Syria – Prevalence of Sisyphean Amalgamation

Synopsis of Absurdity

As I write this blog post, I have neither joy nor happiness in my heart. I sit and watch the rain fall over the Gulf of Mexico and at times, the gulf disappears totally as the heavy clouds release their moderate downpours. I wish my heart could open up and drop my affliction.

It is not a disease or sickness that is troubling me currently. It is something that I cannot receive treatment for nor can I cure with a prescription……….it goes much deeper than that and as the days go by, the symptoms become worse and I know it will ultimately cause death. So you may ask “Is it cancer, HIV, heart ailment, etc.?” I answer “No, it is none of those maladies.”

The United States of America Will Soon Wage War on Syria

Medicine and technology have cured many of the legacy illnesses of the past. Patients can now have something “cut off or cut out” or undergo a series of procedures that, with various advanced pharmaceuticals, often provides a treatment catholicon and cure. I ask you friend, “How do you “cut out or off” that which is a part of you………of which you have no control?”

What Does A Cause “Cost”?

I am an American. I love my country and I am deeply patriotic. I have travelled around the world (except Australia) and while there are beautiful places and beautiful people around our globe, it is always such a joy for me to arrive in the USA. My country is not perfect; none truly are or will ever be but I love my country. I believe it is for this reason that my heart is so heavy.

It truly worries me, and always has, that my country is acting as the “worldwide police”. We are a country of intelligent, rational and determined individuals however, there are times when the “cooler heads should prevail”; and I feel that this is one of those times. It is not my responsibility, nor the duty of my country, to hurry into yet another war. Civil conflicts must be worked out by those “insiders” involved and the “outsiders” have absolutely no business attempting to impose their ‘will’ upon those who are genuinely involved in the conflict.

The American people have endured over a decade of war in a region that did not need; did not want the USA there to begin with. The lies of the Bush administration painted a clear “enemy” for Americans to hate in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. My country bought the pack of lies and Bush’s claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WDM) that “could be used against the US or our allies (Israel) in the region”. The WMD claims turned out to be lies and meanwhile, the US is still bogged down in a conflict that Russia gave up on and ceased to occupy after a decade of shame.

US Army Troops

Oh, by the way, war has its costs; monetary and human costs. The US quantifies the human attrition in very “matter of fact” Personnel Injured or Killed Charts produced by the US Department of Defense. The numbers; well the numbers speak for themselves regarding a conflict that has not and will not (certainly anytime soon) be brought to a close.

What Is A Cause “Worth”?

“We will not rest until terrorist groups of global reach have been found, have been stopped, and have been defeated.”


An objective is what defines the scope of a project, operation, mission, etc. Without a clear objective, no one knows when the work is complete and when the workers can go home (a little construction analogy). Ok, a quick question for everyone reading this blog…….please answer this:

What was / is the objective for the “War on Terror”?

The costs of war and conflict for humanity is very high. The US knows because we have paid and will continue to pay in the coming decades. I do not believe the costs were justified for Russia in Afghanistan, the USA in Iraq / Afghanistan or the US involvement in Syria.  Every conflict event the US has been involved in since World War II has only cost lives and a huge amount of money; money that could be spent on things the USA really needs like education, medical insurance coverage, immigration reform………..need I go on?

Sons of Gynarchy

Some members of our government actually “think and speak” with reason and sanity. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) has asked that Congress and Washington as a whole meet to discuss, debate and choose a prudent course of action.

She is simply asking for some time (which we have) in order to discuss such an important matter; together as one unified government. This seems to be the sense of reason and voice in the wilderness…………she only asks that “cooler heads should prevail” and I totally agree with her; I do not agree that this issue is any of our business in the first place however, I believe such conversations, backed with evidence, might change the minds of those who are blindly leading the battle cry.Rep. Barbara Lee

Literally Figurative

Only time will tell but either way, history will record this decision as pivotal. I sincerely hope the “cooler heads prevail” and things can be peacefully resolved. If not, in the near future, innocent people will lose their homes, neighbors, friends, family members and even their lives and for that I feel a dismal sadness.

As I write this blog post, I have neither joy nor happiness in my heart. I sit and watch the rain fall over the Gulf of Mexico and at times, the gulf disappears totally as tears fill my eyes and run down my cheeks for what I know tomorrow brings.

I dedicate this post to the men, women and children of Syria and the US who will suffer loss in the near future.


Aleister Nacht

7 thoughts on “Syria – Prevalence of Sisyphean Amalgamation

  1. It is both saddening and frightening as a Canadian living next to a country with some nice people and utterly insane war-mongering greed machine leaders, wondering what other b.s. they will try to sell Canadian leaders to get our oil sands, get us to follow their laws or do to us like they do unto others. Perhaps they have long forgotten that in 1812 they tried to take our country and lost.

    “Patriotism” and “National Security” are terms used to convince Americans that fighting in these insane busy-body world control wars is a morally good idea while the meaning behind them is far different. Patriotism has become blind faith toward leaders stealing American rights and national security is really “This is what it takes to remain in control of the world- to keep the nation’s secure position as a world power domination machine”.

    I feel badly for American citizens losing rights and it sickens me that the leaders have extended their P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act to infringe upon the rights of people globally. It sickens me that false flags are created to control regions that the U.S. has no right to interfere with while the US gov seems to think people believe the b.s. in the information age! None of their wars are for any morally upright purpose but are based upon lies. My brother was in Nam and my father was in both Korea and WWII. My brother feels the same way I do.

    Kudos Magus, for being a brave American and saying something! So many wonderful American people have to wake up and speak up. Ave! and Ave Satanas-Luciferi!


  2. Initially i was annoyed with US and the rest of the Super Powers for not standing out and help the oppressed in Syria who were being bombard with chemical bombs or biological or whatever they call them.Then i asked myself,what if the other side was using some tactics and draw the rest of the world into their wars?Is it not time to realise we need political and ideology solution into this war,not arms?I do believe the world is so big such that we can live together in love,peace and harmony.Peace should prevail so as for development of Mankind..There so much to do instead of Wars and Hatreds.


  3. This world affairs show very clearly that war against is already lost and brings more of what it is fought against. It’s just typical example of law of attraction (you bring more of what you focus upon – in strong simplification).

    US started war against overweight of society and over the years number of overweight persons grew…

    US declared definitive war (similar in wording to the war against terrorism…) on cancer many years ago and… cancer is more frequent and touches younger and younger people…

    Many countries declared war on drugs… And the drugs are fine till today.

    It’s a madness that goes roaming over whole world and USA as the self declared world protector is often much harder touched by the consequences of fight against something.

    Did people forger simple “fight for”: freedom, rights, etc.? Those fights weren’t easy but over the time they brought improvement.

    And as a satanist I must add, that although I disagree with laveyan statements, I agree with Lavaye that satanic would be stay out of things that don’t concern us privately. If someone is fighting with each other, that’s unfortunate but that’s non of our business (unless it’s someone close to us and ask for help). That is why this whole world protector attitude is so annoying for me and not just only for me. Common opinion outside USA is that US meddle too much and simply had it coming…


    • A very good point of view. I too do not agree with all of Anton’s theology however, I respect him since he “hit the nail on the head” frequently. If anything, he was an astute student of human behavior.


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