Halloween Demons and Satanic Ritual

Satanas vobiscum. Palas aron ozinomas Geheamel cla orlay Baske bano tudan donas Berec he pantaras tay.

Amen . . . Evil from us deliver but . . . Temptation into not us lead and . . . Us against trespass who
those forgive we as . . . Trespasses our us forgive and . . . Bread daily our day this us give
. . . Heaven in is it as earth on . . . Done be will thy . . . Come kingdom thy . . . Name thy be
hallowed . . . Heaven in art who . . . Father our. Nude Women Satanic Sex Ritual

Eva, Ave Satanas! Vade Lilith, Deus maledictus est!! Gloria tibi! Domine Lucifere, per omnia saecula saeculorum. Rege Satanas! In the name of Satan, ruler of Earth, the King of the world, I command the forces of darkness to bestow their infernal power upon us and open wide the gates of Hell, And come forth from the abyss to bless this unholy treatise!

It has been my desire in this blog about Satanism to transmit knowledge that will afford followers of the LHP the opportunity to deepen their magical skills and understanding. I have described the result of the invocation but in this part, I wish to discuss the actual process of conjuration and the subtle, yet inestimable, concepts of Satanic Magic.

Satanic Orgasm

I have touched upon some of the mechanics of demonic ritual in previous posts. The actual implements, approbation, tools, techniques, etc. are  outlined in the Book of Satanic Magic so I will not cover them in this blog.

Satanic Magic

Book of Satanic Magic

I will however open the reader to the acceptance and responsiveness of demonic powers that culminate into an incontrovertible corollary for the practitioner.

First, let me point out that the ways of magic are not exclusive to the Magus; anyone with the proper training, tenacity, patience and determination can expect consummate results. As with anything, the reward is equally proportionate to the investment made by the practitioner. The mind and body must be attuned to the slightest dimensional harmonics to make compensatory redress and lessen the attenuate course of action.

“As the ceremony is opened, you should pay close attention to vibrations, sounds, temperature changes, etc. Some demons manifest as slight changes in ambient lighting produced by candlelight. Others will bring an uneasy “chill” to the otherwise temperate conditions of the sanctum. I have experienced the movement of small objects caused by a quick puff of air from an undetermined direction. These are all examples however, none are constantly present. Demons are individuals (as we) and they make their entrance as they wish.” Aleister Nacht

Satanism and Nude SacrificeThe choice of demonic force desired is usually according to the ritual being conducted; In Rem:  Destruction ritual would necessitate a menacing and contentious being with the ability to do your evil dealing without any reservation whatsoever.

I prefer a demon such as Samael (Demon of Death) for this type of working. The match of tactic and tactician is very important. This is magic where real and tangible results are produced; magic is not a stratagem.

The Ritual of Baphomet can be used as an opening for the Ritual of Black Flame. Both rituals are precursors to a summons and both work well together. Advantageous transitions into the conjurations can be found by using these rituals. The right frame of mind is both necessary and conspicuous for the practitioner. One only has to experience the true working of the conjure to be forever transformed through a satanic metamorphosis; just as caterpillar to chrysalis (pupa) to the butterfly. All actions play out to the five senses and some are overwhelming. For example, when the being Azazel (that great shepherd and scapegoat) materializes, there is always a sound that reminds me of a goat bleating. As I mentioned in the earlier posts, each being is as individual as we humans.

The ringing of a bell nine (9) times (during ritual work) clears the air inside the Inner SanctumAnton Lavey described the Inner Sanctum as the “intellectual decompression chamber” in his book The Satanic Bible.

Clearing the air inside this “chamber” allows the resonant harmonics and low-frequency oscillation to manifest in useful satanic vibrations. His explanation is quite simple yet cognitively advanced.

“The formalized beginning and end of the ceremony acts as a dogmatic, anti‐intellectual device, the purpose of which is to disassociate the activities and frame of reference of the outside world from that of the ritual chamber, where the whole will must be employed. This facet of the ceremony is most important to the intellectual, as he especially requires the “decompression chamber” effect of the chants, bells, candles, and other trappings, before he can put his pure and willful desires to work for himself, in the projection and utilization of his imagery.”

The imagery conceived in the mind plays a part and as I have discussed before, imagining the outcome of a ritual (in this case the materialization of a demon) is very important. You (and the coven) must be prepared for the visualization of the demon and the group should discuss the imagery before entering the Inner Sanctum and opening the ritual. Without this all-important step, the members of the coven are each imagining a different outcome from the process than the other coven members; and thus confusion and a failed conjure. Speak with one voice and think as one mind within your coven and ensure everyone is mentally prepared.

Satanic TorturePurification of the body, just as the air, is very important as well. Bathing before rituals is not only a courtesy for your coven members (who may perform fellatio on you later) but is ultimately respectful to Satan and the demons you invite into your rituals. Respect is not only desired but it is required of the hellish hosts. Any less that absolute reverence, tribute and worship is unpardonable and should never be condoned or allowed to manifest within the working coven. Members should understand and comply with this simple precept.

