Mea Culpa: Is Our Modern Society Avant-Garde or Noucentisme?

Look, A Star – A King is Born

Since I had a few questions about by tweets last week, I decided to clarify with a blog post. Enjoy!!!

Last week, as I surfed the morning news, I came across a somber, yet not-so-uncommon, headline “LAMAR ODOM CRACK COCAINE Drug of Choice“. TMZ ‘broke’ the story and it is on its way to becoming yesterday’s news however, I paused for a moment to ponder “Is our society based upon lies and appearances……and truly nothing more?”

Society desperately seeks heroes to have someone inspirational, aspiring and motivational. This hero-worship is big business; associating brand name products and services with ‘winners’ and those who go on to develop ‘star power’ with the ability to demand multimillion dollar (pounds, euros, yen, etc.) endorsement deals. The world showers these lucky “enigmas” with the best of the best of everything. Fans clamor for more information, retailers hurriedly work the ‘supply and demand’ economic model, unknown people who happened to know these individuals become overnight celebrities by nothing more than association. Everyone has a reality show, right? Publicists, Managers and the media work relentlessly to put a “money earning spin” on everything the hero does………..including Shaquille O’Neal’s Aventis’ Icy Hot pain-relief patch, VitaminWater, Burger King, Kraft Foods, Pepsi, Comcast, Radio Shack and Taco Bell, which reportedly earns him $15 million a year.

The problem is, very few of these “gods” will remain sinless and pure. As much as society loves superstars, society loves (even more) to see these perfect individuals fall from grace……….demoralizing and painful as watching a 40 car train wreck in slow motion.

The Parsons Dig Their Own Graves

“As we reported … Khloe threw Lamar out of the house a few days ago after he rejected an attempt at an intervention. It’s unclear how Lamar’s problem will affect his basketball career.” After the fall and sometimes ‘death’ of the god’s career, the media vultures swoop in to drag the carcass around. This earning plan is usually very lucrative and some lucky survivors actually emerge in a better position that before the roller coaster ride began. Some will never recover and others are not the victims………they actually caused the “implosion of their house of cards”.

So, you are 4 feet tall and cannot bounce a basketball? No problem, grab a frying pan, invent a slogan / catch phrase and a personal tic……… are all set ya’ll!!!

Crucifix and Vagina

Honey, I’m Home!!!!!

“Another day, another high-dollar deal lost for Paula Deen following a racial-slur controversy that’s sent the Food Network and several large corporations, including Target, Sears and Wal-Mart, fleeing from the celebrity chef.” Reference

Some of the gods begin to believe the media hype, propaganda and publicists’ lies used to sell cookies, toilet bowl brushes, 4-week-long-lasting makeup, vaginal cleanser and butt putty. The rules no longer apply to these elite trend-setters and they begin to test the limits and blur the lines between acceptance and unacceptable. Society watches the god titter between the position of smug comfort and devastating trip on the high wire.

You Want to Play the Game, You’d Better Know the Rules, Love

We love to watch things spiral out of control; the god no longer the cool, suave, smooth talker. The creature is soon consumed by the creator in real-time; every swear, yell, punch, etc. captured and digitally teleported to a ravenous pack of hyenas………..the smell of fresh blood on the wind. We all want a bite to rip the flesh from the bone. While we buy the pack of lies and the products they sell, deep inside we all want to participate in the violent death of these fake people; these talentless imbeciles who become big celebrities because our society is too stupid to realize “reality is not reality“. Society knows that deep inside however, it is always more fun and entertaining to believe a lie, right? Where do some of these people come from and why are they famous?

“It’s sad what this world has come to. The whole thing with the Kardashians is really a disgrace to humanity. It’s bad enough when people idolize stars who aren’t talented, like Kesha. But the Kardashians are even worse! (didn’t think it was possible!) they have NO TALENT and they don’t even pretend that they do!! They’re just a family of bimbos and himbos. Their show is just about them making fools of themselves. I can’t fathom why anyone would CHOOSE to endure that kind of torture. It is, truly and entirely, PATHETIC.” MorbidlyCurious

So Lamar Odom experiences a crisis du jour for a few days or weeks but he will soon pass into the annals of 2013 history without a footnote. We will soon grow tired of him, the stuff he sells and the drone of related stories and spins from his camp. Fallen StarsSociety is already looking for their next god, king, queen, etc., admiring them from afar while despising their rapid ascent to the pinnacle of frenzy. We will be there to pay their admission to the exclusive club and we will watch as they become the alumni of failure and public humiliation. Without us, they would never be successful, wealthy or even known by anyone outside of their family and friends. We create with a little help from these gods who roam the earth.

Mea Maxima Culpa

If humanity learns to ‘communicate’ instead of talk’, we will all benefit. Els fruits saborosos

We can all make a difference if we desire to suppress our fears and proceed. La nacionalitat catalana

Aleister Nacht

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