An Open Letter to the Webmaster of “Godlike Productions”

An Open Letter to the Webmaster of Godlike Productions

December 16, 2012

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am always amused by the “theories” shared on your website. I never take any of the comments seriously (or personally for that matter) because I understand “fear mongering” has always attracted an audience.

However, I can not remain silent while you attempt to “further your religious interests” by claiming the tragedy in Connecticut was a Satanic Ritual. (

Such speculation adds salt to the wounds of those who lost friends or family members during this event.

Any time you would like an education in true Satanism, I will be happy to discuss and share the truth with you. For now, please show mercy, human kindness, consider their traumatic circumstances and cease and desist for the sake of those involved. Regardless of religious beliefs, social differences, race, color or any other differentiation, let us all remember these are human beings that have lost so much.

Please allow those affected to grieve in peace.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Aleister Nacht

PS: I would post this on your website however, you have blocked me.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Webmaster of “Godlike Productions”

  1. Bleh, banned too. Must be something with the Ip addresses. Anyway, Godlike is a stupid site full of stupid people, not worth wasting time on.
    But I do find it annoying too that ‘the general public’ but mostly the vultures of the media need to stick labels on everything and everyone.
    Mad shooters are per se: loners, dressed in black, fond of video games.
    A local kid went on a killing spree a couple years ago and after that the school banned long black coats because the ‘goths scared the other kids.’


    • Everything must be easily identified…….usually as some type of monster. Here is a thought: “People who look and act “normal” may go crazy!” I believe that is what terrifies people the most.


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