“There is no difference between “White” and “Black” magic, except in the smug hypocrisy, guilt-ridden righteousness and self-deceit of the “White” magician himself. “
Anton Szandor Lavey

When performing any incantation, the culmination and focus of energy is vital and conjuration is no different. The focus of the group’s energy allows for the frenetic controlled chaos to be channeled into a powerful medium with fantastic results. The group begins building this energy long before entering the Inner Sanctum.

This energy is identical to that of a child who is looking forward to a special event (such as the arrival of Santa Claus) and the anticipation amplifies as time passes. The magic of the coven is no different from this crude analogy. By the time the practitioner finally enters the Inner Sanctum, he/she can hardly contain the climax. Thus, the unabated pure powerI also equate this feeling to being sexually stimulated but not to the point of orgasm. The result is the same. You can find more on ritual sex magic in my other blog posts.

Satanic Blessings for Halloween!!

Aleister Nacht

Will You Be Happy In 2013?

I ask the same question each year and while some people have entered the new world and found happiness, others have not. Will You Be Happy In 2012

This year can change your life, break the chains of depression, despair and hopelessness. YOU must take charge and take the first step. I am here to support you and also a growing forum from all areas of the occult. Satanic Forum

I sincerely thank everyone for their support and help as we form a cohesive network of Occult practitioners. I look forward to the contributions and exchange of knowledge for the benefit of everyone!

Each one of you is very special and Satan wants you to live in truth, prosperity, knowledge and quality of life.

Send me an email and share you decision! Above all, I wish you happiness for 2013!!!

Aleister Nacht


Occult Underground Interviews Magus Aleister Nacht

Occult Underground Interviews Magus Aleister Nacht

As he sips his hot mug of Earl Grey, you would never know that this man is a best-selling author or the leader of a Satanic Coven. However, that is what Aleister Nacht does as a full-time vocation.

“I believe people want to…..need to, have answers to their questions and the established religions simply raise more questions that are answered” Nacht says as he raises the steaming cup to his lips. “That is precisely how I am able to fill the void and bridge the chasm to reason and logic”.

Based in Augsburg for a two week tour of Bavaria, Nacht attended a Satanic ritual on Christmas Eve and plans to attend a ritual on New Year’s Eve to welcome in another successful year for his Satanic coven, Magnum Opus.
“This has been a great year and we look forward to 2013 as an even ‘better’ year for us” Nacht explains. “I am seeing a dramatic increase in readership of my blog and followers through social media outlets. “I believe people find what they have been searching for when they find my website or blog”.

Undoubtedly, Aleister Nacht has found his niche in a world begging for more ‘Satan’. Certainly, his numbers do not lie! Nacht is a best-selling author, outselling his idol, the late Anton LaVey, and he is sponsored by the deep pockets of his coven Magnum Opus. His limited number of speaking engagements bring five-figure compensation for his time. When asked about his mailing list, speculated to have over 100,000 email addressed, Nacht smiles and replies, “Slightly more than 100,000. Your number is a little low!”

Nacht is totally unassuming and modest when it comes to his readers. “I know who ‘butters my bread’; the loyal readers who purchase my books. Without them, I would certainly whither and die! I love my readers and always go out of my way to personally answer their emails.”

OU: Aleister, you have a very coveted lifestyle and your Satanic theology has been called “fantasy” however, you never rebut such accusations. Why?
AN: I have nothing to prove so when people challenge me on my beliefs, I don’t waste my energy. If it is a ‘valid’ question, sent with sincerity, I will always answer and elaborate on the topic. If the question is a quasi-personal attack on my beliefs or coven, I do not waste my time!

OU: You have written several books, you attend speaking engagements and book signings and continue to blog regularly. Number one, where do you get inspiration and number two, what do you dislike the most when it comes to the occult?
AN: I am inspired by simplicity and sincerity. Things do not need to be complicated however, most people make things difficult to impress others. It is pure bullshit. These Occult bullshit ‘artists’ spread lies and mislead people who are honestly searching for answers. These ‘gurus’ take the money, dignity and faith of the Searchers…..they cause so much pain and shame.

OU: What is your favorite book you have written?
AN: Book of Satanic Magic is my favorite.

OU: Your manager told me you are receiving an honor of sorts while in Germany. Can you share any information with my readers?
AN: Sure, it is not a secret or anything like that. During the New Year’s Eve ritual, I will experience a distinguished honor by receiving a grimoire of higher magic entitled “Silentium In Persona Diaboli”. This grimoire has been passed down through generations and contains a framework for the evolution of magic.

OU: So this book is for ……?
AN: The grimoire and the knowledge that is being given to me while in Germany will increase the power of our coven while closing the dimensional gap between our coven and the Hosts of Hell.

OU: One last question; when will your new book be released and what is it about?
AN: The new book is set for release in mid March 2013. It will explore the connection between ritual magic and Satanic energy.

