Vicarious Liability

Satan Means Different Things to Different People

Dedicated to Sarah……….

I always enjoy intelligent, thought-provoking conversation and I really love participating in such a conversation with people I admire. As a Magus, I hear an assortment of problems and pains from those seeking my advice. This really provides a unique perspective into the way people think and what they hold as valuable and important. Based upon my personal evaluation of the respondent, I often reserve the cold, hard truth until I can provide some foundation that will lessen the blow to their reality I will soon deliver.Satan and Witches Coven

Some people know the answers to their questions or the solution to their dilemma before consulting me but they simply need to hear it from someone else to affirm their hypothesis. Others seek an alternative to their solution and look to me for perhaps a fresh perspective that may lead to another idea affording them the opportunity to avoid (or at least) delay the inevitable. Then there are the desperate seekers who are  neither ready to hear or apply the solutions to their problems.

It is quite amazing that the role of Satanic Magus is so very similar to that of a Psychologist. Desperation will make a person do that which in a normal circumstance, they would never have done. The PhD asking my advice for saving his marriage would never dream of asking for a Satanist’s assistance in normal conditions. The City Council member asks how to reconnect with her daughter who has recently discovered drugs; the church deacon reaches out to me, a Satanist, to help make sense of his addiction to sex and pornography; the federal employee asks for my objective thoughts because his office is full of “hypocritical xtians”; a local politician asks for my support in his upcoming election. These are real examples of the broad spectrum of readers and believers I have come to know and who have come to know me.

I still have my fair share of crazies however, it has become much more common to have lucid and articulate correspondence rather than the “sell my soul” banter.

satanic nun

You Can Talk To Me

Many times, after a positive experience, I am rewarded with an instant feeling of satisfaction, as I believe the possibility that I have made a positive impression on the person and they will benefit from our correspondence. Time is precious to everyone and I am no different however, if the person is sincere and respectful in their approach, I try to make time in my schedule for them. I often ask for their support through a donation or the purchase of a book since I am trying to earn a living and make my way through this life.

I am going to share this with you…………I sincerely believe there is an undercurrent of acceptance and desire to believe in Satan and in Satanism. I began feeling this unrecognized movement about five years ago, right before going public at the urging of my beloved coven, Magnum Opus. I truly believe society is approaching a crossroad and while history has repeatedly adhered to the dogma of the past, I believe we will experience an awakening and acceptance of not only Satanism, but all Occult beliefs and studies. There are some obstacles that may hinder, or even prevent this from becoming a reality. Let me explain……….

The Enemy Within

Satanism and the Occult Arts have faced fierce resistance and persecution from established religions and I am sure this will continue into the future. It is not however, the attacks of established religion that will impede the advancement of Satanism in the future. The attacks will come from within and as with Caesar, Divide et Impera delivers the most detrimental of injuries. To limit the scope of this post, I will discuss Satanism as my focal point although many other occult theologies may in fact fit nicely within this analogy.

The problem is Satanism (as with most Occult Arts) is so fractured that it is almost impossible to get agreement on anything from one or more Satanic covens. Satanists of all geographical locations, cultures and theologies present a challenge for anyone trying to bridge the gap and close the differences in thought. When you add a heaping helping of the egotistical, things go from bad to worse.Satanic Ritual Graves

From uncalled-for verbal attacks to an unwillingness to even discuss basic Satanism belief, anyone opening their heart and devoting their time to a doomed initiative will certainly (and quickly) reach their point of “burnout” and tire of the metaphorical “cat herding” exercise. The pendulum again swings out of control and without purpose.

Theistic Fibrosis

The internal injuries Satanism has suffered at the hands of so-called Satanists has resulted in “scar tissue” and the damaged areas have incorrectly healed, placing more stress upon the Satanic Body as a whole. The results have left many layers of callused tissue, limiting mobility, increasing pain from the old fractures and a “remodeling” of the connective tissues and skeletal components. Does this sound confusing?

Let me simply say Satanism looks like an established, coordinated, healthy and powerful entity while at the core, it is anything but healthy. The future challenge for all Satanists will be in a correct prognosis, a valid and effective treatment plan and methodology to monitor and take corrective actions to meet the overall needs of Satanism as a whole.

Cooperation, understanding, resolve and a spirit of Kaizen; a spirit of continuous improvement benefitting the overall practice, study and philosophies of Satanism. This will be a huge undertaking and simply defining ideas of Satanic “membership” illustrates the magnitude and how vast individual elements within the initiative will not only be but will later become.

This initiative will be a huge level of effort and if planned and executed correctly, it could forever change the image and inner workings of Satanism for generations to come. This would certainly be recognized and remembered in history as a pivotal event that will perhaps usher in other positive changes to all Occult Arts. I alluded to the idea in Sanctum of Shadows Vol. I The Satanist. In fact, the series is my idea for maximizing the entire potential of Satanism.

witch on broom

Satanism may one day hold a coveted position of being a worldwide “Brainstorming Think-Tank“; having a capability to draw upon its vast and diversified membership resulting in solutions to complex global problems and challenges. Perhaps Satanism will become more than just a few angry, ego-driven individuals, blog sites and chatrooms. The real power of any organization is its ability to improve the quality of life for society.

As always, I am sharing my opinions so feel free to comment with your point of view.

Satanic Blessings

Aleister Nacht

8 thoughts on “Vicarious Liability

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  2. Everything from afar looks better. “It’s always good in places we are not present” – not sure how is translated in English, but I hope you get the meaning.

    Satanism has its own flaws and issues, that’s for sure. But I don’t worry about them too much, because things don’t need to be controlled tightly. Biggest and most complex structures on this world organize on their own, without control of upper instances (or actually without ONE upper instance). Looking closely at some processes, we may see imbalance, problems, even catastrophes, but from larger point of view, it’s just all part of the bigger self organizing process. Of course in that process certain hierarchy and higher instances are created – that’s the nature of things. So far satanism is still in its infant phase and that is good so. As long it remains uncontrolled, it’s pure in its anti-social nature.

    We may create some covens, groups, but general hierarchy for satanism or even spiritual/theistic/traditional version of satanism would be bad idea. Besides, given our rebellious nature, I can see how majority of satanists would listen to anybody claiming he/she has a say for all satanists… Look for CoS. They try to create homogeneous version of satanism and it bites them in the ass. Even atheistic satanists often reject CoS as too rigid, too ordered, too neat, too dogmatic, etc.

    Internet and free access to information only deepens that trend.

    Although I wrote that the natural process demands creation of structure and hierarchy, I think that it will create only few major forces (or already did?) that are in competition or not agreeable with each other – which is good… But I wouldn’t name already existing popular branches or groups in satanism major so far. So it’s still more like an anarchy state ;p.


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