Persona of Beauty

………….for Rebecca.

During the course of a week, I receive a lot of email from people with an assortment of motives and reasons for contacting me. Some of the correspondence is quite flattering and others are pictures of beautiful Satanic women (which I love). I always try to respond to those that ask a question so I scan each “letter” looking for the purpose the sender must have had in mind when they clicked the ‘send’ button. As I was skimming through an email with a batch of pics a few weeks ago, one of the pictures attached to the email caught my eye.

It was a face shot so I could only see it was a young girl; she looked, maybe in her early twenties. She was wearing a multi-colored bandana on her head and she had light brown eyes – no makeup…….simply beautiful. After a moment of looking, I opened the zip file which contained four other pictures of her. As I looked at each fully clothed picture of her, I was caught totally off guard; she was severely physically disabled. She was sitting on a couch and I could see that her legs were maimed to the extent there was no possible way she could walk. The next picture confirmed my notion; she was sitting in a wheelchair.

We began emailing one another and I have learned a great deal about her. She shared her story of how an automobile accident took the use of her legs ten years ago, how her disgust of xtian hypocrisy and “fake people” led to finding Satanism; she is an active coven member and though she has physical limitations, she slips the bounds of her earthly disability through her mastery of astral projection (she says “Necessity really is the mother of invention”). We have since chatted via video several times; something I never do with anyone else.

She is always forthcoming and open to discuss anything I can imagine and I learn so much from her about courage and how to ignore the small things while embracing those things that are most important. She inspires me and after our chats, I open the book I am currently writing and the words flow; minutes turn to hours and I loose all track of time and space. She is a person I cherish. I can relate to some of her challenges however, I cannot imagine going through her predicament.

What I find refreshing is her candor and brutal honesty about any subject we discuss; whether it is Satanism, theology, friendships or sex. With a positive outlook and “matter of fact” delivery of her thoughts, she clearly and intelligently articulates viewpoints for consideration that have never crossed my mind. In my opinion, she is the epitome of mental and spiritual strength and I am fortunate to know her.

Until next Time,

Aleister Nacht

3 thoughts on “Persona of Beauty

  1. It is amazing what neccessity can bring out. Although Father Satanas has been working with me to strengthen me and I have come a great distance in that regard I still require a wheelchair outside. I was quite dismayed at a popular traditional group’s stringent ideas as to what is neccessary to prove worthy of consideration to be one of them, including much time out in the wilderness and walking long miles. Such ideas exclude the physically challenged automatically and there is no mention of the possibility of past endeavours being good enough. I wonder how many powerful Magics workers they have shunned due to their bigotry disguised as mere elitism.


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