I thank Aleister for speaking with me today. For more information about Aleister Nacht or Satanism, visit the links below.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aleister.nacht

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aleisternacht

Tumblr: http://aleisternacht.tumblr.com

Satanic Magic Blog: https://satanicmagic.wordpress.com

Satanic Ritual in Germany Tonight

The Blessings of Satan In His House Tonight

We are making final preparations for our satanic ritual tonight. The energy is strong, the magic is intoxicating, our coven is READY! Tonight we re-dedicate ourselves to the almighty King of the World; Satan!!

I sincerely wish everyone Satanic Blessings and I hope everyone can harvest the fruits of our combined “magical labors”. We are without name, without face, without form in a sea of vividness however, everyone in the world knows of our Master, mission and power. They tremble at the very mention of our association; for good reason!

We remember those who have passed before us and those who will come. We cast the spells, we invoke darkness and we unlock the sacred and ancient door to the dimension just beyond. For our day has come and our power shall increase as those hypocritical fools attempt to negotiate their slavery!

This night we will use a building dedicated to a myth, sanctified by senile old men in Rome and filled with dogma and death; we will make the bowels of the Basilican Xtian Ossuarium come alive!! Upon the bones of those buried beneath, we shall trample upon the sepulcher where the flesh-peddling whoremonger has been laid for the halfwits to adore while fidgeting with their rosaries.

Brother and Sister, enter the sanctum tonight with head held high and know we stand TOGETHER before His Altar. Partake of the sweet elixir and the softness of the Altar and focus your mind on attaining magical heights of ecstasy and Shout with Satan.

Call the Demons to assist in fulfilling you desires of flesh and spirit. Tonight we indulge in any wish for we are Gods; much more worthy of worship than the xtian myth and lie. As the bell sounds of 9, I will intercede for those who believe and have witnessed great satanical magical.

He shall reveal His power, desires and words to us; the true of the numbers. We take our rightful place at His left hand. Tears of joy and howls of delight!

Satanic Blessings!!

Magus Aleister Nacht

Top 10 Satanic Magic Blog Posts by Aleister Nacht

“There are lazy minds as well as lazy bodies.” Benjamin Franklin

This week I answered the same question three times in a row. I know that some people tend to be a little “lazy” when it comes to researching a topic however, there are over 175 pages of Satanic information explaining our coven’s theology and descriptive details of rituals we perform. I have decided to include a few links in the post that will assist the searcher with locating answers to their questions. I have also included a few sentences as an overview of the content.


1) Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Satanism Part 1

Question #4: Do you provide guidance to those who ask?

Answer #4: Yes, I am happy to provide answers to questions and assist those searching for the truth. I ask for one thing before you ask a question; “Do your research and be ready to discuss the matter intelligently before you contact me”. The basic information about Satanism is readily available from many sources including my books. I do not have the time to explain “Satanism” to someone who is either too lazy to research or too cheap to buy a book. Satan helps those who are willing to invest in their knowledge and spiritual growth. I will not write a 5 page email explaining Satanism. My books provide those answers and much more.

2) Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Satanism Part 2

I would like to use this blog post to answer a few frequently asked questions as in Most Frequently Asked Questions – Most Frequently Given Answers Part 1, posed by guests who have visited AleisterNacht.com and emailed me seeking answers.

3) Satanism for “Those Seeking Truth”

I am amazed and flabbergasted at times with the childishness of so-called adults. Our society is so perverted while in the darkened rooms however, these same hypocrites balk at the sight of a nipple in public. These Neanderthals shy away from the very breast that gives nourishment and life-sustaining comfort translated from a mother to a child. Absolute idiotic behavior.
Those “closet philanderer” are the same ones who engage in prostitution and deviant behaviors when they finally give into their  natural desires. Why does society act this way?

4) Top 5 “Must Read” Books – In My Opinion

I enjoy reading books from many other occult authors and I believe it is healthy for a person to consider other alternatives, interpretations and ideas. This is the only way to grow and evolve into who (and what) you want to be.

5) Satanic Ritual Sacrifice

The  calling of the blessed guest from Hell should always be the first order of business when conducting a working. You need to establish the connection early so you can communicate your will and desires to your “guests”. As the energy is heightened, the being will connect with you and the ritual performed. When the events unfold, some new practitioners will become frightened; it is natural, after all what they are witnessing for the first time is in direct conflict with their physical world. Even the new initiates who are excited about experiencing these manifestations will be taken aback when the event actually takes place. No amount of mental preparation will be adequate.Church Mass

6) The Spiritual Schism

The spirit world is vast and incomprehensible to the human mind. Try to imagine time ceasing to exist; an infinite space that no matte how long you travel, you will never reach the end. Without boundaries, without form and without philosophy or reason; this is the spirit world. If you meditate and truly use this valuable tool to expand your mind and experiences, you probably know and can identify with what I am writing at this very moment. For you have probably cast your eyes into that endless chasm of which there is no destination or measure. Meditation opens your sub-conscience and allows you to increase the one thing that exists in the spirit world; energy.

