“Master, Open the Gates of Hell”

“From the darkness will light reveal; yet a conspectus is never viewed

Ancient demons who serve our Father; as we in His service due procure,

Neither hate nor evil can contain; emotion cannot abate studious perseverance

Those summoned to a concertina of time; honest and sedulous matriculation begins.”  

“Learning to Learn” about Satanism

Satanism and the study of holistic magic is a never-ending journey of enlightenment and an unlocking of cavernous wisdom found in remote cognitive corners of one’s own mind. To believe one has truly reached the pinnacle of Satanic knowledge is to only lie to one’s self. It does not end….ever. It is a life-long endeavor involving many sets of iterative processes; all of which require time, patience and tenacity to even begin to understand the most picayune of Satanic matters. It is a tuition the practitioner must invest in order to open the doorway to higher, loftier things.Satan and Women

The objective of Law School is not to teach the aspirant the law; it is to teach the aspirant how to think like a lawyer. Having the ability to verbally cite the subject matter comes with time however, one must master the ability to work through a question, apply the thought process of a lawyer and arrive at a similar conclusion as another lawyer would; given the same variables. This sounds quite simple yet, teaching a person to use this process can be a challenge.

When attempting to teach a person to “think” or decompose subject matter using a methodical, measured method, the true strengths and weaknesses of the individual come to light. The most commonly used method to teach “thought” to a person is using the “Socratic Method” created by Socrates. Since Socrates believed that the first step to knowledge was recognition of one’s ignorance, it’s not surprising that his method focuses less on proving your point and more on disproving the other person’s point with a series of questions (elenchus), resulting in theiraporia (puzzlement). A person uses this method to 1) analyze a problem 2) formulate a solution to the problem 3) imagine explaining your solution to perspective opposition and 4) be able to rebut any objections or counter assertions that would prove your solution invalid.

Ok, so you are asking yourself “What does any of this have to do with Satanism?“. I’m glad you asked. Learning is something every individual does slightly different from another. Some people learn by doing, and some learn by observing; some by reading and others by listening to lectures. In either case, the objective remains the same in Satanism and that is to learn and expand the person’s knowledge and ability while sharpening their skill set application. As a practitioner, you must be willing, able and disciplined enough to learn about the subject matter. Those who believe asking a few questions, buying some books and “talking the talk” will enable them to instantly work successful spells and rituals is sadly mistaken and destined to fail.Pan Satanism

Am I talking to you?

Only the Wind

Air is transparent; you cannot see air………..never been able to and never will. Yes, you can see the dust / dirt that is in the air; being carried and propelled by the wind however, the wind is transparent also. No one can deny humans need air to live or the wind is a powerful force. There are different influences on the wind such as the topography of the landscape, the presence or absence of natural barriers such as mountains and the Laws of Physics; especially the Venturi Effect. Regardless of the countless external elements and influences, the wind can either be cool and refreshing or it can have deadly intensity as with a tornado or hurricane…………but, it is air which cannot be seen.

Demons assist the Satanic practitioner by using energy generated during rituals to cause changes in perception and reality; thus causing the desires of the practitioner to become “reality”. Demons often manifest in physical form during ritual workings. The intensity and flow of powerful energy allows the being to slip the confines of the other dimensional side and actually enter our earthly realm. Just as the air, these beings cannot be seen until they encroach our reality; leaving a distinct tangible “body-print” in our space. These beings (including Satan Himself) look, speak and appear as we do and just as a cool breeze in summer if refreshing, so too can their manifestation be a pleasure and “breath of fresh air”.

There are times however, when our Lord Satan will not manifest yet, demon(s) will. Over time, you will become familiar with such beings and you will form a relationship with your Familiar. This being will go beyond the average interactions to form a bond with you. Satanists have described these demons with adjectives such as guardian angel, gate-keeper, brother / sister and friend. It is a powerful bond that continues throughout the Satanist’s life in most cases.

It is when the practitioner turns to “dabbling” instead of trying to learn, grow and focus that the trouble begins. As a general rule, Demons wish to bond with humans and work together in harmony but MAKE NO MISTAKE, we are not their equals nor are we immune to their wrath. To dabble blindly in Satanism is to do so at not only your risk, but at the risk of any other people you know, associate with and / or love. It is a lesson that may be difficult to learn and a price too high to pay for the practitioner. For more information, I cover this topic in other blog posts and in my books on Satanism.Save Our Souls For Satan

I have actually had readers email me in hopes that I can help break their bonds allowing the practitioner to go free. I’m afraid that I cannot be of assistance in the matter and once a situation is “fucked up” it must be “un-fucked” by the practitioner alone. What you initiate will not be so easy to dispose of; in extreme cases, the practitioner feels there is no way out and simply succumbs to their accepted fate.

Ring My Bell

Question: “Why is the bell rung nine times to open and close Satanic rituals?”

Nine is Satan’s number. It has commonly been interpreted to be 666 however, the “Six Trio” is found in the xtian bible and it is the number for man; not Satan. The ringing of a bell nine (9) times (during ritual work) clears the air inside the Inner Sanctum. Anton Lavey described the Inner Sanctum as the “intellectual decompression chamber” in his book The Satanic BibleClearing the air inside this “chamber” allows the resonate harmonics and low-frequency oscillation to manifest in useful satanic vibrations. His explanation is quite simple yet cognitively advanced. Anton LaVey provides good commentary on the subject as well:

“The formalized beginning and end of the ceremony acts as a dogmatic, anti-intellectual device, the purpose of which is to disassociate the activities and frame of reference of the outside world from that of the ritual chamber, where the whole will must be employed. This facet of the ceremony is most important to the intellectual, as he especially requires the “decompression chamber” effect of the chants, bells, candles, and other trappings, before he can put his pure and willful desires to work for himself, in the projection and utilization of his imagery.”Bible Cocaine

Until next time………….Hail Satan and Satanic Blessings,

Aleister Nacht

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