Bride of the Beast, Fall Equinox Feast and Joining a Satanic Coven

“She enters and a response from every eye is demanded. She is a beautiful Black Angel; so delicately and perfectly prepared this night for our Father. Her natural scent is intoxicating as she approaches the altar. As her robe falls to her feet, I can feel the blood in my veins like a crazy man ingesting an overwhelming drug. She waits in silence for Him as He claims what is rightfully His.”

Nuns Masterbation

In my last E-Newsletter, I asked subscribers what topic(s) they would like me to write about in future blog posts. The most requested topics were 1) Satanic Holidays / Celebrations and 2) Joining a Satanic Coven, so I decided to combine the Bride of The Beast (September 7, 2012) celebration with Fall Equinox Feast ritual while at the same time, explaining the process to join a Satanic coven.

In our modern world today, the bonds of matrimony are………………as serious as midget wrestling. All the preparation, anticipation, time and huge amount of money invested on a marriage seems to be a waste, considering the honeymoon may last longer than the actual marriage. I could go on with the hypocrisy of the xtian marriage vows assigning the woman to the man’s involuntary servitude; the couple that truly loves one another but are prohibited by law to marry because they are “same-sex” or the frequent flyers who are getting hitched for the 8th or 9th time. No, this blog post is not about marriage per se however, it is about symbolic acts performed during A Bride for the Beast (Bride of The Beast The Feast of the Bride); a satanic ritual.

Satanic coven range in size and diversity. Most coven are 13 members; when a 14th person is indoctrinated, usually the core coven will divide. Due to the size of our coven (Magnum Opus), we are building our 5th coven group thanks to the Blessings of Satan Himself.

Magnum Opus

*Prospects who expressed interest to one of our Brothers / Sisters are contacted and begin the vetting process during the Spring. Depending upon a Prospect’s history, the time required for the vetting process and if the results are acceptable, the Prospect is assigned a Mentor (usually the Sponsor the Prospect initially contacted) who teaches what must be learned before attending initiation. Our coven initiations are usually held during the Bride of The Beast (September 7, 2012) celebration. This allows new initiates to fully participate in the Fall Equinox Feast rituals and practices.

Satanic coven around the world are very individualistic and may differ greatly even if in relatively close proximity to one another. This diversity and individualism is, in my opinion, what makes Satanism interesting, appealing, engaging, refreshing and to the outsider, mysterious. Members of any organization must be satisfied and feel they are receiving a value or they will seek their  fulfillment elsewhere. During my decades as a Satanist, I have always felt a sense of belonging and contentedness. I was neither comfortable nor relaxed enough to cease and desist as a theological prevaricator until I found Satanism.

A Satanic Grimoire by Aleister Nacht

Autumnal Equinox, Festival of Dionysus or Witches Thanksgiving (aka: Fall Equinox) occurs around September 21st of each year. The two hemispheres of Earth are receiving an equal amount of sun and the night and day are approximately equal in length. The name equinox comes from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). The sun is on the celestial equator which intersects our horizons at points due east and due west. From a historical standpoint, the Fall Equinox is a celebration of the harvest when summer has finished giving its fruits, which are collected in preparation for the long winter. In Celtic traditions, which still survive today, the Fall Equinox is a time of sacrifice; they made a figure from the stems of grain, which they sacrificed by fire. The extent of the rituals and celebrations usually differs from coven to coven. For example, some groups perform a Black Mass (Messe Noire) five or six weeks after the Fall Equinox while others perform magical rituals on the exact day of the Fall Equinox.

We have chosen the Fall Equinox / Bride of The Beast (September 7, 2012) for coven initiations. This is the first interaction the **Initiate will have with the entire coven (or smaller subset of the larger coven). The training and coaching received from the Mentor is designed to allow the Initiate to remain focused and successfully complete their initiation. Once completed, the person is thereafter called a Coven Member as he / she begins to form bonds and relationships in the Satanic family and Satanic community. As he / she learns, there are other opportunities if he / she desires however, furthering Satanism throughout the world remains paramount.

The Fall Equinox Feast is an opportunity for the newly indoctrinated coven members to attend a ritual / working with members of other groups or coven. This is truly when the coven member grows and broadens his / her satanic knowledge and wisdom. The coven serves as a support group to promote learning and self-fulfillment of all members.

Do you have questions about starting a Satanic Coven? Click Here

Until Next Time,

Aleister Nacht

*Prospect – person who contacts a Satanic coven member seeking to be indoctrinated into that coven.

**Initiate – person who has successfully completed the prerequisite requirements to be initiated into a Satanic coven.

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