7) Satanic Meditation and Magic

Meditation has been around a long time and is practiced by many different religious and spiritual groups across all demographic boundaries.  Those who dedicate proper time and preparation can reap countless blessings for the soul, body and mind. Besides the rejuvenating power of meditation, it can also recharge your spiritual battery and allow introspection and retrospection for the Satanist. While the physical person is refreshed, the psychic and cognitive attributes are restored, repaired and healed.

8) How to Start Your Satanic Coven

Have you found the benefits of Satanism and Satanic Magic? If so, you are probably progressing in your new-found art almost daily and Satan is greatly blessing you for your time, diligence and tenacity. You are probably performing rituals and magical workings in the privacy of your newly formed ritual sanctum, whether large and well furnished or small, intimate and humble. At a certain point in your pursuit of all things evil, you will probably ask yourself “How can I find like-minded individuals to share my Satanic experience?” Perhaps the thought of forming a Satanic coven crosses your mind. Well, for many, this is only a fleeting thought that is never seriously entertained however, some determined, strong-minded individuals do more than just think about it; they actually do it!

9) Necromancy

Necromancy is one of the most misunderstood of all magical operations. Some believe it involves speaking to the dead; some say it involves having sexual intercourse with the deceased while others compare it to the Shinto religion or Native American “Sky-walking”. 
From the Satanic point of view, Necromancy is linked to the past and to the future.  Those who understand the practice can easily grasp the analogy of “forward / backward” dimensional resolution as far removed as xenophobia.

10) Satanic Top 10 List: How to Improve Your Satanic Magic Rituals

People are fascinated with Top 10 lists so I thought I would offer a Satanic Top 10 List: How to Improve Your Satanic Magic Rituals. Since I often answer questions concerning this matter, let’s get started.

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

“Master, Open the Gates of Hell”

“From the darkness will light reveal; yet a conspectus is never viewed

Ancient demons who serve our Father; as we in His service due procure,

Neither hate nor evil can contain; emotion cannot abate studious perseverance

Those summoned to a concertina of time; honest and sedulous matriculation begins.”  

“Learning to Learn” about Satanism

Satanism and the study of holistic magic is a never-ending journey of enlightenment and an unlocking of cavernous wisdom found in remote cognitive corners of one’s own mind. To believe one has truly reached the pinnacle of Satanic knowledge is to only lie to one’s self. It does not end….ever. It is a life-long endeavor involving many sets of iterative processes; all of which require time, patience and tenacity to even begin to understand the most picayune of Satanic matters. It is a tuition the practitioner must invest in order to open the doorway to higher, loftier things.Satan and Women

The objective of Law School is not to teach the aspirant the law; it is to teach the aspirant how to think like a lawyer. Having the ability to verbally cite the subject matter comes with time however, one must master the ability to work through a question, apply the thought process of a lawyer and arrive at a similar conclusion as another lawyer would; given the same variables. This sounds quite simple yet, teaching a person to use this process can be a challenge.

When attempting to teach a person to “think” or decompose subject matter using a methodical, measured method, the true strengths and weaknesses of the individual come to light. The most commonly used method to teach “thought” to a person is using the “Socratic Method” created by Socrates. Since Socrates believed that the first step to knowledge was recognition of one’s ignorance, it’s not surprising that his method focuses less on proving your point and more on disproving the other person’s point with a series of questions (elenchus), resulting in theiraporia (puzzlement). A person uses this method to 1) analyze a problem 2) formulate a solution to the problem 3) imagine explaining your solution to perspective opposition and 4) be able to rebut any objections or counter assertions that would prove your solution invalid.

Ok, so you are asking yourself “What does any of this have to do with Satanism?“. I’m glad you asked. Learning is something every individual does slightly different from another. Some people learn by doing, and some learn by observing; some by reading and others by listening to lectures. In either case, the objective remains the same in Satanism and that is to learn and expand the person’s knowledge and ability while sharpening their skill set application. As a practitioner, you must be willing, able and disciplined enough to learn about the subject matter. Those who believe asking a few questions, buying some books and “talking the talk” will enable them to instantly work successful spells and rituals is sadly mistaken and destined to fail.Pan Satanism

Am I talking to you?

Only the Wind

Air is transparent; you cannot see air………..never been able to and never will. Yes, you can see the dust / dirt that is in the air; being carried and propelled by the wind however, the wind is transparent also. No one can deny humans need air to live or the wind is a powerful force. There are different influences on the wind such as the topography of the landscape, the presence or absence of natural barriers such as mountains and the Laws of Physics; especially the Venturi Effect. Regardless of the countless external elements and influences, the wind can either be cool and refreshing or it can have deadly intensity as with a tornado or hurricane…………but, it is air which cannot be seen.

Demons assist the Satanic practitioner by using energy generated during rituals to cause changes in perception and reality; thus causing the desires of the practitioner to become “reality”. Demons often manifest in physical form during ritual workings. The intensity and flow of powerful energy allows the being to slip the confines of the other dimensional side and actually enter our earthly realm. Just as the air, these beings cannot be seen until they encroach our reality; leaving a distinct tangible “body-print” in our space. These beings (including Satan Himself) look, speak and appear as we do and just as a cool breeze in summer if refreshing, so too can their manifestation be a pleasure and “breath of fresh air”.

