Satanism and the Satanic Panic

History always repeats itself and this point is being proven once again……….

“The only thing they can get me for is running a funeral parlor without a license.”

John Wayne Gacy

Hail Satan - Satan Wants YouPerception is reality and interpretation is left up to the individual. Often an individual will see a situation differently than another and this may lead to conflict. Since disinformation is a great tool for gaining strategic advantage, one must always evaluate the information against the motives. To quote Dr. Hannibal Lector, you must ask “What is it in itself”. Disinformation is distributed intentionally while knowing the information if false. Misinformation is different because it is thought to be true by the distributor.Nuns Tits

The phenomena of the Satanic Panic was wildly popular during the 1980s when everyone and everything was examined for any sign of Satanism or Satanic symbols and meanings. Most of the Satanic Panic was created by xtian churches for religious reasons while many televangelist cashed in on the frightening effect created by the ghoulish and horrid stories revealed by so-called Satanic Ritual Survivors. These “survivors” were literally coming out from every conceivable place in the United States. Soon, even the Europeans were cashing in as well. Satanism became the hot topic of conversations with the graphic tales growing bloodier and more outlandish with every passing communication.

Most intelligent people understood the whole thing was fabricated to sell books, music and collect offerings to fight the Satanists who were taking over the world!!!!! Does this sound familiar?

Many of the “leading experts” on Satanism during the 80s were con men and shysters playing a shell game with unsuspecting “sheep” constantly bombarded by stories of abduction, rape, murderous ritualistic slaughter and infiltration of government by the underground Satanic Society. Mike Warnke made a name for himself as an expert on the matter; after all, he claimed to have been a High Priest in a Satanic coven for years. Who better to scare the hell out of everyone. Does this also sound familiar?

Nuns crucify another NunNow, years later, we are witnessing the reemergence of the same phenomena that used fear and scare tactics over twenty years ago. It looks like the “witch hunt or Satanist hunt” is beginning again. I just wish the music was as good now as it was back then.

Hail the King of the World; Lord Satan

Aleister Nacht

6 thoughts on “Satanism and the Satanic Panic

  1. Even just a decade ago a doctor I knew believed the Satanic Panic was real- a Pentecostal – to the point of telling me twice she was convinced I had been a victim of childhood Satanic ritual abuse. Of course she denied having said it when I reported her to the corrupt College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. Pentecostals in Canada are rather like Four Square I think. Pentecostals and non-denominational charismatics also see demons in everything. “He has a spirit of ____”. They will try to exorcize pretty much anything. Scariest thing is she is a shrink now.

    Much of the problem in the 80’s also came from Chic(k) sp? Publications- a xtian tract and comic creation propaganda machine for x and against the Catholic Church and Satanism. Rebecca Brown MD claimed her Chick published scare book that she had been a Bride of Satan and that surely had to have an impact.

    Extremist xtians who are Protestant are most likely to believe the b.s.


    • You are correct. Chick was a driving force in the 80s; during a time when Satanic Abuse ran rampant (in the heads of the narrow-minded and misguided). Just as Mike Warnke lead the xtian crusade against anyone suspected of “Occult” beliefs, Chick certainly cashed in with Dr. Brown. The problem that continues to be the proverbial “fly in the ointment” is logic and reason. Between Brown and Warnke, there should have been stacks of dead bodies along every dirt road in America……the numbers just do not support the claims.

      When challenged to produce evidence, the “victims” would suddenly be too traumatized to be interviewed or speak out. To stifle the remaining questions, the “almighty risen savior is beyond reproach” excuse was employed. To quote Mason Verger “Nobody beats the Riz”. 🙂



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  3. The following is a question I might blog about myself sooner or later, but I’d be interested in your thoughts. How far do you think we Satanists are responsible for not disassociating ourselves more strongly from the crazies who bring our Lord’s name into disrepute? And is there any degree to which we should compromise our beliefs and practices in order to be accepted more positively by wider society?


    • Well, I believe Satanism has moved into mainstream in the past decades and the internet has enabled that to happen. I think other belief systems grapple with this “distancing from fanatics” so I believe it is a symptom of becoming more accepted by the masses.

      Certainly, Muslims face this problem while trying to separate themselves from the fanatics that cause harm and terror for others.

      I can see a day that Satanism is a represented belief in politics, legislation and other areas that are available to make our voices known…… least that is my sincere prayer. I do not believe we need to change the way we think or “sanitize” our beliefs however, we do need to speak out when anarchists hide behind Satanism to justify their actions. We should never be afraid of speaking our minds and argue the facts as they pertain to the truth.

      I did not mean to turn this into a blog however, the question requires elaboration.




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