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In my general blog I recently rebloged the following post by Sect OF The Horned God which I highly recommend. http://sectofthehornedgod.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/welcome-to-the-new-era/

Has Satanism entered a new era? I certainly feel as if it has. I must admit I have encountered some hostility and opposition from a few Satanists who have proclaimed themselves as such for far longer than me and who take exception to some of the views I project. They seem quite annoyed that an upstart like me should question or criticise any aspects of the satanic lifestyle they have cultivated over many years. It is as if they fear being shaken out of their dark and comfortable little corners. Well, I offer no apologies;  the times they are a changing…

I will admit that it probably took far too long for me to fully accept and embrace my Satanism and perhaps as a result in an attempt to make up for lost time…

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