There are times however, when our Lord Satan will not manifest yet, demon(s) will. Over time, you will become familiar with such beings and you will form a relationship with your Familiar. This being will go beyond the average interactions to form a bond with you. Satanists have described these demons with adjectives such as guardian angel, gate-keeper, brother / sister and friend. It is a powerful bond that continues throughout the Satanist’s life in most cases.

It is when the practitioner turns to “dabbling” instead of trying to learn, grow and focus that the trouble begins. As a general rule, Demons wish to bond with humans and work together in harmony but MAKE NO MISTAKE, we are not their equals nor are we immune to their wrath. To dabble blindly in Satanism is to do so at not only your risk, but at the risk of any other people you know, associate with and / or love. It is a lesson that may be difficult to learn and a price too high to pay for the practitioner. For more information, I cover this topic in other blog posts and in my books on Satanism.Save Our Souls For Satan

I have actually had readers email me in hopes that I can help break their bonds allowing the practitioner to go free. I’m afraid that I cannot be of assistance in the matter and once a situation is “fucked up” it must be “un-fucked” by the practitioner alone. What you initiate will not be so easy to dispose of; in extreme cases, the practitioner feels there is no way out and simply succumbs to their accepted fate.

Ring My Bell

Question: “Why is the bell rung nine times to open and close Satanic rituals?”

Nine is Satan’s number. It has commonly been interpreted to be 666 however, the “Six Trio” is found in the xtian bible and it is the number for man; not Satan. The ringing of a bell nine (9) times (during ritual work) clears the air inside the Inner Sanctum. Anton Lavey described the Inner Sanctum as the “intellectual decompression chamber” in his book The Satanic BibleClearing the air inside this “chamber” allows the resonate harmonics and low-frequency oscillation to manifest in useful satanic vibrations. His explanation is quite simple yet cognitively advanced. Anton LaVey provides good commentary on the subject as well:

“The formalized beginning and end of the ceremony acts as a dogmatic, anti-intellectual device, the purpose of which is to disassociate the activities and frame of reference of the outside world from that of the ritual chamber, where the whole will must be employed. This facet of the ceremony is most important to the intellectual, as he especially requires the “decompression chamber” effect of the chants, bells, candles, and other trappings, before he can put his pure and willful desires to work for himself, in the projection and utilization of his imagery.”Bible Cocaine

Until next time………….Hail Satan and Satanic Blessings,

Aleister Nacht

Most Frequently Asked Questions – Most Frequently Given Answers Part 2

Before I begin to pontificate wildly, I invite you to read the Satanic Devotional Prayer post. It has connected with over 70 individuals who have emailed. The author requested to remain anonymous and I will respect that wish. I will say “thank you for allowing me to share it with the world!”Satanic Coven

I would like to use this blog post to answer a few frequently asked questions as in Most Frequently Asked Questions – Most Frequently Given Answers Part 1, posed by guests who have visited AleisterNacht.com and emailed me seeking answers. As I have stated many times before, I am happy to respond to questions to assist someone with their research. I do not claim to have all of the answers however, after 25+ years as a practicing Satanist there are very few things that surprise me anymore.

Question #1: “I have recently read your Book of Satanic Magic and want to experience more in Satanism. My husband is not open-minded and I am afraid to talk to him about this. If you were in my situation Magus Nacht, what would you do?”

Book of Satanic MagicAnswer #1: In my opinion, people change and evolution is very healthy for a high quality of life. I understand your apprehension however, you must be honest with yourself. On one hand, if you tell him your desires and he truly loves you, I believe he will respect your wish and support you in your journey. Conversely, if he does not love you enough to support your decision he will probably try to “control” you; at first with dialogue and later with more aggressive methods. Either way, I recommend being honest with yourself and exploring Satanism.

Question #2: “Have just been reading your book Book of Satanic Ritual which had arrived a week ago. Have ordered your other two books but still in the post. You mentioned you can use either silver or gold candlestick on your altar. As far as I have read, seen etc it seems that only silver should be used and never gold as gold is associated with xtian/Christian beliefs.”

Answer #2: The idea that gold is of xtian association is a very common misnomer. I seriously believe it is because of the abundance of gold used in cathedrals, churches, etc. The implements of xtian ceremonies seem to always be gold or gold imitation however, there is neither a requirement nor a prohibition against the use of gold for Satanic purposes. I am personally quite fond of gold although, the extreme price of gold almost makes its acquisition as a ritual implement impossible. I recommend you use whatever you desire. Satanism does not require dogma nor does it dictate compliance to anyone’s ideology except that of our Master Satan.

Question #3: “You mention crystals can be used on altars. What’s the significance of using them?”

Answer #3: Crystals are a wonderful addition to your altar since they tend to be not only pleasing on the eyes, but crystals can be helpful during energy rituals. Crystals can actually store small amounts of energy and some followers of Satanism and Witchcraft will carry a small crystal with them every day. Crystals are also used during healing rituals.

