Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 2

The Chakras and Magic

“If you only take one thing from this blog post take this: You must eliminate all feelings of guilt, shame, self-pity,  false obligation and the ability for anyone to coerce or control you through the manipulation of your feelings or emotions.” Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 1

She Goes Down

The Relationship of Satanism and Energy

In my blog post, Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 1, I delivered some common terms and definitions so you and I could “talk the talk” together. We will now go for a deeper dive into this subject matter and reveal some things you may not know or may have forgotten. While I intend to cover some theory and application, we will only scratch the surface of this mystical and diverse subject area. I will also incorporate some Satanic methodologies to tie these elements together. There is a great deal of information we will cover herein. For this reason, I intend to elaborate on the intricate core labyrinthine leitmotif. The body of knowledge we are covering is as wide as it is deep. Combining these opposite elements can make the most advanced practitioner cringe at the thought of having to explain them. The combination of theoretical, substantive, prescriptive, objective evidence and subjective opinion makes for mental gymnastics while simultaneously herding cats. “Can you explain the taste of water or what oxygen looks like?”

When first charged with an energy input, the chakras begin to vibrate. If energy input is constant or increasing the vibration increases, the chakra begins to spin and RPM (revolutions per minute) increases, usually at a metered rate. The seven chakras rotate at different speeds determined by inputs, influences, internal and external factors. The chakras are interdependent; linked together by energy and magic during successful magical operations such as spells, curses, conjuration and invocations. This is the area where we begin to separate the Students (serious practitioners) of the Dark Arts from those simply wanting to follow style, fashion and appear mystically educated. Just as chakras can have a negative impact on your health, conversely, your health can have a negative impact on your chakras. The two are closely interrelated and salubrious approach is a must for serious practitioners. A person must be dedicated to the principles of learning magic in order to become proficient. The association and connection between magical operations and the chakras is very relevant and important because without the health of the chakras, you will harm yourself much more while attempting magical rituals.

The Root Chakra (Red / Black)

If you have ever been ill with the flu virus (influenza), you probably know that the entire illness is a process, and not an enjoyable process either. You begin with a hoarse voice, perhaps sore throat and runny nose, as the virus takes hold. You probably remember how bad you felt and how miserable the virus made you. It takes a while to recover from such an event and it really kills your strength. Even weeks after your full recovery, you may have still been producing Phlegm (aka sputum, expectorated matter, mucous)…….no fun at all. When your chakras are not healthy, you may not notice it immediately however, if you pay close attention to the signs, you will be able to take a preventive action instead of waiting to take a reactive approach after your immunities are unable to fend off the illness any longer.

She DemonThe Root Chakra, the fused vestigial vertebrae (tailbone or coccyx) located in the genital area, rotates the slowest of all chakras. Your survival, security, safety and primal erotic urges are grounded in this chakra. All of the energies that reach the other chakras flow through the Root Chakra and so, if this chakra is unhealthy, you will not be a “whole” being. This is usually where the “root cause” of the magical impotence (and serious health problems) begins. Balance and moderation are very important for the health of any living creature on this earth. Excessive smoking, drinking, drug use, overeating, high risk lifestyle choices, etc. will have a negative impact on your health. This has nothing to do with morals or any religious belief; it is a clinically proven fact.

The Root Chakra represents the most difficult chakra to repair maintain for many people. This chakra also comes with some personal “baggage” and letting go / putting the past permanently behind the person, while mandatory, can be a challenge and very, very painful. The Root Chakra is developed in the first few years of a person’s life; up to the seventh or eighth year, dependant upon the person’s rate of cognitive development. If the child is loved and nurtured by caring individuals, the rate and quality of the chakra’s development will be healthy, resulting in an emotionally and physically well-grounded individual. The polar opposite of this precept is also true. Most serial killers have a history of mental and / or physical abuse during their childhoods which further reaffirms the prodigious impact resulting from such abuse.

Lack of confidence, suicidal thoughts / tendencies, lack of sexual energy (arousal), very little interest in intimacy (foreplay, sex, giving or receiving sexual pleasures), fear, insecurity, sense of unworthiness and shame are but a few symptoms of an unhealthy Root Chakra. While it is normal for people to experience some or all of these attributes depending upon external stimulation and inputs, if someone experiences any of these attributes for an extended period of time (based upon their normal personality) there may be a very serious imbalance in need of expeditious repair.

The Sacral Chakra (Orange)

Often called the “Zest for Life” chakra, the Sacral Chakra represents the embodiment of warmth, radiance, friendliness and emotional stability. This chakra is your most important emotional center and everyone will experience an imbalance during their lifetime. This chakra is considered by some to be the center of women’s sexual pleasure. If the Root Chakra is healthy, the flow of energy will feed the Sacral Chakra enabling the intensity of the climax to increase. It may also cause the woman to have a very “quick and intense” orgasm with very little foreplay or other stimulation.Crucifix and Vagina

Many people practice yoga to keep their bodies in shape and the chakras open and healthy. More importantly, putting unhealthy emotions, people, and memories behind you is very important. If you cannot get past the mental barriers, no amount of work on the physical body will compensate. A healthy Sacral Chakra will usually be energetic, eager for life, enjoy their sexuality without having it rule them, be expressive, experience joy, be spontaneous and open to change. A Blockage may bring jealousy, betrayal, control and power plays.

End of Part 2

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