Satanic Ritual in Germany Tonight

The Blessings of Satan In His House Tonight

We are making final preparations for our satanic ritual tonight. The energy is strong, the magic is intoxicating, our coven is READY! Tonight we re-dedicate ourselves to the almighty King of the World; Satan!!

I sincerely wish everyone Satanic Blessings and I hope everyone can harvest the fruits of our combined “magical labors”. We are without name, without face, without form in a sea of vividness however, everyone in the world knows of our Master, mission and power. They tremble at the very mention of our association; for good reason!

We remember those who have passed before us and those who will come. We cast the spells, we invoke darkness and we unlock the sacred and ancient door to the dimension just beyond. For our day has come and our power shall increase as those hypocritical fools attempt to negotiate their slavery!

This night we will use a building dedicated to a myth, sanctified by senile old men in Rome and filled with dogma and death; we will make the bowels of the Basilican Xtian Ossuarium come alive!! Upon the bones of those buried beneath, we shall trample upon the sepulcher where the flesh-peddling whoremonger has been laid for the halfwits to adore while fidgeting with their rosaries.

Brother and Sister, enter the sanctum tonight with head held high and know we stand TOGETHER before His Altar. Partake of the sweet elixir and the softness of the Altar and focus your mind on attaining magical heights of ecstasy and Shout with Satan.

Call the Demons to assist in fulfilling you desires of flesh and spirit. Tonight we indulge in any wish for we are Gods; much more worthy of worship than the xtian myth and lie. As the bell sounds of 9, I will intercede for those who believe and have witnessed great satanical magical.

He shall reveal His power, desires and words to us; the true of the numbers. We take our rightful place at His left hand. Tears of joy and howls of delight!

Satanic Blessings!!

Magus Aleister Nacht

Book of Satanic Ritual and Book of Satanic Magic by Aleister Nacht – Top 10 Best Selling Books (Satanism genre)


November 6, 2012 – Tampa, Florida

Book of Satanic Ritual and Book of Satanic Magic by Aleister Nacht – Amazon’s Kindle Top 10 Best Selling Books (Satanism genre) 

This week, author Aleister Nacht has a reason to celebrate. This marks the second week that 2 of his books have been Amazon’s Kindle Top 10 Best Sellers (Satanism genre).

Aleister Nacht’s Book of Satanic Ritual entered Amazon Kindle #10 Best Seller position while his Book of Satanic Magic remained at the Amazon Kindle #8 Best Seller slot in the genre of Satanism. Nacht’s Satanic books have consistently achieved top-selling slots such as Kindle Top 50, Kindle Top 20 and Kindle Top 10 (Satanism genre) however this marks the first time having 2 books in the Amazon Top 10 simultaneously. 

In a statement released earlier, Nacht commented; “I share this honor with my readers. They are the ones who have been loyal from the very beginning of this journey.” Nacht adds “It is so rewarding when someone writes to say they have discovered happiness and quality of life as a result of something I wrote. When people relate to any of my books, I am flattered and extremely humbled!”

This month marks the two-year anniversary of Aleister Nacht’s first published book, Magnum Opus – Secrets of the Inner Sanctum.

During that 2 year period, Nacht has released 5 books about Satanism and Satanic Rituals. When asked about his success he replies “Writing for me began when I tried to find educational books for our new coven members. Everything I read was so far from truth and reality that I began writing down some thoughts to share with our new members and before long, I had the first book.” Nacht sums up his experience as “Success could end tomorrow so for now, this is a wonderful place to be in my life.” Aleister Nacht’s books are distributed world-wide by Loki/Speckbohne Media.

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