Question #4: “I have read differing opinions of the demon Belial concerning motives, powers and abilities. What is your belief of Belial?”

Answer #4: Belial is one of the Four Crown Princes of Hell, representing the North and the Earth Element; most people agree with that statement however, the beliefs diverge exponentially from that point onward. He is a very, very skillful demon who leverages the primal desires of humans and encourages the liberation of Satanists from any self-imposed guilt or conscience. He is one of the original group who assisted our Master Satan in establishing the truth of the world. He should not be provoked to anger as he will destroy as he pleases. “Belial, bless our ritual from the dark earth. Unleash your wrath upon those who would desire to bind us.” 

Question #5: “Are there meditations one uses that are specific to Satanism?”

Answer #5: Meditation is very beneficial for Satanists. Whether preparing for an upcoming ritual such as the Grand Climax (next week!!) or simply rejuvenating the mind and spirit, Satanic Meditation allows the practitioner to exercise the cognitive magical abilities. Magic (especially ritual magic) requires sustained focus that Satanists must  practice and build up to in order to perform successful operations. Meditation allows the practitioner to exercise the mental faculties in order to achieve and maintain high levels of energy. I meditate in bed, getting comfortable and allowing my mind to “drift in a controlled manner” until reaching a state of feeling separated from my physical location. Read More Here

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

“Questioning everything is the essence of Satanism and it is this self-preserving reflex that protects the Satanist from becoming a vicim. The rationality of “belief without substance”becomes absurd and unbelievable.”

Aleister Nacht: “Vengeance Is Always Mine”

“The harmony of soul and body – how much that is! We in our madness have separated the two, and have invented a realism that is vulgar, an ideality that is void.” 

Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1908 (1890) (pp. 19–20)


“Responsibility to the Responsible” in Satanic Society

“Following the Satanic creed of “Responsibility to the responsible,” in a Satanic society, everyone must experience the consequences of his own actions—for good or ill.”  Pentagonal Revisionism: A Five-Point Program, Anton Szandor LaVey, 1988

The Self-Professed Satanic Gurus

The essence of Satanism is acceptance. Yes, I know some reading this will disagree with my statement and will reel in quick defense of their position to eliminate (or even eradicate) any philosophy that does not align with their own. Before doing so, consider this…………

It has traditionally been the xtians who have judged the occult arts as “unworthy” of respect and caused those practitioners to be heavily persecuted. Their minds have been twisted into an unaccepting and intolerant, single-focused conscience and “hate”. Yes, for all of their mouthing about “do unto others” they have in fact talked themselves out of the very thing they claim to believe.

Now, in the enlightened, information – accessible world in which we live, I see the same thing creeping into Satanism. Perhaps it is the misunderstanding of the Satanic Spirit that causes this phenomena to occur or (more likely) posers wanting to judge everything and everyone see Satanism as their “religion to do as they please……according to their will“. I will not prejudge their futile attempts to conjure demons, inability to perform effective rituals while they deposit their seed into some drunk chick or while they devalue the title of Satanist with barely coherent babbles. They should also not attack those they do not understand (or even have the capability to comprehend).Satanic Forgiveness

Anyone with a video camera can cook up some mambo jumbo about the LHP and be an overnight celebrity in the underworld. I believe it is because people are so hungry for something “real” that they will be fooled by the lure of the con. Even those who are truly believing in their minds that they are Satanists are often “making it up as they go”. Without a solid foundation in the dark arts, they grab at shadows for purely entertainment grandstanding. YouTube is loaded with these laughable caricatures who honestly think they are selling Satanism. Satan is not amused……

Many of the emerging groups today manufacture quantity without substance; babbling and bantering about why “they have all the answers” yet, no answers are revealed. Infighting and name-calling dilutes and represents Satanism as “a bunch of sideshow freaks, one generation removed from eating where they defecate“. I do not appreciate being associated with such a group of genetic – deficient misfires. Perhaps dear ole’ Mom stood up too quickly after their conception……….

Where are their years of training, experience and who mentored them? Are they in fact part of the sacred tradition of passing Satanic knowledge down through the rank and file or did they invest any time at all studying and finding something they truly believe? Satanism is not learned in a week, month or year; just as any proficient practitioner of any art or science must invest time and energy into learning something worth passing down the line.

The xtians play the same games with their flocks. The ever-illusive “salvation and blessings” are pursued by the naive hearted and they begin running on the religious treadmill chasing the carrot that is illusion itself. “Send more money, pray harder, do this, do that, now jump on one foot while rubbing your head……………..” Sacrilegious bull$hit. I see Satanism in the same state today. “Hate this person, that group is a fraud, we have all of the answers, here – look up this whore’s skirt……………”

The bait and switch con of the street artist where Satan is reduced to smoke and mirrors while mass communicated. The sad part of this is the Searcher who, knowing no better, is sucked into this cult-like worship of these “xtians in black”. So much time and energy is wasted going to these self-proclaimed witch doctors when SNAKE OIL IS NOT WHAT THE SEARCHER NEEDS. From the Online Satanic Blessings For Sale to the Hundred Dollar Laminated Satanic Membership Card, the traps are set for the unknowing. It is a sad fact that some lessons are expensive and must be learned the hard way. Satan will not be mocked.

