month, I had two marriage proposals (via email) from women I do not know!

10. I love music and play piano. I studied classical music for two years while in college.

11. Book of Satanic Magic spent four consecutive weeks in the Top 5 Best Selling Kindle Books of 2012.

Here are Cassie’s QuestionsSecond Liebster Award for Aleister Nacht

Since these questions and answers are the same, I will repost them below.

1) Why did you start writing a blog?

Writers write. I am always jotting down an idea or random thoughts and with the creation of the iPhone and iPad, writing has become so easy and fast. I would carry notebooks around and write down an idea; one idea while lugging the notebook around all day. It was crazy but writing is a natural need that I have been blessed (or cursed) with since childhood. Someone suggested I try blogging to get the ideas out of me and sharing them with other people. That is how my blog started.

2) What is your favourite work of fiction?

Secret WindowSecret Garden by Stephen King

3) How would you describe your personal philosophy/spiritual path?

Everyday is an opportunity to challenge yourself, learn and absorb as much as possible. I am in a great place in life however, it can always get better.

4) What has impressed you lately?

Technology and the tremendous advancements made in a few, relatively short years.

5) What has depressed you lately?

The recent school shooting tragedy.

6) What advice would you give your younger self if you could go back in time ten years?

Sincerity is evidenced through actions, not words.

7) What are your vices?

M & Ms with peanuts!!!

8) What would you like to achieve in 2013?

New book release early in the year. Bring the solitary Satanists together on my forum for exchange of ideas.

9) Describe your personal style.

Workaholic, anal retentive, meticulous and a great sense of humor.

10)  What is your favourite city?

Clearwater, Florida year around. Lake Geneva, Switzerland in the summer and Sedona, AZ in the winter.

11) Name something that always makes you smile.

When someone tells me they enjoyed one of my books.

Here are Heidi’s questions

1. Describe yourself in eleven words.

Obsessed, happy, driven, compassionate, caring, brutal, self-centered, content, restless, perfectionist, realist

2. What’s your favourite way to relax?

On the beach or in my kayak

3. What does the term ‘witch’ mean to you?

Open minded and focused

4. There is the last slice of cake at a tea party, do you take it?

Of course

5. What’s your favourite hot beverage?


6. What is your witchy/pagan/occult specialty?

Satanism and Satanic Magic

7. Name something that made you laugh so much you cried

My driver in Germany attempting to speak English (great stuff)

8. Favourite food?

Anything prepared at home

9. Favourite perfume?


10. Favourite film?

See the five listed above

11. If you could be anyone from history, who would you be and why?

Anton LaVey. He was the modern-day spokes person for Satanism and although I do not agree with everything he wrote, I still respect him


Aleister Nacht

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Satanism and Life

Satanism is Growing

“Magic is the Highest, most Absolute, and most Divine Knowledge of Natural Philosophy, advanced in its works and wonderful operations by a right understanding of the inward and occult virtue of things;

…..so that true Agents being applied to proper Patients, strange and admirable effects will thereby be produced. Whence magicians are profound and diligent searchers into Nature; they, because of their skill, know how to anticipate an effect, the which to the vulgar shall seem to be a miracle.”

The Goetia of the Lemegeton of King Solomon

Satanism and Satanic Magic

I received an email this week that is a testament to Satanism and I want to share it with you. As you read, ask yourself “Do I feel the same way as David? Am I Satanically Blessed?” If not, why not? What is standing in your way of happiness and peace with who you are? Stop making excuses, get off your ass and do something about your life. You have just invested one (1) minute while reading this. You are one minute closer to the end…………..

Dear Mr. Nacht,

My name is David and I live in Las Vegas, NV. Last year I caught my (then) girlfriend fucking around in our apartment, in our bed while I was supposed to be at work. I came home sick and there she was with some guy. Broke my heart. I went through some tough times after that…..I’ve been lost and alone. I know what it is to hurt.

I found your website last July while searching for books written by Anton LaVey about satanism. I started reading your blog in June and after reading all the posts you had, I went to your main website and read everything I could. After reading the first few topics I knew there was something different and that you were different. Reading your information made me feel peaceful while feeling self-worth. I was happy to see that you spoke your mind but you did it in a way that made sense to me.

I bought your Book of Satanic Magic in August. When I started it, almost overnight I felt a weight being lifted from me and I could think clearly. It had been a while since I felt good and I give satan and you the glory for accepting me into your fellowship. Let me tell you what has happened to me after purchasing your book.

I read your book in one week……I just couldn’t put it down! I kept thinking “this is exactly what I’ve been thinking but never said out loud”. Satanism has made me come to life and I enjoy living now. It feels supernatural and I marvel at the thought that during the week before I found your blog, I stuck my loaded HK .357SIG gun in my mouth and didn’t have the courage to pull the trigger. If I had been man enough to do it, I would now be dead.

I have performed many of the rituals in your book and I gained confidence with every page. In September I met a woman and began taking her out-she is a satanist. We get along great and we frequently perform the sex magic rituals you wrote about. Mr. Nacht I have now read all of your books and anxiously wait for your next book as you mentioned in your blog.

I send you dark blessings. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, thoughts, words, and years of experience with me.

Satan’s blessings to you on the wings of cambions.


“I thank David for giving his permission to share the email. I hope it will encourage and reassure everyone reading this. There is a real, fulfilling and peaceful life waiting for you just beyond the door. Claim what is yours!!”

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

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Satanic Magic

I want to be a happy, life-loving person. I just happen to be living in a death-seeking, misery-loving world.


Anton Szandor LaVey

If there’s one quote I could take from this man that would be most compatible with myself, it would be this.

Hail Satan

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Satanism, Satanic Ritual and Magistra Tempi Rex Blanche Barton

“Who wrote the bible, Who set the laws?

Are we left to history’s flaws?”

Nikki Sixx

Disparate Satanists

In the world of Satanism, opposites play a role in the everyday following of the Left Hand Path. Anton LaVey wrote in The Satanic Rituals; “On the altar of the Devil up is down, pleasure is pain, darkness is light, slavery is freedom, and madness is sanity. The Satanic ritual chamber is the ideal setting for the entertainment of unspoken thoughts or a veritable palace of perversity”

Opposites, as any opposition, are direct polar extremes. In the case of a magnet, the polar opposites actually create a great source of power. Opposition in human life is, for the Satanist, a good thing. We learn to sharpen our energy forces and hone them into a force that can change reality. “Perception is reality” and the perception your adversary is under will be of great benefit to you in any oppositional situation.

Satanism, Satanic Ritual and Magistra Tempi Rex Blanche Barton