Satanism aka Devil Worship, Demonolatry, Atheism, Witchcraft, Anarchy, Hedonism, Etc.

The Great Satanic Misunderstanding

As I updated the Homepage of my website this morning, I began clicking the links to ensure my visitors would be delivered to the “right place” (the correct web address). Once I verify the link opens the target page, I usually close the tab and move on to the next link however, I noticed there was a new comment on my iTunes audio blog. I read the short feedback note and read it once again. “The podcast is about devil-worship, NOT Satanism.” I looked at the number of stars (1 star) and read the comment yet again. I assume it was meant to be a negative comment; since there was only one star but whether the reviewer knew it or not, he / she actually got one thing correct……….. I am a Devil Worshipper. Was this supposed to be a derogatory comment? Those of you who read and listen to my blogs know my belief and position when it comes to Satanism. I realize there are new visitors dropping by everyday so for their benefit, I wanted to “set the record straight” in a formal manner.

Is The Devil In Your Details?

For the past 25+ years, I have worshipped Satan and His ruling council, The Hosts of Hell. Satan and Demons exist in a curvilinear expanse of dimensional offset from human reality. Sincere students of Satan (et al) can access the communication ingress with dedicated study and practice of Satanic Magic, Satanic Rituals and meditation techniques passed along in the form of Satanic grimoires. Inviting Satan and Demons to magical workings, in my experience, empowers the coven (or sole practitioner) to accomplish those things beyond human grasp and in some cases, beyond human comprehension.

I respect Anton LaVey and appreciate his contribution to the Occult however, he did not believe in Satan, which categorizes him as an “Atheist”. He coined the term Satanism for his “Satanic” church. As a staunch student of human nature, Anton realized that in order to make his philosophy attractive to others, he would need to successfully combine elements of mystery, occult, secrecy, darkness and entertainment. Building upon his observations of human nature, he quickly realized the characterized “persona” of Satan would aptly serve as the ‘center piece’ to a humanistic theology of “anything goes”. Anton claimed Satan had kept the established church in business since the beginning of time so he set out to build an Atheistic doctrine powered by “Satan”.

Anton LaVey gave the world a guided tour of his new Satanism complete with celebrities, wild animals, rituals, scandals and sex. Opening the front door of the Black House at 6114 California Street in San Francisco was, for the unwitting members of society, like landing on another planet. The media frenzy was akin to the carnival atmosphere of Anton’s past. Anton wrote articles and newsletter pieces that eventually became part of the Satanic Bible. There was only one thing missing from the Satanic ignominy………..”Satan”.

Devil Worship In A Satanic World

This brings me back to my original point concerning the review comment. While I have personally witnessed Anton’s fledgling theology grow from his brainchild to a “catch-all” repository system for every maladaptive behavior known to man, one element remains omitted to the point of irreversible elusion; Satan is still omitted from Satanism.

I could try to make a riveting point about semantics or the profound hypocrisy of performing rituals in Satan’s name while denying His existence however, it would be wasted breath and an argument in which I have no desire to participate. One thing Anton was right about is Satanism means something different to each person. I am a Satanic Devil Worshipper……………or is it Devil Worshipping Satanist. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Satanism aka Devil Worship, Demonolatry, Atheism, Witchcraft, Anarchy, Hedonism, Etc.

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  3. Even though we come from different perspectives (I am an Atheistic Satanist), I more than admire the presentation, wit and intelligence of your written word. Thomas LeRoy and I bought your book ‘Book of Satanic Magic’ and have encourage many to read it. ~Mistress Babylon


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