Satanism and Satanic Destruction Rituals

Demon – A supernatural being, often manifesting as malevolent, hostile, baleful, venomous, evil, rancorous, vicious, vengeful and malefic.

Demons may evince as a fiend, evil spirit, incubus, succubus, brute, savage, beast or barbarian. The original Greek word daimon does not carry the negative connotation initially understood by implementation of the Alexandrian dialect (δαιμόνιον) and later ascribed to any cognate words sharing the root. There are 13 dangerous demons of Hell and they must be respected at all times. Demons are not circus animals; they are not cuddly lap-dogs either. The unexperienced, big talker might figure that out after taking a beating and being sodomized. “Still looking for the “OFF” switch?”Satanic Altar

I have recently corresponded with a lovely young woman who desires to bring revenge upon a certain person who hurt not only her, but also a friend. While I do embrace the “an eye for an eye” lifestyle, I also realize there are situations that must be resolved with intelligence instead of emotions, such as anger. To allow anger to consume your ability to reason will certainly lead to your defeat and capitulation. At a certain point in angry situations, you no longer think straight feel the uncontrollable need to express the rage. This is dangerous for many reasons however, when magical operations are involved, it can be deadly.

“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”

                                                           Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

The Satanic Destruction Ritual

Many people turn to the dark arts when they want to inflict pain or seek revenge. What may have seemed to them as nonsense at one time, suddenly appears to be the answer. This may lead to desperation and ultimately open the door for a scam artist to take their money or something worse. There is always a “bottom feeding opportunist” willing to create some Hocus Pocus bullshit in order to lighten the unaware victim’s bank account. I feel sorry for these victims because I am capable of feeling compassion however, I also remember that these “victims” have wandered into the magical abyss through their own actions and desires to inflict pain upon another individual.

Satanic SexThose who diligently practice the dark arts of magic know that it takes investment of time, attention, practice and the pursuit of knowledge to develop the human magical abilities. It may take weeks, months and even decades to become proficient enough to throw (project) an effective spell or curse. So, why do people believe they can receive the required knowledge through email?

Now, I am going to really hurt some people’s feelings with this disclosure of magical secrets. I have dedicated over 25 years to my craft and have invested that which was necessary to achieve my level of proficiency. What makes a person think that I want to give them something that has taken decades for me to learn and develop through trial and error? Do these people really believe I am a fvcking idiot? Really? So what if I taught them a valuable lesson about “limitations” and why exceeding them will HURT………BADLY?

The Transcendence Imperfection of Stoicism

When I first became proficient in magical operations many years ago, I would occasionally respond to requests made by those spinning a heartfelt, compassionate plea that appealed to either my conscience or intellect. I took pleasure in knowing I was helping to ‘right a wrong’ or otherwise return equilibrium to essentially rational, reflective and thoughtful people experiencing an awful occurrence.

As a naive young “magic slinger”, I also delighted in the praise and recognition resulting from the successful operation. The neoteric notoriety was intoxicating…..for a while. I believed I was bringing people into the Satanic world and by demonstrating its unfathomable power, these ‘witnesses’ would soon join the ranks of practicing Satanists. I was never so wrong. Instead, I was viewed as a simpleton who would ‘jump’ at the opportunity to be the Knight in Satanic Armor. Once I performed the ‘trick’ they wanted me to perform, I was metaphorically returned to the kennel until the next time.

The reality finally set in and I became very bitter. I had willingly allowed my flesh manipulate the gift of magic. I totally shutdown and for over a year, I did not perform any magical operations for anyone other than myself. In doing so, I returned to the thing I loved and the practice that made me truly happy. I continued to attend rituals, rites and other events within my coven however, I had really forgotten the joy received from intimate rituals I performed when away from the coven group. In retrospect, it was during this time that I made several magical strides while meditating and listening to Satan. The answers fell into place as symbolic puzzle pieces and began provide a glimpse into my future Satanic workings.Satanic Ritual

Since learning that valuable lesson, I have accommodated perhaps three or four requests for assistance and only because the people involved were close friends or relatives of coven members. I have been offered money, sex, drugs, return favors and even a deed to a piece of land in return for using Satan’s gift.

While I consider all the things I am thankful for this holiday season, I fully acknowledge and give thanks to the Ruler of the World. Satan has blessed me with a wonderful life, a special someone, great friends and loyal Satanists who share my enthusiasm for learning, growing, exploring and sharing all things Satanic.

For those of you who plan to ask me “Tell me how to perform a destruction ritual for ______________?”, the answer that will truly help you is below.


Until next time,

Aleister Nacht


The masonic Lodge

The Satanic Spire by Aleister Nacht

The Satanic Spire by Aleister Nacht

Satanic Magic Ritual, Destruction Rituals

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