Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 3

Chakras and Energy

“While demons often deliver your desires to the person and / or object of your magical focus, it is the all-important connection between energy and magic that serves as the mandatory process step for successful magical operations including spells, curses, conjuration and invocations. It’s the dormant energy that rests at the base of the spine waiting for the chakras to align in harmony to awaken it.” Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 1

Magic and Satanism

“Just as chakras can have a negative impact on your health, conversely, your health can have a negative impact on your chakras. The two are closely interrelated and salubrious approach is a must for serious practitioners. A person must be dedicated to the principles of learning magic in order to become proficient. The association and connection between magical operations and the chakras is very relevant and important because without the health of the chakras, you will harm yourself much more while attempting magical rituals.” Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 2

Ok, remember the little test you took in Part 1? If you do not, take a moment to go back and complete it because you will want to reference your strengths and weaknesses as we go for a “deeper dive” tonight. CLICK HERE FOR THE CHAKRAS TESTS

First, let’s answer some questions to get the brain working………….

1. Feelings of inadequacy may be an indication of which chakra?

2. Diseases are often caused by repeated blockage of __________________?

3. Which chakra is associated with emotional centeredness and pleasure?

4. Without _______________, there is no life.

5. All energies that reach other chakras flow through the ______________?

Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)

The nervous system and digestive system, including the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen, are associated with the third chakra called the Solar Plexus. Concurrently, the Solar Plexus chakra allows you to really “know yourself”, allowing you to determine your limitations. This chakra is also the key to emotional stability, inner peace, self-esteem and self-control. A person’s willpower is directly linked to this “yellow chakra” and for those of you beginning a journey, starting over, cleaning out the ‘closet of past chaos’, this is the chakra that will need a great deal of your attention going forward.

Intuition and instincts are byproducts of repeated molding, shaping and strengthening of the Solar Plexus chakra. For this reason, Friedrich Nietzsche was correct; What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. As you chisel this chakra into a work of art, you often will ask yourself “Am I going to die soon?” however, successful efforts result in a “regenerative id, an instinctive psyche and a higher intelligence plane“. Some philosophically refer to this chakra as the ego however, I believe the ego has more than one chakra input. More on that later……

Development of this chakra is also the first step to becoming a Cognitive Warrior; agile, dexterous, perspicacious, skillful and dangerous for anyone making a fatal mistake of underestimating you as an opponent. These traits, combined with the power of Satanic Magic, creates a force of nature that only tireless dedication, study and practice produce. Many perceived altercations are ended within seconds as your opponent hits you with their idea of a “cognitive roundhouse punch“. You will calmly open the gates of retribution and symbolically split their skull with your verbal spiked Mace!! They will have had only a glimpse of the power you command and they will flee as fast as possible to avoid the full load of your blitzkrieg  attack. No one wants to appear stupid in the presence of their peers.

Heart Chakra

The next in line is named Anahata in Sanskrit…… is the Heart Chakra and represents “love”; not so fast, because everything that comes with love is not always pleasant. While everyone reading this can probably remember their First Love from many years ago (or maybe recently), they will probably also remember the sharp stinging in the chest caused by the end of that very special experience. My fond memories are of innocence and naive exploration into the unknown; holding hands in the movie theatre, building the courage to put my arm around her shoulder and the sweet acceptance as she moved closer to snuggle with me. Then, in the blink of an eye, she moved away and I never saw her again; my heart still reminds me of the sharp pain I experienced for the first time in my life that summer. I was totally unprepared and without the coping skills developed later, I was alone and truly broken-hearted.

As illustrated, you should be aware of the “pleasure and pain” aspects of this chakra. Grief, pain, anxiety and even fear are produced during the course of a normal week, day, hour or minute. In the fluid environment where tangibles are few and far between, the Heart Chakra must be developed to the point that nothing will bring it to a figurative or literal stop. Resilience will be developed over time while inputs from “healthy” Root, Sacral and Solar Chakras serve to nourish the Heart Chakra.

For Satanists, there is an added emphasis placed upon the proper development of this chakra with predominantly one primary reason: Self and the love of Self is a most important aspect of Satanic life. This is another stage where more “personal baggage” must be acknowledged and dealt with properly in order to build the necessary foundation. While scar tissue may (and often does) remain, the importance of guilt acknowledgement and proper mitigation can not be overstated. Without proper treatment, the injury will return, over and over, to cause disruption, upheaval, pain, shame and embarrassment which results in…………..GUILT! It is a vicious, festering cycle that will ultimately destroy a person from the inside out.

The heart plays a key role in many of the body’s biological functions while serving vital roles in the emotional system and subsystems of a person’s life. The heart also utilizes small electrical currents which not only send the signal to the heart to “beat” but it also sets the appropriate rhythm needed to ensure the needs of the body are met, whether sitting on the sofa or jogging down a sidewalk. It is ironic and terrifying at the same time to realize we are all one heartbeat away from death. That fact is very hard for some people to handle however, the Satanist views this philosophical “edge of the cliff” as just another event that occurs daily in the animal kingdom.

Throat Chakra

Frequently referred to as the “Fifth Chakra”, Vissudha is the Sanskrit name for the Throat Chakra. Located in the throat area (jaw and neck area), this chakra is represented by the color turquoise and is utilized for creative self-expression of your “truths”, which is sometimes very confusing for Satanists. Our belief discourages lies and lying however, Satanists acknowledge the fact that everyone lies from time to time AND there are consequences for lying that has nothing to do with ‘right or wrong moral BS’ and has a purely  humanistic rationale.

When you lie, this opens a chasm in your aura which must be filled to close. Since you have practically set these sound vibrations free in a vast vacuum, a mystic venturi effect and just like a cut can become infected by germs, your aura may be impregnated by many things you do not want: DO NOT NEED in your life, period. More on this topic in other posts.

The Throat Chakra truths also extends to the delivery of your truths; your comfort level and effectiveness while revealing your truths. Some symptoms include stretching the truth for personal gain, shyness, anxiety or overwhelming fear of expression when sharing your truths. When out of balance, the use of any natural expressions you may have been gifted with become mechanical, forced and void of the feelings and sincerity with which you can easily deliver at any given time. Everything seems to be a daunting task that requires almost all of your energy to convey. Your natural abilities melt away and none of your “old tricks” can help. You are on an imaginary, yet very real, slippery slope to failure.

Vissudha means purification and that is the essence of truthfulness. If you are true to yourself, you will be able to use that truth as you express your real “self” to others. Singing, dancing and other forms of communication allow for better expression of the Self.

End of Part 3

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