Auspicium Melioris Aevi

Everyone is looking for answers to the riddle of life. Whether it is the meaning or the very essence of existence, we all seek solace in knowledge. I too searched for an absolute which was, at least for sometime, fleeting and elusive. One axiom was true in my case: “Stop looking and the answer will soon appear”.

Something simple and unassuming seeped into the very fabric of my existence long ago in New Orleans and the life-changing power opened a plethora of choices for my future. This was more than a mysterious encounter with a celestial form beyond human senses; it was the fulfillment of meaning with a sustained euphoria which has lasted for decades and continues to this very day. Did I see a ghost; have an out-of-body experience or was I taken by aliens? No, although those would certainly be worth experiencing.Satanism is Worshipping Satan

Opening the mind to possibilities is the most exciting part of living this fleshly existence. Knowing there are choices and the selection is not as limited as some would portray and the commonly accepted principles may, in fact, be flawed or intentional lies.

Youth is wasted in a mad race to “acquire” possessions; trinkets for show or social status. This energy expended into the atmosphere dissipates as quickly as the minutes, hours, days, months, and years invested in fruitless endeavors without satisfaction or fulfillment; no dividends from sad and misplaced usury. This is the ultimate faux pas and the cost is priceless youth, energy, enthusiasm, hope, and a flawed future as a byproduct.

There is a fit for everyone in this world but it is not without suffering. There is no preordained destiny for anyone and each person’s story is being written by an invisible implement of his or her device. There is no one to save you from yourself and do not expect a pact with Satan will ensure a life of luxury and / or privilege. These are lies for the misguided to consume while begging for more lies. Beggars are rarely choosers, especially when nothing of value is offered as consideration.

“Children of Death” are always pawns in a game where the stakes are extremely high and loss means everything. The promise of quick and complete satisfaction is only ensured in the fairy tales of a misplaced childhood. The remnants of broken dreams only add insult to injury when the future quickly fades into the past. Is it a lesser crime to steal a person’s physical property or (although intangible) his or her hope?Demonic and Satanic Sex

If one peers into the abyss, the darkness will certainly gaze back in an attempt to understand what is wanted, desired, or otherwise contemplated. Beneath the shallow epidermis of human emotion is a void that must be filled and this area is neither discerning nor reasoning; reason will cease to exist in the dark chasms of raw feeling. The question of “why” will never be raised when any justification is useless and individual desire is unquantified.

BTW, I visited Mad Hatters today. I recommend stopping in if you are in St. Pete.

I’m glad you are still here with me……

Satanic Blessings,




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10 thoughts on “Auspicium Melioris Aevi

  1. I do not wonder I believe we are products of earth and Satan and his demons. Satan helps us in our pursuit of happiness with out guilt for the things most of us all do to have pleasure and happiness. Hail Satan


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  3. “Man’s youth is a wonderful thing, so full of anguish and of magic…..but he never really comes to know it as it is until it is gone from him forever.”-Thomas Wolfe, Of Time and the River.~

    On 11/23/16, Aleister Nacht’s Satanic Magic Blog


  4. Ave ALEISTER! Ave Satanas! Nice to read your well chosen thoughts tonight! We should all give thanks that we are enlightened {-lumens,”lux” i.e. “Lucifer”; (He has his own TV show now, LOL)} through the true POWER OF SATAN. I have experienced a much “tighter” brainwave as I grow in Satanic wisdom and I’m very PROUD of who I am and who we are together as one now. The SLAP EGG (seven so called capital sins) philosophy is further enlightening. The “negative sell” the ladies/whores learn early is a very powerful source of action that is quickly emerging worldwide now after and through this past (somewhat ridiculous) election. Having learned how to use the – and actually using it makes me more powerful and effective in all I do and will. Please share these thoughts with our brethren. UIOGS, Sinned


    • Thank you for the message. I too am thankful to Satan for the richness of life and the freedom of thought Satan and Demons provide. There are always those who have doubts and apprehensions pertaining to the Higher Satanic Magic processes however, I can attest to the effectiveness as a practitioner for over 30 years (wow, I feel old now) 🙂

      Satanic Blessings!


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