Sanctum of Shadows Volume I: The Satanist by Aleister Nacht

New Book Explores Satanism From The Satanist’s Point of View

Learning how to become a Satanist is as much about learning ‘who you are’ as it is learning the magical operations, rituals and practices. You must know yourself and your personal limitations.

“Sanctum of Shadows Volume I: The Satanist” is the first volume of the “Sanctum of Shadows” series. These volumes represent an intellectual guide to Satanic development in preparation for learning the Higher Magic processes. This volume opens the Satanic Gate and the Satanist’s mind; forming the foundation to build upon.

Bestselling author Aleister Nacht Releases new book, Sanctum of Shadows
This volume also includes very special excerpts from the Satanic Grimoire “Silentium In Persona Diaboli”, interpreted and explained in great detail by Magus Nacht. “Sanctum of Shadows Volume I” is an in-depth analysis of required elements enabling the Satanist to understand, develop, implement and succeed in the study and practice of Satanic Higher Magic.

Sanctum of Shadows by Aleister Nacht Explores Satanism and the Satanist In The Modern World

June 30, 2013 Tampa, Florida

Satanism has a new book and the world is taking notice. Sanctum of Shadows was released this week by Satanic Magus Aleister Nacht; author of Satanism bestselling Book of Satanic Magic and Book of Satanic RitualThe much-anticipated Sanctum of Shadows series goes in-depth to explain Satanism, magic, rituals and much more. Nacht shares the insider information as only he can and early reviews have been very positive. This series is rumored to establish Aleister Nacht as the overall bestselling author and leading authority on Satanism and satanic rituals.

When asked, Nacht did not reveal how many individual titles the Sanctum of Shadows series will include however, he recently renewed a five-year book publishing contract with Loki/Speckbohne Publishing, stipulating delivery of one book per year during the contract duration. He also partnered with Loki Records and Music City Pitch Publishing which released Descent Into Madness earlier this year with band Holy Satanas. The album chronicles Nacht’s addiction to heroin during the 1980s.

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