The Christian Prison Of Lies

Are You Living a Lie?

I have been extremely busy this week. Time slips right through my fingers everyday it seems. I take a few minutes throughout the day to read the numerous emails that fill my Inbox more and more frequently. I always try to respond to each one individually which is very time-consuming. It often takes a month for me to respond to the queue. This week, four of the emails were very personal and I found myself feeling overwhelming compassion for the individuals.

Satanic Cross

It is difficult for me to read some of these emails because they are very, very sad situations. If I did not feel anything after reading these languishing tales, I would consider myself a monster. One in particular was difficult to read. I can only imagine the true feels this person must deal with on a daily basis. I applaud her for having the courage to share her story as she seeks happiness.

The vast majority of Seekers have a common denominator in their pasts; they have been, or are presently, shackled to the religious establishment in some way or form. These establishments “advertised” spiritual freedom and have ironically, imprisoned the very ones searching for that freedom and ultimately, happiness. For those who muster the courage to write me, the pain has reached the point of non-containment.

Satanism and the Journey to Enlightenment

Every person who pursues truth must be prepared because the journey is long and tiring. Not only are the religious vultures perched to feel on the Searcher’s carcass but there are also those claiming to be followers of the Left Hand Path who are equally anxious to take advantage of those unwary souls. Whether deceit, mental derangement, pedophiliaincest, sodomy, inchoate offenses, robbery, extortion or even murder, these individuals lay coiled like a snake along the treacherous path to knowledge and happiness. They strike; sinking their fangs deep into the victim, injecting their poisonous lies and the Searcher’s fate is sealed.

Flag of Satanism

Some Searchers simply resign themselves to a purgatory where they must live a lie to survive. These situations are extremely difficult to extricate themselves from especially when there are family members involved. One such situation is occurring in realtime for one such Searcher. Her story is, unfortunately becoming more and more commonplace in the correspondences I receive regularly.

Who Really Wants Your Soul?

From the picture attached to her email, she is a very beautiful woman; a natural, classic – ‘effortless’ beauty. She possesses advanced university degrees, certifications, credentials and is recognized for being very successful within her area of expertise. She has a daughter who is a beauty like her mother and she has a husband. She describes the relationship with her spouse as ‘growing weary’ with a fanatical xtian. As I read each sentence, it became abundantly clear that she is painfully aware of what would happen if her identity were revealed and how her life would implode for even asking innocent questions. Yet, she has the courage to follow her heart as she seeks TRUTH. In this instance, she has not sold her soul to the Devil however, she has traded happiness for comfort – quality of life for ‘false’ security.

To live a lie is a literal death sentence. It takes a talented actor to say the right things to the right people while performing the ‘socially accepted or expected’ roles and duties. Many people exist up until the time they release their last breath, even though they have not really lived in decades and this is a waste; a sad tragedy. Every passing day is a countdown to the inevitable ending of our individual designated time. Each person must choose their destiny; must forge the raw metal that will result in a sharp, two-edged sword capable of protection and inflicting injury when required. Two make that sword strong and impressively deadly, it must go through fire and be tempered, hammered and drawn out in the hands of a Master Craftsman. It is the metal repeatedly subjected to the anvil and hammer that will transform into a powerful weapon.

Get Busy Living or You Are Dead Already

If you are Searching for your place in this world, there are those of us willing and able to assist you in your journey however, you must help yourself by taking the first step. Ultimately, the individual must decide their path for no one can do that for them. Once the decision has been made and the first step taken, it gets easier with every subsequent step.

“Where are you headed on your journey? How will your story end?”

Witch and Cross

Here are some resources that can provide some guidance and information needed to make the best decisions along the way.

Satanism and Satanic Magic Forum

The Satanic Spire News Letter

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Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

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