Halloween, Satanism and Esprit de Corps (Part 3)

A Quark Named “Beauty”

I love living in Florida, especially the Tampa Bay area. It has a great mix of all ethnic groups and more New Yorkers per square mile than………New York (just kidding). My town knows how to do things right and we throw one hell of a party; beautiful women who are nicely tanned year around. With the bodies and looks that rival California and the down-to-earth approachability of Midwest women, I am proud to call this home. There is absolutely no segue into this week’s blog post but, I needed to write it down.

(BTW: Noraa, kisses on your soft parts)

satanic witches dancing

Satanic Ritual Sacrifice

Sacrifice – the act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to a divine or supernatural figure.

In my humble opinion, Satanic Ritual Sacrifice is one of the most misunderstood elements of Satanism. Whether serial killer / psychopath kids rip a cat into pieces, the ‘top secret’ mutilated pony, cartel members cook a cauldron of human “skull soup” for good luck transporting drugs or the newborn baby ripped from the womb to satisfy a rabid, bloodletting Satanic coven, Satanic Sacrifice has  been (and continues to be) baffling and perplexing.

Bullshit or Pâté de foie gras? Are both hors d’oeuvres?

First, let us not confuse the issue. The same sacrificium may fulfill the needs for a Satanic Sacrifice or a Destruction Ritual. These rituals are not the same, are not performed the same way and do not produce the same results. One is to “rebalance” energy forces and the other “increases” energy forces. With any ritual, you must first know your intended results to achieve success. For the Halloween Satanic Ritual, sacrifice is used to increase energy which, when harnessed, will be used to transverse the Paradox Dimension as discussed in Part 2 of this series.

Note: Seriate Esoteric §§

There are generally three types of sacrifice from the perspective of Magnum Opus. Our theology may or may not The first is called a Votive Sacrifice, which is something that has been promised to Satan and the Hosts of Hell before the actual ritual is performed. The second type is a Malefic Sacrifice, which produces injurious harm. The third type of sacrifice is Proxy, which uses a substitute such as a Voodoo doll or other effigy to symbolically perform the practitioners desires.

In Preparation for the Beast

Preparation of the official sacrifice is important however, this is an area in which the coven members can fully indulge his / her personal desires. Every sacrifice is different and each coven member is affected emotionally (in some cases, physically) in such a way that his / her individual relationship with Satan and the Hosts of Hell actually becomes stronger reenforced. The psychological imprint and trauma experienced by Initiates indelibly scorches the images into his / her psyche however, just like battle brings soldiers closer through an invisible connection, the Initiate unconsciously bonds with the other coven members.sacrifice of babies

This culmination from the time of preparation until the real sacrifice takes place that is critical for the full integration of the Initiate into the supporting and protective arms of the coven. It is a wonderful, memorable, evil, love/hate and brutal event that illustrates our beliefs and provides a glimpse into the Satanic abyss and those wonderful possibilities for our new Satanic Brother or Sister.

Join me for Part 4. I will share our preparation of the Inner Sanctum.


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