Fear of Lightening

I was recently contacted by a gentleman; let’s call him Bubba :), who had been running a “Satanic Scam” on the internet……which he freely revealed in his opening email. I was amused after reading the first few paragraphs and I must admit, my curiosity grew rather quickly. It is not uncommon to receive email from those in need of psychiatric help however, this one was different. As he explained his scheme, I was waiting for the inevitable “I want to join you to make myself legit” offer; which is also not uncommon. His email was neither a proposal nor a question; it was a pleading. Having run his Satanism scam for some time, Bubba was truly frightened. I though it was a joke but after reading the entire email, I fully understood his self-imposed “bad luck”.

Satanic CurseRecently, he had experienced a bloody divorce and custody battle; of which he lost. He now felt true demonic presence around him and found it difficult to be alone or even sleep at night. He initially dismissed everything as stress and figured things would get better……….he was wrong. He had now reached the point where he not only considered suicide, but believed it was the only way out of what he called a “hopeless existence”. Finally after a lackadaisical journey down his “memory lane”, he asked me to intercede for him and perform some type of ritual to undo his doings.

“Don’t waste your time with people who will ultimately destroy you, but concentrate instead on those who will appreciate your responsibility to them, and, likewise, feel responsible to you.” The Satanic Bible

My question to him was “WHY?”. Even if I could help him in this situation, why would I? He preyed upon the weak and now that he was weak, other powers were preying upon him. It is the law of nature and I have no vested interest in this person. If he needs someone to tell him “it is alright…you are forgiven” go to a f_cking priest. HE CREATED HIS OWN SITUATION……….this is not happenstance. This was his ego, misguided ideas and limited knowledge of Satanism coupled with greed and stupidity. Satanism represents “we are gods” and as such, we form our own reality and ultimately, our destinies. Jumping on the Satanic altar will neither correct stupidity nor provide absolution………..the xtian church can; if the Price Is Right. LOL

Cause and Effect

If history has taught anything, it has illustrated than paradigms change as do individuals. Those selling Satanism today will be selling any assortment of conjecture in the future. Perhaps human nature, though years of evolution, has indoctrinated and instilled an additional pre-imptive defense mechanism: “F_ck You before You F_ck me” (I have censor my language so I am not kicked out of the social media………..YET AGAIN). I believe it is simply because people do not take responsibility for their own actions and they want someone else to clean up their mess. It is however, better for these blissful idiots to distance themselves from Satanism in their pursuit of their shell game. Some lines were never meant to be crossed.

Do they not understand that mocking Satan will ultimately lead to a huge phallic member being driven deep into their stretched anus?

If you f_ck – over the Master of this World, you should be prepared for a real f_cking……….Satan will not be mocked. Your clock is ticking.satan with a big dick

Until next time…………….or, maybe not.


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Satan and Satanic Topics

A Few Random Satanic Topics

Satanic LoveI have always felt comfortable in darkness and the cool touch of fresh air outdoors late at night. I know the attraction for our ancestors to open their souls and dance while praising the gods of the other worlds. I imagine the witches around a fire concocting a position for health (or other more sinister motives), asking for blessings and success while believing in their hearts and minds that their desires would be delivered. Magic has been the instrument of “hope” throughout the ages and continues to be even in our modern existence.

Satanic ViewMagic will always fascinate the generations and there will always be those drawn to the secrets of the spirits. In my case, magic is in my life daily; whether writing about the subject, participating in rituals, reading and studying or meditating while increasing my energy. I find magic to be an endless source of questions and exploration of which I eagerly volunteer. My untiring pursuit of all things magic often leads me back to a common ground just as the circle around a pentagram encircles without end. It is a vast landscape that always holds a discovery just beyond the next hill. Magic and the operations of Satanism are also never-ending sources of amazement and discovery. I greatly enjoy witnessing others awaken the magician within and I share great pride in knowing I have taken part in their journey. Satanism is satisfying and fulfilling in an awe-inspiring fashion.

Satan reveals His magical secrets which you should swiftly documented in the grimoire for later reflection and contemplation. One of the most important elements of magical practice is the “building block” regiment that magical operations follow. The grimoire allows the practitioner to record the nuances that may (or may not) be a part of future successful rituals. After a ritual, I always take a few moments to write down what went right, what did not work, how the ritual progressed and the revelations that Satan offered. Continuous practice of magic allows the practitioner to receive Satanic blessings as a residual energy cast during the working. I enjoy the hours following a ritual because I (and those with me) are renewed, regenerated and excited to discuss what just occurred.

