Satanists, Why the hostility?

I received an email asking about love and hatred, including the following comment:

My Dear Aleister,

My question is “Why all the hostility?” It seems that Satanists are all having a bad day – everyday! Do you have any thoughts on this?

I thought about that question for a few minutes and decided this person is absolutely right… a certain extent. In modern society, there seems to be much more hate and hostility on “Satanic” forums, especially when questioning the prevailing ideas and philosophies. This is not a matter of questioning another’s views or trying to understand a belief……far from it. It seems like these cliquish online groups amount to one big “asshole”. Thankfully, not all Satanists are “pricks and cunts”satanic-children

Once something is said it can never be taken back or retracted. Some people believe saying “I’m sorry” will fix any wrongdoings against someone. That is certainly not true. Whether a person apologizes for what they have said or the actions they have taken is superfluous. The fact is, words and deeds remain in place long afterward. It is a never-ending spiral; a circular topography, returning to conscious thought again and again. “Sorry” does not amend this cycle and the thought, deed, or word is forever released. We certainly need to look closer and when we do, we cannot (and should not) rely upon an apology to make things right because it simply does not, nor will it ever truly metamorphose a negative action or word into a positive.

When we have made a mistake or taken actions which were not meant to hurt someone, it is vastly different from having the intention to create harm. We can certainly see that some may misconstrue words and read more into the meaning or implication however, it is important to realize that the overall spirit may deliver those words with hostility, hate, or threat. Looking beyond the mere definition of a word is certainly important, especially when deciding if harm has in fact been done and something worthy of hate / harm truly occurred. In the meaning of the words and the context in which they fall will certainly define the user’s intent with a degree of certainty that a verbal attack was launched toward the receiver.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment with your point of view.

Until next time,


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8 thoughts on “Satanists, Why the hostility?

  1. i don’t understand either we’re Satanists we should be better than this sure their are differing ways of thinking in different forms of satanism but it’s just devolved and become toxic honestly it’s why i rarely speak with Atheistic Satanists and levayan’s most are rude and boring to talk to but that doesn’t mean we fight we should learn and Do Lord Satan’s work


    • Thanks for the comment. I agree there is a profound lack of respect and common curtesy among those who are aetheistic – not all but certainly quite a few. It tires me to defend my position (after 3 decades of practice) to a numbskull who just spent 30 minutes conducting google searches.



  2. Hi
    Sorry that my comment dosnt relate to this post.I practice magick from 2 years ago (more folk mafic).Base of ocoult is achieving to the knowledge and conversation of Holy Guardian Angel.I cant do method of abramelin.I a couple of month do liber samekh but without any result.IS in satanism a SIMPLE method for knowledge and conversation HGA or something instead of it.


  3. I am a solitary practitioner for this very reason. I’ve met some very friendly, caring, and helpful Satanists online since I converted to Theistic Satanism from Xianity a few years back, people who have helped me a great deal during my transition. Unfortunately, I’ve met just as many, if not more, Satanists who are spiteful, angry, and are ready to ruin my life at the first perceived slight. Perhaps I see things differently than others because of my misspent youth as a Xian. I certainly understand that there is a little bit of darkness in each of us, or we wouldn’t have chosen the LHP. Even so, I don’t think being a Satanist gives one license to act like a jerk, especially since Satan and the demons I work with are kind, loving, and respectful, so long as I treat them the same. I would love to join an online or physical coven and worship with others one day, but the current climate would have to change a great deal first.


  4. Sadly the comment you are responding to does have a ring of truth about it, especially in some satanic forums. While I think it is right and logical for satanists to develop a harder edge in some respects, we need to show wisdom in deploying that edge wisely and productively. It should not be the default position.

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