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Welcome to My World, Come Right In

Hail Satan!! I wanted to share my new Satanic Blog with you. Why did I create the new blog? It is simple……some search engines (who will remain nameless) have restricted my ability to connect with like-minded people and the new site provides a “rebirth” opportunity. People are searching for honesty and to be quite honest, this scares the “$hit” out of organized religions. They, in turn, begin to apply pressure to search providers by threatening to withdraw advertising; which equates to lost revenue. It is simple economics of which I do not blame the search providers; they are in business to make money and they make the best decision based upon the information available at the time. If you have not figured it out, “Money Rules and Cash is King“…….figuratively speaking ;).

While I am not a conspiracy theorist, I do believe in certain “economic laws” that are becoming more clear. Since the new pope began to rally the catholic ‘sleepers‘, the local diocese made it clear through a communique addressed to “The Leader of Magnum Opus” that our ‘mission‘ has not gone unnoticed. Magum Opus is a ‘Satanic coven‘; not a church. The fact that anyone would fear a bunch of Satanists, really speaks volumes about the recent decline in modern religion. Does the church really feel threatened by folks that shout at the moon, enjoy frequent orgies, call religious lies and bullshit……..well, “bullshit” and refer to Satan the King of the World?

Hail Satan

The answer is not a theological one; it is economic. When some as myself brings their lies and contradictions into the limelight, there are those enlightened few who begin to question the church and the integrity of the establishment. Meanwhile, their tithes and offerings are ‘put on hold’ while some soul-searching takes place……….thus, the church looses money. If you view the matter in that light, not only is Magum Opus a real threat, but I am a real threat. I will say this; I have no intention of committing suicide by shooting myself in the back of the head two or more times nor do I have plans to take the boat out in the gulf and jump overboard. Nope, not me!

Ok, so I turned this short subject into a long-winded dissertation………sorry. Subscribe to the new site and you never need to worry about missing a blog post. I promise to continue my eloquent method of subtle “bull in a china closet” theological discussions. I have provided a little sample for you below……enjoy!

By the way, it does cost money to further the Satanic message. While I do not ask for donations, several people emailed asking how to donate to Satanism. If you feel so inclined to help by donating, simply Click Here To Donate. All donations (that means 100%!!!) will be used to support Satanism and organize events that benefit Satanists and those searching for the TRUTH. If you choose to donate, thank you in advance. Satanic Blessings!!!

My Return To Blogging, Deep Cognitive Penetration and Guided Study

After taking a short break from blogging and social media, I have decided to return to a tumultuous and riotous world, delivering my opinions to those desperate for entertainment or to fill the gaping hole in their soul. Either way, I am back and I feel great!!! I needed a break from the daily madness and also time to read and digest Silentium In Persona Diaboli, which I received while in Germany last December. It is a great book and I will share information about the book in future blog posts.Satanism

I have also revamped / updated my websites while adding some reference material that will grow over time. It is important for Satanists to have a place where they can study, read, socialize and interact with other Satanists and myself also. My network of websites will provide that necessity and will grow in the future.

I also have plans for a personal three (3) week guided study with you using the Book of Satanic Magic as the reference book. This guided study will be conducted on Friday nights in my Satanic Forum and Chatroom. Don’t wait; join the Forum today to ensure you have access to the chatroom. You will also need a copy of the Book of Satanic Magic (hardcopy or digital), as we will reference Part II – Rituals and Spells during the classes. I will set up the times for everyone to meet and interactively discuss the subject matter while asking questions and interacting other Satanists. This will be a great opportunity for all of us!!

“Blessed are the destroyers of false hope, for they are the true Messiahs – Cursed are the god-adorers, for they shall be shorn sheep!” ― Anton Szandor LaVeyThe Satanic Bible

Until Next Time,

Aleister Nacht


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