I find the Satanic sanctum to be a wonderful place to meditate. Sacrosanct energy remains within the sanctum for as long as days after a ritual has taken place. This untapped reservoir of forces can be channeled during meditation and this allows for higher mental awareness and transcendence of astral planes only dreamed of by the practitioner. Taking the energy and converting it into the usable potent stimulus that opens the mind and spirit. Once you have used this immense power, you will be truly addicted and nothing else will fill the void or satisfy your magical longing.

Head StonesSatanic Altars come in all sizes, shapes and compositions. Solitary practitioners will often have a small rectangular-shaped table filled with implements (a bell, Athame, a skull, etc.) and trinkets they desire and hold sacred. The Sigil of Baphomet is usually displayed as a backdrop for the altar. Candles are used not only for setting “the right magical mood” but also for lighting the room since no artificial lighting is desired during certain rituals. A chalice is used to drink at certain times during rituals. I have been asked what drink is used by most Satanists and the answer is; “Whatever you want”. The chalice does not have to contain alcohol; intact I usually fill mine with tea. The substance is not important. Some altars are large and extravagant and during coven rituals, a woman lies on the ritual table and is referred to as the “Altar”.

Hate destroys a person from the inside out. When you hate a person for a long period of time, it actually damages you more than the object of the hate. To mitigate this risk, the Satanist practices a Destruction Ritual as soon as possible to neutralize the energy that begins to build in the person’s mind and the immediate vicinity of the Satanist. We do not practice “turn the other cheek” unless it fills our needs or serves our desires. Satanists are not cowards nor do we retaliate blindly through stupidity or lack of judgment. Once the matter has been given due diligence and the proper course of action selected by the Satanist, retribution will be swift and decisive to be sure. The Destruction Ritual assists in resolving the issue by dispatching Satanic justice swiftly and effectively. In doing so, the matter is settled and the Satanic energy is neutralized as a byproduct. Praise Satan!!!

The Greeks gave the world some wonderful and wondrous mythological creatures. MaenadLittle known to the world are the Maenads, members of the orgiastic cult of Dionysus. They would often lose all self-control, begin shouting excitedly, engage in uncontrolled sexual behavior, and hunt down and tear to pieces animals — and, at least in myth, sometimes men and children — devouring their raw flesh. No point here – I just find them to be quite interesting!!!

Until Next Time,


Most Frequently Asked Questions – Most Frequently Given Answers Part 1

Over the course of a week, I find that I have answered some of the same questions (worded differently) a few times. I seriously considered creating a FAQs page on my website however, I think that some of the answers need to be expounded upon and there is no simple way to package them into a nice, neat and tidy webpage that would not look like an encyclopedia page. Love Me TenderIn the interest of keeping my website “user-friendly” and providing useful information without going into long-winded dissertations, I will simply archive questions I receive and the answer I supply. Then, from time to time, I will post them for my readers.

This will be my first installment so “Here we go…..!”

Satanist and Satan

Question #1: What type of Satanism do you practice?

Answer #1: At the risk of painting myself into a corner, I must say I am closest to Theistic Satanism than any other form however, I do not claim to be a Theistic Satanist. I acknowledge Satan and Demons are real and our lives as followers are measured according to the service we provide to the Master of the World. Every follower has to decide what is right for them.

Question #2: How long have you studied Satanism?

Answer #2: I have followed the Left Hand Path for over 25 years and I am happy with my progression as a Magus and Spiritual Teacher. I enjoy what I do and derive a great deal of satisfaction by helping others discover a world where neither guilt nor hypocrisy are used as tools to sell lies the others. Satanism is an open and HONEST path that leads each follower to their own version of satisfaction, self-fulfillment and happiness. I never experienced such peace and stability in my life and emotions while part of the Xian congregation.

Question #3: Do you sacrifice animals and drink their blood?

Answer #3: I suppose this question will always be asked since the Xian church would have everyone believe it to recruit them into their congregation. No, we do not torture, kill or drink the blood of any animals. We do practice sacrifice rituals but they are performed by “proxy“…..we use an inanimate object as the focus of the ritual so only the person intended will be harmed (who should be harmed). This is a basic magical operation.

Question #4: Do you provide guidance to those who ask?

Answer #4: Yes, I am happy to provide answers to questions and assist those searching for the truth. I ask for one thing before you ask a question; “Do your research and be ready to discuss the matter intelligently before you contact me”. The basic information about Satanism is readily available from many sources including my books. I do not have the time to explain “Satanism” to someone who is either too lazy to research or too cheap to buy a book. Satan helps those who are willing to invest in their knowledge and spiritual growth. I will not write a 5 page email explaining Satanism. My books provide those answers and much more.

Tarot CardsQuestion #5: Do I have to join a coven to practice Satanism?

Answer #5: No, there is no requirement to attend any type of meeting or ritual to practice Satanism. Some followers have never been in a coven nor performed rituals with anyone else. Some people prefer the seclusion of being totally alone during magical workings. Satanism is individual and it is up to the person to decide what is right for them. Many followers have their sanctum or altars in their homes and never join a group.

I hope these answers help those who are considering Satanism. Feel free to contact me with any questions (after you have done your research) and I will provide as much direction as possible.

Until next time,