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In my role as Satanic Magus, I diligently answer each email (personally) sent to me by those seeking truth and advice. I am grateful to Satan for entrusting me as a Leader and I strive to make a difference with each and every response I send. It takes time to research issues and formulate the correct direction for these Seekers; I never take an opportunity lightly because I know it will not only affect the Seeker, but everyone associated with them. I do not ask for compensation and often invest many hours of investigation and counseling at no charge.

You can join The Coven at Patreon. I provide a personalized approach to Satanic knowledge which is a win-win for everyone. Join today.

You can support the message by purchasing my books for yourself and others. Donating my books to public libraries or other public outlets makes the message available to others who may not be financially able to access the information.

I appreciate your donation! Satanic Blessings!


Aleister Nacht


12 thoughts on “Support Satanism

  1. I Havw Been A Thestic Satanist Devil Worshipper For a Long Time. I have Bought Two of your Books about three Month”s Ago.The Book of Satanic Magic & The Book of Satanic Ritual The Same Time & I Just Ordered Four More of yor Books From Early This Evening From AMAZOM .I Hope to Get them By the 20th of this month.I Realy Love that you are Open about Your Beleifs in FATHER SATAN & His Kingdom.I have always Been Open about My SATANIC BELEIFS as well.I’am Glad that I found You on Here.I was Woundering How a Person Would Join your Coven on Here.I Live in ONTARIO,CANADA. In a small town which has all Xians in it.And to my Knowledge I’am the only one I know who is A SATANIST.Now I will say that I’am the only one here who is a THESTIC SATANIST OR DEVIL WORSHIPPER Here I’am Like 99% Sure of this.Thank-You///

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  2. Dear Mr Nacht,
    I follow you discreetly since a long time now
    I’m french and i want to translate yours books in my language and maybe sell them in my shop
    Do you agree? How can I give you back the benefits if there are?
    I’m not bilingual but with some help (my sister) the translation will be good, not like your original version, but enough to give the will to learn to know you better.
    Your work inspires me, and i want the french’s satanism look for you more
    This is an idea I’ve got recently, but not enough of good work of american and british practitioners are available in my natural language
    Don’t worry i will improve my english as one goes along >:)>

    Wait for your answer


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    • Geoffroy,

      Thank you for the email. Perhaps we can discuss the possibilities via email. You may contact me via aleisternacht at yahoo dot com. Until then, Satanic Blessings and thank you for the inquiry.


      • Hello Aleister, I’m interested in joining and learning about your church, and following Satan. I’m currently living in shrewsbury, and would like to know if there is a coven or branch near me. Regards Jez.

        On 20 May 2017 22:34, “Aleister Nacht’s Satanic Magic Blog” wrote:

        Aleister Nacht commented: “Geoffroy, Thank you for the email. Perhaps we can discuss the possibilities via email. You may contact me via aleisternacht at yahoo dot com. Until then, Satanic Blessings and thank you for the inquiry. Sincerely, A~N”


  3. I am a 44yo man from shrewsbury . And I am interested in joining your coven and am willing to dedicate my self to the coven full time and also happy to relocate if you demand it.
    I have no issues or hangups with going skyclad when required.
    I am not spamming or intend to mess anyone around. I am totally serious and want to dedicate my life to you. I understand and am willing to face any consequences to me or my soul. Once you accept me I am yours.
    Please get in touch soon.
    Phone 07804445607


  4. I Support Satanism

    i want to be part of you membership,
    am so interested for the games, pleas
    i am vere show of my self to join this
    membership, i we like to hear from
    you agently because am very seriouse
    to join the membership,
    i we send you my pics and my details,
    to show of it,


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