Q&A with Aleister Nacht – November 25th, 2012

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To everyone who attended the Q&A session tonight, a very heartfelt “Thank You”. It was a great experience and I enjoyed sharing as well as hearing your thoughts on the topics. Let’s do it again!!! If you missed this event, perhaps you can attend one in the future.

Questions and Answers

I have provided a list of the topics below so others will benefit. Enjoy!!


1. Do I have to sell my soul to Satan?

Answer: No, the idea of selling your soul is purely folklore. I suggest reading my blog post on that one. https://satanicmagic.wordpress.com/2012/08/27/the-power-of-evil-selling-your-soul-to-the-devil/

2. Do you think it is a good idea to be “out” as a Satanist?

Answer: I believe you must be honest with yourself but also smart about it. It would not benefit you to shout it from the rooftop and maybe lose your job or make enemies because of it. That is the very reason most Satanists are very reserved about their beliefs. Satanists represent all walks of professional life however, a “Devil worshipping Surgeon” may unnerve many people.

3. Do you like being a Satanist?

Answer:  I enjoy what I do and derive a great deal of satisfaction by helping others discover a world where neither guilt nor hypocrisy are used as tools to sell lies the others. Satanism is an open and HONEST path that leads each follower to their own version of satisfaction, self-fulfillment and happiness. I never experienced such peace and stability in my life and emotions while part of the Xian congregation. For me, being a Satanist makes sense to me and I could never go back.


4.  Do you provide guidance to those who ask?

Answer: Yes, I am happy to provide answers to questions and assist those searching for the truth. I ask for one thing before you ask a question; “Do your research and be ready to discuss the matter intelligently before you contact me”. The basic information about Satanism is readily available from many sources including my books.


5. My 11-year-old daughter is a Satanist without my help in any way, do you think it would be best to teach her Satanism at home? 

Answer: Yes, absolutely. You will be doing her a favor by supporting her and teaching the right way instead of the lies or misconceptions of others.

6. Ever tried Necronomicon rituals?

Answer: Yes and they are very, very powerful. Preparation is most important because when the ritual begins, it is “Game On”!!


7. The Satanic Mass by Anton LaVey is awesome! Would you ever record your own Mass, something as powerful & compelling? 

Answer: I would love to record a ritual and have tried however, it looses something when recorded. I’ll leave An ton’s version for the generations to come. I would like to hold a virtual ritual and even took a poll to see if there was an interest. https://satanicmagic.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/poll-results-would-you-attend-a-virtual-satanic-ritual/

"The Satanic Mass" by Anton LaVey

8. Do I have to join a coven to be a Satanist?

Answer: No, you are not required to join any association unless you feel compelled to do so.

9. I am afraid to talk to my husband about Satanism. If you were in my situation, what would you do?

Answer: You must be honest with yourself. Living life in fear of what someone thinks about your most precious beliefs is HELL. Open a dialogue with him and if he loves you, he will listen.

10. I had sex with a Demon and it made me really tired the next day, why did that happen and how can I prevent the tiredness in the future?

Answer: Sexual encounters with a succubus or incubus is very demanding. Some people laugh at these words however, they are real and using energy in that realm is very tiring indeed. Meditation before the event will help build stamina over time.

11. I have heard some ( a few ) Satanists say that using magick is not important in Satanism. I digress… I personally think it is a vital part to this path as a Theistic/traditional Satanist. What are your thoughts, Aleister Nacht?

Answer: I believe magick is one of the most important things to Satanists. It is what bonds the person with Satan and the energy that is important for all of us. Yes, I agree with you.

Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan

12. How long have you been a Satanist?

Answer: Over 25 years.

13. Do you sacrifice animals?

Answer: No, I do not torture, kill or drink the blood of any animals.

14. What kind of Satanism do you practice?

Answer: I must say I am closest to Theistic Satanism than any other form however, I do not claim to be a Theistic Satanist. I acknowledge Satan and Demons are real and our lives as followers are measured according to the service we provide to the Master of the World. Every follower has to decide what is right for them.


15. What do you think of the AL JILWAH?

Answer: I find it to be a very good literary work however, I question the authenticity and motivation behind it. I read many different books on a stratus of topics. I have a top 5 for anyone interested. https://satanicmagic.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/top-5-must-read-books/


16. What are your favorite grimoires?

Answer: I do not have a favorite.

17. Do you know any coven in the NYC area?

Answer: No however, there are a few listed on Meet Up website which is a good way to explore. Always meet in a public place!!

18. Would you ever perform sorcery for clients?

Answer: It depends upon who and what the objective was. I would consider it.

19. Have just been reading your book Book of Satanic Ritual. You mentioned you can use either silver or gold candlestick on your altar. As far as I have read, seen etc it seems that only silver should be used and never gold as gold is associated with xtian/Christian beliefs.

Answer: The idea that gold is of xtian association is a very common misnomer. I recommend you use whatever you desire. Satanism does not require dogma nor does it dictate compliance to anyone’s ideology except that of our Master Satan.

Book of Satanic Ritual by Aleister Nacht

20. Can one be a theistic Satanist and an atheist at the same time without contradiction?

Answer: Well, I have written several blog posts on this subject. I believe in Satan and Demons therefore, I am not an atheist. There are atheists who call themselves Satanists however, I do not get the connection. Try this: https://satanicmagic.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/satanism-without-satan/


21. What happened with Facebook? Do they object to the content of our discussion?

Answer: No, I sent out notices about tonight’s Q&A and someone reported me as a “Spammer”. I cannot comment or like any posts. Some of the other “Satanists Groups” like to use antics like that to take a shot at someone………

22. Which is the most powerful ritual satanic or magic spell for bringing back a lost love, for example?

Answer: I have two that I wrote some years ago that have served me well. The best are the ones written by the magician because they possess the passion, energy, emotion and personal connection to the receiver.

23. In rituals what are good things to offer to Satan and Demons?

Answer: Sincerity is the most important. You must make sure everyone in the group has their focus and is not playing around. If someone is in it for a game, they need to be promptly ejected from the coven until they “get it together”.

24. How developed is your third eye?

Answer: Mine is not as tuned as other people I know. Each person has a gift and for some, it is the Third Eye.

25. Are you working on another book?

Answer: Yes I am. It will be released early next year. It will be interactive, created for the iPad and Mini, and sold exclusively through iTunes.



Reproduced from Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, Sunday, November 25th, 2012, 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.


Satanic Pentagram - A five-pointed star that is formed by drawing a continuous line in five straight segments, often used as a mystic and magical symbol.

Q&A with Aleister Nacht – November 25th, 2012

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