Halloween, Satanism and Esprit de Corps (Part 1)

Last Sunday I explained the pros and cons of the Satanic coven. I feel fortunate that I was able to find my home with my group and I love each and every one of them. I would hate to try and find a coven in today’s society; in fact, it scares the Devil out of me. I would imagine the pursuit of Satanic happiness is akin to dating; forever lost in a fake and frightening world of Christian Mingle or Farmer’s OnlySatanic Apoteke

Halloween and Satanism

Samhain ushers in the ‘dark half’ of the year and we can thank our dear occult brethren, the Druids. The few antinomies of Druid beliefs and Satanic ritual can be easily seen by the educated, observant eye. While Satanism may be visualized by some as an occult theology with “anti” overtones, the roots of our Satanic lineage have grown sinews firmly anchored just beyond our limited perception and narrow swath of comprehension, in a parallax perpetuity of the Paradox Dimension. I find it ironic that the Druids discovered and frequently used this ‘continuum of dimension’ without the aid of an iPhone, Android, computer or the internet; with only the assistance of their Familiar. Modern society utilizes these technologically advanced devices yet, believes (as facts) rambling nonsense of established religions. This is neither a post about the ‘other side’ nor a history lesson so, let’s stir up some Halloween ghosts and goblins. 🙂

The ancient Samhain and symbology of Halloween draw parallels of death and dying. As the cooler temperatures of Autumn volley with the impending bitter cold that Winter brings, the fate of all living things in nature is quietly decided. Sacrifices were often performed to appease Winter; allowing the remaining members of the tribe to survive. These noble men and women were involved in a life-and-death struggle in a time where the slightest illness or minor injury could ensure ultimate death. If the male died or became ill for an extended period of time, the chances of the entire family surviving the brutal Winter would dramatically reduce in the face of overwhelming odds. Cannibalism of the dead was a common occurrence required by the remaining family members in order to survive. The taste and nourishment provided by the expired relative was sacred; to be savored with thanks and recognition of his / her ultimate oblation.Satanic Tarot Card

Kids, You Will Be Good

Beltaine is situated near the polar opposite of Samhain in the Druid’s year. As you can guess, Beltaine represents fertility, awakening and rebirth. This was the time to thrust the phallic member deep into the moist, fertile and titillating womb with hope of a blessing from Baal. At the time of Samhain (approximately the 6th month of pregnancy), the concurrent second trimester was a critical period. While modern medicine has greatly improved the odds of survival for a premature fetus after the 23rd week of pregnancy, if born premature in the time of the Druids, the chances of survival were nil. If the fetus was still-born or died shortly after a premature birth, the fetus was drained of blood which was consumed with the infant’s flesh during a dedication ritual; reaffirming their thankfulness and renewed dedication to Baal.

Join me next time as I discuss the Halloween celebration of the Magnum Opus coven.


Satanic Death

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