Satanic Ritual Mass – Blasphemy, Sex and Blood

Brothers and Sisters of the Left Hand Path,

You may have noticed my absence from the blog………I needed a break from all public life. With my [past] manager’s indiscretions, I summarily fired all but my closest and most loyal colleagues, took a pound of flesh from Cohen’s wallet and ended his career with his legacy of a “Thief”. I found myself at the end of an era; needing closure and time to heal the emotional wounds. Satanic Woman On Altar

I am also no longer on Facebook, by choice. Facebook has become a huge pain-in-the-ass and a boring cluster-fuck collection of wanna-be posers and bullshit. I grew tired of the constant “give me something for nothing” losers bombarding me with “chat” requests. I was constantly chastised by Facebook admins and my account had been suspended a total of 24 times in the past year for various violations of their community standards; their ‘hammer’ used to silence anyone with an idea contrary to “Facebook’s very profitable privacy violations”. Out of the 5,000 ‘friends’, there were only 5 or six that could hold a meaningful two-way conversation and those people are in constant contact with me through other communication channels. After 4 years of Facebook insanity, I decided to pull the plug.Nun On Road

Tonight our Magnum Opus coven celebrates the Blasphemy, Sex and Blood Ritual. For Devil Worshippers, we revel in the acts contained in the Book of Satanic Magic and Nomina Actorum of The Sanctum of Shadows Volume II: Corpus Satanas. Just two years ago I attended the same ritual with my Brothers and Sisters in Germany which was both powerful and productive. I wish them Satanic Blessings for tonight!!

For you, the Reader, I wish you great success for tonight and for the coming coven celebration on New Year’s Day. I am rested, very healthy, focused and ready to ring the Satanic Bell. Satanic Blessings!!

Until next time,


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2 thoughts on “Satanic Ritual Mass – Blasphemy, Sex and Blood

  1. You foolishly Bastards,

    The Satan will come to you And eat all of you ass fucked satanists. Watch Out revelation. Cause if you pray for her she’ll come And fuck your brains out.

    Satanic Grüße
    His wife


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