I breath deeply. The moonlight captures her shadow. “Hail Black Widow”.

She touches me and energy charges up my spine. Fang and claw rule the night. A rip and slash; I run red into the chalice. My pain grows-she laughs. Coitus is on her mind.

“Victor bene valeas qui bene futuis…”

She is the Loup-garou, a growl as a demon. The chalice is passed as I feel the cold stone on my naked back. Empty, bottomless dust from Hell. I want her to hurt me for the Father;

Unholy Mary, you whore…..spread your space and take me before I irrupt!!

I find the nectar and slide impatiently searching…

Black Angels laugh!! Delight the Devil upon His altar; my drug of choice; my habit is now a vice. She is wickedly perfect and I fit into her; so warm and so wet. Her natural perfume; intoxicating…….

Her contraction is ripping my flesh. She laughs and the Hosts begin a sinister chant. The 4 corners of the altar rent my skin and my breath is taken by her hand on my throat. Tighter!! Light dances in my eyes and then down a dark shaft. I am……..

She releases before I succumb; her witchy smile. I explode in ecstasy as I see the darkness. Once is never enough to quench her hunger. She shutters and I feel her narrow and constrict!! My residue floods forth. My Satanic Beauty!

A bene placito!!

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