Children Seek Satanism To Survive

I Call Upon The Satanic Forces Of Darkness

I hope everyone had a fantastic Grand Climax week! Magnum Opus greatly enjoyed the Satanic week and the ensuing holiday ritual as the culmination. It is one of the many Satanic highlights, indulgences and joys of being a Satanist. Living life without reservation or limits brings a pleasure that the vast majority of people will never “understand”, much less experience. “How about you……..Do you know this limitless, unabated freedom? If the answer is “No”, is it YOUR choice or are you living a lie?”

Satanism, Sex and Drugs

The Young Seek Valid, Sensible Answers

Truth has always been amended to conform to the wishes of the Communication Sender and depending upon the motives of the Sender, the truth becomes bastardized and distorted. In the case of a young Seeker, the messages received from the authoritarian Sender are often confusing, contradictory, rhetoric-laden communications. When the Seeker innocently asks for clarification or further explanation to understand and make logical sense of the communication, the “abundant patience”, parental love and endless understanding are suddenly replaced with vicious personal attacks, anger, threats and physical / mental abuse. As for the Parent, serious, irreversible damage will be inflicted by forcing a confusing and illogical message down the throat of their child. The beginning of the end is set into motion and neither the parent nor the child will ever fully trust the other again. The maternal bond begins to unravel and will never be fully repaired…………never. So, if a child does not receive answers from the parent, where do they turn? Who fills their void with truth?

Learning About Nature

Twenty or thirty years ago, the most effective communication came from school friends. I remember well discussing the female anatomy with a group of male friends in elementary school. There were always inconsistencies in our “facts” however, everyone was innocently seeking the truth. From time to time, we were able to revise our facts when a classmate’s dress and panties revealed a puzzling “skin fold” while sliding into 2nd base during spontaneous baseball games. An impromptu game of Show and Tell would also necessitate a revision of our facts when a female classmate suddenly offered to “show me hers if I showed her mine” behind a tree at recess. This was the way it happened back then. It was innocent and usually lead up to the fumbling, uncoordinated, euphoric “make-out” sessions some years later. Girls usually knew more than boys about the “birds and bees” because they had discussed more biological functions and experienced more “stuff” as their bodies began to change according to nature’s schedule of events.

Satanism and Satanic Goat

As guys, we talked a good game plan but the first make-out session was usually a dismal failure. While girls were busy showing us what they wanted, guys were busy trying to get what we could. This often lead to a backseat comedy of mis-moves and timing faux pas (baby batter, cock chowder, man milk, Ballsack Bolognese, organic mayo, spooge, nut cream, jizz, cum………….sorry) everywhere but where it was aimed, usually requiring a post-date shower. Those petting and heavy breathing episodes were well worth waiting the entire week for and the beer money we spent.

Modern Education

The internet has made information available at the person’s fingertips. Anyone can learn about any subject desired and as long as you keep the “disinformation” in mind, you can always form an opinion from a little research. This is truly a great time in history. Who knows what technology will be available in the next 50 years………….it is very exciting indeed.

This has however, done very little to improve maternal communications; if anything, it has allowed both parties to strengthen their positions with facts, evidence and opinions. This has invalidated the tired old claim that “mother (or father) knows best”. I believe this equalizing force has added a dimension of capability to the acquisition, appraisal and acceptance of information as truth. Both sides of an argument can now have access to facts and data supporting his / her claim which should, in turn, foster a more cooperative participation in order to find the truth. Surprisingly, this is not the result. Parent continue to make excuses such as “god said we must not (or must)” while facts and science indicate just the opposite.

Children Seek Satanism

So, once again communication breaks down and “being right” means much more than “being truthful”. As society fumbles through a plethora of teenagers’ challenges and problems, parents again revert to the copout of forcing illogical lies down the throats of their children. These Seekers do not cease to think, wonder or analyze received information; they begin to reach out to those who offer answers, sometimes painful and damaging yet nonetheless the truth; individuals like myself, who have been in their situations and lived the very life they now experience. I am not afraid to tell these Seekers the truth and the cold hard reality that is life; the course of nature. Although Charles Manson will always be associated with murder, he sometimes leaves a memorable phrase for mass consumption: “These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them. I didn’t teach them. I just tried to help them stand up.”


I do not mind speaking to these Seekers and explaining my Satanic philosophy with them. They owe me nothing and I owe them nothing; I gladly pass them a nugget of knowledge that may someday come in handy. Those self-righteous xtian parents may be ashamed of the son that is too loud or the daughter that has a visible tattoo however, I understand them and know why they are expressing themselves in such a manner. I will certainly take what society has discarded because I, unlike their own flesh and blood, understand their feelings; their pain and sorrow or short-lived joy.

I too have felt unwelcome and out-of-place in my own skin while my mother shouted “Quit pouting and being so antisocial!!!!” I will forever remember how my heart was ripped from my chest by her words and how badly I wanted to articulate my pain…………but no words came. I was awkward, different and undeserving of another human’s love; I bore my wounds in silence and put my pain in my pocket. It took year to overcome the damage inflicted and much longer to reconcile.

The Weak and Sickly Are Soon Devoured

Nature can be beautiful and it can also be cold and merciless. There are only two possible outcomes for a Seeker; grow stronger and thrive or grow weaker and die. The ultimate choice remains with the Seeker. The natural order of selection provides the Lioness with the impulse to separate the young or the sick prey from the herd, making it easier to satisfy the constant craving of hunger; this instinct also leads the Great White Shark to zero-in on the smaller, slower and inexperienced seal pup, when separated from the pod, will experience an agonizing and often prolonged barbaric death.

Feeling HopelessThe weak offspring of the human will often (literally or figuratively) end in the same manner. Without the natural survival impulse, the humanistic wolves will stalk their prey relentlessly; wearing the victim down over days or weeks of psychological pursuit and taunting. Quick yet painful attacks prevent the victim from resting, recuperating or lowering his / he guard. Over time, this becomes exhausting while slowly removing the victim’s will to fight or defend one’s self from the ruthless attacks.

Lacking the knowledge and skills to withstand such situations, the end draws near. The Seeker will either muster the survival instinct or cease to fight, submitting to a certain brutal death. It is nature, it is natural, it is life.

I continue to answer countless emails explaining the very scenario I have described herein. Some will make it, some have made it and some will not survive. You would think this natural “matter of fact” would be important to parents and they would want to know how to change their child’s future however, the line of communication seems irreparable and ultimately, when the problem is discovered and truly acknowledged, time is no longer on the child’s side. The last proverbial nail is in the coffin.

If you want to reach out and discuss this with someone, take the first step. Do not keep it inside because it will explode when you least expect it to.

Until next time,


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