Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 1

The Chakras and Satanism

The Relationship of Energy and Magic

The seven chakras are derived from Sanskrit meaning “wheels or disks of energy”. Spiritual energy causes a transformation of consciousness and several physical changes of the body. When a chakra is charged with energy, it spins and the sensation can be felt in the body. While meditation is certainly not mandatory for Satanists, use of meditation and proper maintenance of your chakras will increase your Satanic powers beyond your expectations.

While demons often deliver your desires to the person and / or object of your magical focus, it is the all-important connection between energy and magic that serves as the mandatory process step for successful magical operations including spells, curses, conjuration and invocations. It’s the dormant energy that rests at the base of the spine waiting for the chakras to align in harmony to awaken it.

The Chakras and Satanism

A Quick Test

OK, no one likes tests however, you need to evaluate the condition of your chakras and the flow of energy. Click the link below and complete the test. Save your results and return to this post.



Prana is the vital spark-of-life-force energy and without Prana, there is no life. Energy produced during controlled-breathing meditation travels through the seven chakras of the body. Problems with the seven chakras (individually or separately) will manifest by causing physical ailments with the body. If the chakras are free from obstructions and the path between each is well maintained, an awakening and flow of this vital energy begins.

“Kundalini has come to mean seat of fire – with the Goddess burning her way through any blocks She finds.”

                                                                                                                                                        Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith

During this process, the kundalini energy activates each of the seven chakras as they are ready. The movement starts at the Root Chakra, bringing awakening and higher levels of consciousness as it rises through the other chakras.

What causes Chakra blockage?

There are many reasons chakras may not be energy charged or spin as necessary. Childhood trauma resulting from molestation or abuse, an overbearing or over controlling belief system, unforgiven emotional damage, denial, guilt, repression or just a lack of attention may prevent a chakra from proper function. Soon afterward, everything is affected including posture, metabolism, breathing, heart rate and emotions. Diseases are often caused by repeated blocking of the pranic energy. These seven chakras store all your thoughts, deeds and actions you’ve committed in your lifetimes. The repression of emotions are the one’s that cause pain, suffering, disease and death. Accepting your rejected feelings, feeling them deeply, finding something positive to love in them and forgiveness are the keys to healing your soul and disease.

What Do You Believe?

Your beliefs result from repeated conditioning in the past – we all have them. If you had a strict religious upbringing, you were probably exposed to shame, overactive conscience and frequent feelings of guilt. These repressed feelings are stored in your subconscious mind and they are not easy to ignore; much less, delete from your mind.

Satanists are not immune from these feelings however, it is imperative that the Satanist recognizes and mitigates the issues these feelings cause. This is why the Black Mass, Satanic Pact, Selling the Soul or Satanic Ritual Initiation is so very important for many Satanists – these symbolic actions represent cutting the cancerous feelings from the Satanist’s body and mind while at the same time, severing any ties and control the past may have on the Satanist. Once the Satanist accepts and forgives themselves for being human, the healing can begin. This is the prerequisite that allows the Satanist to increase his / her magical abilities.

“If you only take one thing from this blog post take this: You must eliminate all feelings of guilt, shame, self-pity, false obligation and the ability for anyone to coerce or control you through the manipulation of your feelings or emotions.”

End of Part 1

10 thoughts on “Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 1

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  3. Blessed Satan, One True God, God of Nobility and Regal Dominance of this world and the celestial, your lesson here is solid, real, authentic, and channeled from Satan to the beloved ones chosen before their births as His Children.

    The instinctive and intuitive are essential, in communion, psychic sight and worship of the fullest realm of Satan’s Blessings and Fleshly Life. The Blessings flow when alignment is consciously afforded, because subconsciously, you do know Satan…Aleister, we are of one accord in Satan, and opening the Chakras will indeed draw Satan into the entire essence of His Children and then true Infernal Joy will Manifest…
    In Gloriam Satanae


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  8. Dear Aleister ! I just LOVE this !! It shows what I have to work on..even though I knew and am aware of problems with some issues of my chakra, this tests gives me the exact, what I need to be working and concentrate on !! Some of the questions was really difficult, because you ask yourself by looking at yourself, and ask yourself by what you THINK what others sees in you….at least so was some of the questions tricky…..!! But asking yourself the sincereness in questions like these is sometimes REALLY hard !! I was VERY surprised by one of the results, but i also had to admit…that that might be the truth !!


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