Will You Allow Yourself To Be Happy in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015…..2016?

Ex Silentio………..

Happy New Year Again……..Happy New Life!

Life is short, time is an enemy and happiness is fleeting. There is one thing you can do to in your pursuit of happiness…………be truthful with yourself.

Any religion will set boundaries and limitations for you but for the Satanist, we do not “limit” nor do we judge.

If you are seeking happiness, ring in the new year with truthfulness, explore the spiritual world around you and stop carrying guilt, shame and pain.

TRUTH………give it a try.


Aleister Nacht

Ex Silentio, Satanas

Ex Silentio, Satanas


8 thoughts on “Will You Allow Yourself To Be Happy in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015…..2016?

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  2. I have been reading some of your writings , ans how true they are.it is hard to find someone like you,You have a great understanding and wisdom in,magic and satanism . I started seeing when I was a child and never had anyone besides my family , and the spirits . Iam learning now ,finally ,.Do you have any groups or meetings here in Jacksonville Fl?I would love to attend . .I will say , darkness truly exist , and the power is so very real . I believe that out of darkness comes beauty and understanding . Hail Satan ! !


  3. I really enjoy your blog, I have had a deep interest in the occult/ left hand path since I was a child. In fact I had a demonic experience when I was around nine, I have looked into Laveyan Satanism, But to my own dismay The suppossed CoS that was hijacked is Atheism dressed up. I admire Lavey’s work, But due to my own ”personal experiences” I believe Satan to be a real entity and the embodiment of the dark force of nature. Keep up the great work your doing for the master, Also I should add I am looking forward to getting your book on my birthday from my girlfriend. HAIL SATAN!!

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  4. Ave Satanus! Ave Aleister! Happy New Year! Thanx for the wonderful writings and the Satanic pix! Look forward to chatting with you in the new year…UIOGS Sinned/Dennis >

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