Sell Your Soul To Satan

Amass Huge Wealth In Satan’s Service

I have written many posts about the “selling the soul” which many people believe will bring them wealth, fame and other desires they may have deep in their minds. I receive countless correspondences from those who want something from Satan and they offer the King of the World……………….their soul. These individuals (sometimes a group) feel they are entitled to wealth and riches although he / she has not invested effort, time, money, thought, self-development nor do they feel as if those investments are required.

Satanism and Satanic Ritual

Give Me “The Right Stuff” – Money

Totally absent are analytical thought, reason, deducible transitional logic, lucidness, rationale, sensibility,perspicuousness………………I believe you get the message. Replacing these desirable cognitive attributes are nitwittedness, obtuseness, stupefaction and puerility. Not surprisingly, most of these ‘big dreamers’ want to be ‘stars’; famous in the fields of music and acting. I also receive enticements such as photos of vaginas, breasts, asses and the occasional penis picture. The penis pics do nothing for me however, I do love the female body!

Satan Will Give Me Talent

The ‘Five Second Approach’ goes directly to the desires of the Requester:

“Aleister Nacht,

Tell me how to sell my soul to get _______________ (rich, famous, boyfriend, girlfriend, sex slave, guitar, ATV, sex, etc.) I want $1M USD unless I can get more!


The ‘Ten Second Approach’ contains some fluff, chatter and pleasantries; suddenly it cuts directly to the plot:

“Dear Magus Aleister Nacht,

Hail Satan!! I am a big fan of your books and really love your Satanic Audio Blog. I am writing to ask for your help. I have worked very hard for many years to become a music star. Although I am only 20 years old, I feel I have grown beyond my age. Can you tell me how to sell my soul to Satan so I will become successful and make lots of money?

Your Biggest Fan,

Sin-day”Satan and Sex Slave

Finally, the Egomaniacs enable me to “get in on the action” by reaping a percentage of the gross sales price of the soul…………… 😉


I want to sell my soul for fame and money. If you are willing to contact Satan and set up the deal, I am willing to give you 20% of all the money for the first five years. I am willing to then give you 10% of my earnings for the next five years. I promise to pay you this if you help me. I am also willing to sign a contract with you if that makes you more comfortable. I am waiting for your reply. Please do not wait too long because I have made this offer to other satanic priests on the internet. I will sign with the first response that meets my requirements.

AJ Evil”

Donate To Further Satan’s Reach

Over the years I have received almost every type of business proposal imaginable however, a couple stand out in my memory as being the “special” cases. For instance, one such Requestor had this very enticing offer to extend to me a couple of years ago: 🙂Bestselling author Aleister Nacht Releases new book, Sanctum of Shadows

“Mr. Nacht,

I love your writing and have read all of your books and blogs. I really want to become a great writer and ask for your help. I want you to write a short book with me about satan and magick. You can write the book as you like to ensure quality. I will then make my edits and add the things I feel are needed for the book to sell. We will split the money 50% / 50%. I am sure your publisher will be interested in developing a young writer in the future.

Demon Eyez”

Wanted: Slightly Used Soul $100,000 USD or Best Offer

Some of the letters I receive are almost too ‘crazy’ to believe. Some of the requests are so unrealistic that I often find myself chuckling out loud in hopes that the last line will read “April Fool” or “I had you going….”. Alas, the gravity of the situation rolls over me and I am brutally reminded that these letters are real and the authors of the letters are quite serious.Satan and Satanism

A cold chill slithers up my spine……………………

Until Next Time,



Satan Et Al

Aleister Nacht

28 thoughts on “Sell Your Soul To Satan

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  5. I must add, that some of requests you posted definitely beats those I received so far ;P. Especially the one with 20%/10% of earnings deal is a pear :D!

    The sad part is, when I try to answer seriously and explain how things are, people write that they get it and… beg further. I’m seeing this so often and yet I still have troubles to believed that people really can be so brainless. The mark of quick, easy profit is too strongly rooted in movies or myths so we won’t see end of such requests so soon.

    I guess the only reasonable action to this is to put some requirements first.

    The same is with ritual magick. The evolution from complicated ceremonial magick to modern simplified, easy version also gives impression to (especially young) people that they can have everything easy because they just did a ritual. Many of those people aren’t such foolish like those who want to sell their soul for a grand prices, but they expect basic satanic practices like summoning/contacting demons just a matter of proper ritual that simply can be given…

    It all could be very simple, yet certain skills and experience are needed and newbies usually don’t possess them.

    We need to think of some easy understandable requirements. Having proper experience or skills is too vague and tells nothing to people. Maybe some list of books to read + achievements to accomplish + series of preparation rituals (self discovery exercises: abilities, passions, goals of life, motivation, endurance, etc.).

    If you have time we can discuss it and exchange ideas to create such a system for newbies so they could know what to do.

    From obvious reasons such discussion should rather take place via emails.

    [my email is: – please, delete this when approving this comment).


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