Satanic Laws and Magical Abilities

Laws are put into place to protect the greater good, provide fair and equitable treatment and allow everyone an equal opportunity to do whatever they want to do. The law settles matters and the courts make a determination of who is right and wrong under the law. One thing that the law does not do is establish a person’s motives. It really does not matter if you believe in the law or if you agree with the law, what matters is you must obey that law. There are natural laws such is gravity; you may not agree with it and you may not believe that it exists however, jump off the roof of a building and the law will be equally applied to you and anyone who jumps off the building with you. There’s no differentiation between the two; you will both be hurt or killed just the same.Satanic Mistress

In the world of magic, there are laws which are immutable. You cannot work around the inevitable and these laws actually govern many of the activities and circumstances the practitioner will be experiencing. Whether you agree with these laws or not again………it does not matter. These laws are absolute and even though you don’t like them, there is no working around them and you will certainly learn to respect them. Whether a pleasant reaction, the desired result or something you do not want to experience, the choice is yours.

When a new practitioner first begins to open the doors of his or her mind, these laws are all called into question. Aren’t Satanist supposed to question everything? Aren’t Satanists supposed to question the law and authority? If you embrace this statement and take it for face value, you may have a rude awakening when trying to operate in the sphere of the parallax dimension. The laws will apply and moreover, the laws must be observed to reap the benefits and the desired result from any magical practice. For instance, alchemy has many, many processes that involve mixtures of certain substances. If you mix the wrong ones together, you may find you have just created an explosion and you may find out too late to do anything about it. Just as a Mad Chemist, an Alchemist can cause themselves great harm by not observing certain laws.

In transportation for instance, the Law of Inertia cannot be ignored. If you wonder why, simply try driving your vehicle at 70 mph and apply the brakes as hard as you can or if you run into something, you will decelerate from 70 mph to zero in the blink of an eye however, your body will continue to move. This is the effect of inertia because you cannot get around inertia and you cannot disregard it. You must learn to use it to your advantage.Grimoire Page

Let’s say that you are an aerobatics pilot and you fly a small aerobatics airplane during air shows. You will deal with inertia and gravitational forces that are exerted positively and negatively on your body through out your flying routine. You can deny or you may not agree with these laws but nonetheless, you must learn to use the laws to your advantage. You will train your body to do without maximum blood flow as you are experiencing positive gravitational (G loads) forces. The blood will drain from your head into your body. If you have not built a tolerance to such an experience and are not in top physical condition, you will quickly pass out. Pilots that are unconscious do not have a smooth landing.

If you have experienced some of the laws of magic, you will know the effects are just as real as the gravitational or G forces a pilot experiences. You will, at some point, need to mitigate those forces use them to your advantage. On the other side of the parallax, the rules are completely opposite. In magic, one thing that will work in our realm will not work in other dimension. Expectations that everything will be equal, no matter what side of the veil you are on, is completely ludicrous. For the proficient practitioner, knowing how to exploit these laws is part of preparing for the higher Satanic processes.

If you cannot deal with the small things, you certainly cannot master the larger things! Nothing proves this better than a new practitioner attempting to cast a spell. If you do not know what you are doing, you may hurt yourself more than the person you intended to hurt! It is almost like looking down the barrel of a shotgun and being totally oblivious to the effects the weapon can have on your body. Knowing “how much you don’t know” is just as important as knowing everything. If you do not know what your limitations are prior to embarking on your process, you may very well never realize what truly occurred and the damage that was done until much, much later. Just as a person exposed to a virus does not become ill immediately, you may actually go days or even weeks without feeling the first symptom of your botched spell. Rest assured, when you begin to experience those negative effects, you will know unequivocally what has happened.

You must prepare; education, training, learning……these are all words people like to use but in reality, they do not like to invest very much time, energy or money in these things. Without investing in yourself, you will simply be playing Russian Roulette. Deep in the magic chasms that are created from the positive and negative energy flows, there are instances you can turn to your advantage. You can easily harness the energy with knowledge and practice; you can form energy to create the effects that will deliver your desires. Practice makes perfect!The Satanic Coven by Aleister Nacht

In magic, keeping a current grimoire is also a wonderful way to document your magical processes. Take advantage of your historical knowledge. After a year or two years of practicing, review what you have accomplished and update your subject matter with perhaps things that worked and things that did not work. Circumstances, just as knowledge levels, are ever-changing. As you increase in knowledge, you certainly will want to expand your processes and try different things. There is no one-size-fits-all document when it comes to magic. In all books ever written on magic and magical processes, you can certainly find something new that is not covered in those volumes; just using experimentation. Do not be afraid to try a variation on a reliable and predictable process. Your investment in those things untried will pay big dividends over time! Do not become too hurried and do not become anxious or impatient; those attributes will certainly lead you to a failure! You can streamline your magical practices after you have a firm foundation built but do not do so until that foundation has been tried and tested and found to be resilient!!!!

Until next time……….Hail Satan!

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